A List of Top 20 Watches For Women To Purchase - Most Inexpensive To Luxury Watches

Did you know that there are also square and rectangular styles of watches designed specifically for women in addition to the more common round watch? It was discovered that the circular ones were far more effective than the rectangular ones. As it is the most convenient operation, early watches were designed in the classic round shape. This shape is still used today. However, because of advancements in both materials and technology, timepieces have seen significant transformations.

It is common knowledge that square wristwatches are bad for those with a delicate constitution. The Cartier Santos was among the first watches to feature a rectangular case when released to the public. In 1904, it was rumored that Cartier designed it, especially for his close friend, a daredevil aviator by the name of Alberto Santos-Dumont. And ever since then, the brand has maintained its position as King of the Rectangular Wristwatch, and the Cartier Tank is currently the watch that is undoubtedly the most well-known of all of them.

In this section, we will walk you through a selection of 14 rectangle women’s watches that are available in a wide range of price points.



And with that, let us go back to the beginning. It’s safe to say that some of history’s most renowned figures, from kings and queens to pop culture giants like Andy Warhol and Princess Diana, have adorned themselves with Cartier Tank jewelry at some point in their lives. Therefore, if you’re looking to add something truly iconic to your collection, it isn’t easy to look past the understated elegance that this classic design provides.

It comes in various sizes and materials, ranging from stainless steel to silver and gold, and it has metal and leather bands so that it can be customized to fit your personal taste. The dimensions of the case are 29.8 millimeters by 39.2 millimeters.

This may surprise you, but the Tank does not provide any water resistance and does not have exquisite movement within. It is not so much a performance as it is a piece of actual decoration.

Therefore, if you are interested in acquiring anything iconic and have approximately $2,500 to your name, you can be just like the celebrities.

Tank Americaine 

Second, we wanted to go through the Tank Americaine as quickly as possible because it’s the updated version of the Cartier Tank. The Tank Americaine celebrates the illustrious legacy of all the tremendous rectangular watches for women that Cartier has produced in the past before it.

The dial is silver in color and features Roman numerals, tread lines, a date window located at the 6 o’clock position, and blue steel hands.

You can get the Tank Americaine in either gold or 18k white gold, and it comes with a complementing bracelet that has a buckle that folds. In addition, this more recent iteration is an improvement over its forerunners since it features a Swiss automatic movement and water resistance of up to 30 meters, making it resistant to the water damage caused by splashes, light rain, and the shower. However, if you plan to spend $4,000 or more on a timepiece, we recommend treating it with the same care as if it were your child.

Baume & Mercier


The dial of the Hampton is black and features Arabic numbers. There is a date window at the 3 o’clock position on the dial. It is deliberately uncomplicated to avoid drawing attention away from the 20 diamonds set on either side of the stainless steel casing. In addition, you won’t have to worry about it becoming scratched because it’s coated in sapphire crystal, which is the most complex and most scratch-resistant material currently available. In addition to this, the watch itself is water-resistant up to a depth of fifty meters.

The black satin band is, first and foremost, the genuinely luxury thing about this edition of the product.

A Quartz movement that is powered by a battery may be found inside.

You may have this one-of-a-kind sculpture for somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,200.


Dolce Vita

We are staying on the topic of luxury for a little while more. This Longines is, without a doubt, an excellent beginning piece for a luxury collection.

One may make a comparison between the Dolce Vita and the Baume & Mercier Hampton.

The bezel, the hands, and the dial are all white, while the case and bracelet are made of stainless steel. There is a sub-dial for seconds located at the 6 o’clock position, and the brand logo is located at the 12 o’clock position. In addition to this, there are two diamonds located on either side of the face. There is a dial protector made of sapphire crystal, as is typical and to be expected. This watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters, so you can get it a bit wet if you want to, but not too much.

Inside, you’ll find a Quartz movement.

If diamonds are not included, the Dolce Vita may be had for about $960. However, the price jumps to a whopping $3,600 when diamonds are involved.


Women’s Eco-Drive Japanese-Quartz Stainless-Steel Strap

Citizen has equipped this model with their Eco-Drive technology, which allows it to harvest energy from any light source. As opposed to solar-powered timepieces, which must be exposed to sunshine to charge effectively.

A Japanese Quartz movement can be found protected inside a stainless steel case measuring 15 millimeters in thickness. This movement does require a battery. The necklace and bracelet are both made of stainless steel.

The dial has a straightforward design, featuring only an analog display consisting of the hour and minute hands, with a jewel placed in the 12 o’clock position.

One can purchase this uncomplicated timepiece for less than $225.


Women’s 96L138 

Not only does this item feature a distinctively designed case, but the delicate bangle bracelet that comes with it is really remarkable as well!

Built entirely out of stainless steel is not only the striking bracelet but also the case. The modest analog display on the black dial is powered by a Japanese Quartz movement, adding to the dial’s understated elegance. There are hour markers located at the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions, and the hour and minute hands are designed like swords. The watch is water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters.

The cost of this item, which is approximately $130, is considered to be acceptable.

Michael Kors

Lake Rose Gold-Tone Watch

This is one of those rectangular women’s timepieces that Michael Kors is famous for producing, and it is guaranteed that you won’t be able to forget about wearing it.

Inside this rose gold watch with a case size of 32 mm by 8 mm is a Quartz movement that powers an analog display. In addition, there is a crown located in the third position. You’ll be able to see that the exterior face has a square shape, and you’ll also note that the inside face has a CD finish. The very faint depressions indicate the 3, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock positions on the dial. In any other case, you have rose-gold hands for the hour, minute, and second.

The pricing of this item, which is just under $190, is really reasonable.

Emporio Armani

Women’s Dress Watch 

On our list of the best rectangle women’s watches, we thought that this would be an excellent follow-up option for those of you who are interested in sticking with the rose gold style for the time being. However, if we’re being completely forthright, it has more of a hexagonal shape.

The AR11147 features a bracelet and case made of stainless steel, measuring 36 mm by 14 mm. The dial is made of mother of pearl, and it has a water resistance rating of thirty meters, thanks to the mineral crystal that protects it. Anyone may find the recognizable emblem for Emporio Armani in the number 12 position. In the end, the crown takes up residence in the third position.

You may find this wristwatch that makes a fashion statement for slightly more than $200.


T-Trend Generosi

Another intriguing look at things. Tissot is a well-known watch brand that is renowned for producing timepieces of the highest quality.

The dial of the Generosi watch is made of mother of pearl and is black and gray in color. It is protected by sapphire crystal, which is an unexpected material given the watch’s price. Find out why in this article that we have).

The face of the watch itself features Roman numerals at the six and twelve o’clock positions, otherwise using simple circular hour markers. Additionally, there is a date window tucked away at the three o’clock position.

A Japanese Quartz movement can be found inside the case, which is 24 millimeters in thickness and is made of stainless steel. Last but not least, you’ll have a water resistance of 30 meters, giving you peace of mind even on stormy days.

So much for approximately $360.


Women’s Eliro (604133)

If you prefer the design of the Tissot but have a somewhat larger spending limit, the Movado Eliro (604133) is a better option.

This version of the brand’s iconic Museum dial clock is a handsome take on the classic design. It has a black dial with silver arms, a single dot marking right above the unmistakable Movado logo, and silver minute and hour arms. In addition, the hands of the watch are silver. Every one of them is shielded by a dome made of sapphire crystal. In addition, it is water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters, providing added protection.

The watch has a matching bracelet made of stainless steel with angled links and a double-lock clasp. Both the case and the bezel are made of stainless steel. The crown occupies the middle position among the three.

A bit costly, coming in at around $1,600 total.

Kate Spade

Following that, we wanted to share something that is purely entertaining with you. The Kate Spade, New York Women’s Carousel, is a lively, light-hearted wristwatch that is ideal for wearing to brunch!

Although Kate Spade is best recognized for producing women’s accessories and clothing, the brand later expanded into the watch industry.

The concept for this came from the famous carousel that is located in the center of Central Park in Manhattan, as the title implies.

A white dial and gold and pink details are featured on the slim stainless steel case that measures 16 by 8 millimeters. On it, you’ll find the distinctive spade icon located at the 12 o’clock position, along with hour markers located at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions. The crown occupies the middle position among the three.

The watch has a Japanese Quartz movement on the inside, and it can withstand water pressure of up to 30 meters.

All of this for about $200.


Boulton (Unisex)

Moving westward, our next American label on the rectangular women’s wristwatch list is from Pennsylvania rather than New York. This one is intended for either sex.

The Hamilton Boulton watch has a water-resistant casing up to a depth of 50 meters and measures 27.3 millimeters thick. Again, it is very similar to the Tank, which was the Progenitor of rectangular watches, and it has a white dial with big Roman numerals. The movement inside is Japanese Quartz. It has striking blue arms for the second and the minute. One last thing, there’s a sundial at the six o’clock position for seconds, and once again, the hand is blue.

The calfskin leather band measures 18 millimeters in width and has an alligator grain pattern. The band fastens with a buckle.

A great piece of elegance for a little bit more than $575.


Integral Jubile

Despite its establishment in 1917, the Swiss brand Rado is not as well recognized as other Swiss brands.

The face of this 27mm watch is square rather than rectangular, and it is made of two-tone silver and stainless steel. The white dial features extra-large Roman numerals at the 12 and 6 positions and diamonds at the 3 and 9 positions. The second, minute and hour hands are silver to complete the look. This handy feature is guarded by a dome made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and provides water resistance up to a depth of 30 meters.

If you viewed it from just the right angle, you could be excused for confusing this for a Cartier Tank. Despite the fact that it costs about $890, it’s likely that you’re sophisticated enough to admire this Rado for just what it is.



This timepiece is from Oris and features a striking band that transforms the look from traditional to fashionable. It is designed in silver and black.

Roman numerals, a date window at the six o’clock position, and minute markings between the numbers are all featured on the face of the watch. Additionally, there are luminous hands. Everything is made of silver, even the crowns that sit atop the three places. A striking contrast can be seen between the black dial and the silver accents. It features water resistance of up to 50 meters and a sapphire crystal for added protection.

The watch has an exhibition back that allows you to see sections of the self-winding automatic movement on the inside of the watch. Both the case and the bracelet are made of stainless steel, but the exhibition back is the most fantastic element of the watch.

This level of sophistication comes at the cost of approximately $1,320.


Women’s T2P378 Elevated Classics Rectangle 

Hello, $60.00! This timepiece from Timex is the kind of item that you might imagine Audrey Hepburn sporting at a formal dance. The fact that this jewel-encrusted beauty is available at the lowest possible price is without a doubt the best aspect.

It is a stunning watch in the shape of a rectangle with a simple white dial that displays silver digits to indicate the time. Despite this, the dial is not overcrowded because it only displays the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions, with the remaining hours being indicated by tickers.

The stunning silver case is complemented by an elegant white and metallic leather bracelet. This watch exudes sophistication while remaining within one’s financial means.

Ann Klein

Women’s 104899SVTT Two-Tone Dress

If you thought the previous watch was lovely for a reasonable price, you should wait till you see the Women’s 104899SVTT Two-Tone Dress by Anne Klien before making your decision. This watch for women features a rectangular face that is both understated and bold.

The gold and silver links on the bracelet are interspersed with one another. In a manner that is not typically the case, the gold and silver have a very wonderful interplay with one another. This is because the watch has a soothing color scheme, and it also has a geometrical design, which keeps things from being too chaotic while yet being fun.

The complete watch is wrapped in a straightforward gold frame, and the inscription on the case is also gold. The dial is off-white with a silvering effect. The Ann Klien monogram is engraved in straightforward gold writing and plated directly into the face of the dial-in.

Even though it was initially priced at $55.00, we are selling this stunning watch in its entirety for $26.99.

Lola Rose

Women’s Champagne Gold Watch with Black Leather Strap

When it refers to their Women’s Champagne Gold Watch, Lola Rose is truly living up to its reputation as a brand that creates some of the most exquisitely feminine and sophisticated designs. It has an elegant black leather strap, which provides a stunning contrast to the champagne gold case of the watch.

The watch has undertones of pink that give it a little feminine appearance without making it look like Barbie designed it. This is the kind of timepiece that can be worn on a daily basis as well as on more formal and business-related occasions.

There is gold lettering that reads “Lola Jones London” on the dial, and it also has two roman numerals that signify the hours 12 and 6. When you have three hands, you’ll always be able to tell the precise time, down to the second.

The pricing of this watch, which is $169.00, makes it an incredible deal for a premium watch.

Nine West

Women’s Strap Watch, NW/2116Whil

This watch looks quite similar to the Lola Rose watch, but a few key distinctions set it apart from that model. It is a little more challenging to determine if it is a rectangle or square watch. The champagne gold watch has a shell that is a little bit more robust, and instead, it is paired with a brown leather watch to introduce an entirely new paint scheme into action.

In a strange twist of fate, it also contains two Roman numerals, one at the 12 and another at the 6, with mere tickers to indicate the other hours of the day. On the other hand, the dial is a stained blush pink that is very easily confused for a more feminine brown.

Compared to the other watches, this one is relatively lacking because neither the taupe strap nor the lovely gold shell is resistant to water. Having said that, the watch is a steal at its current price of $29.93, having dropped from its initial price of $56.00.


Casio Collection Women’s Watch LQ-400D-7AEF

Those women have no interest in anything beyond donning a girly pink watch and calling it a day. Some ladies prefer more unisex looks or perhaps something that is a little bit more masculine; if you fall into this category, the straightforward all-gray watch offered by Casio could be the perfect accessory for you. Because of its silver titanium appearance, you might get the impression that you are a transformer at times, but the fact that it is one color throughout is charming.

The place where we observe a quest for change is not in the dial (although that is also fantastic); instead, it is in the place where the numerals and hands are located. This results in brilliant gold, but given that there are no numerals, it does not garner a great deal of attention.

The watch, upon closer inspection, reveals a one-of-a-kind design feature. The numerals are represented by little gold dots, except for 12 and 6, which are not reflected by numbers themselves and are not represented by dots either. They are so similar to the number 11 and the pause sign for the placeholders that it is easy to confuse the two.

On the watch’s dial, the word “Casio Quartz” is written in the tiniest possible font, and the word “Water Resistant” is also printed there.

One may purchase this timepiece for the price of $39.06.


Women’s Black and Gold-Tone Rectangle Watch

It should come as no surprise that this watch is a fan favorite, given that GUESS is still a significant participant when it comes to the fashion industry for women. A thick gold case and a black sequined bracelet give it a New York feel, and the design is daring and eye-catching.

The dial’s interior is also black, and it glows on its own; in addition, it features stunning gold printing. Its kind of like gazing into a starry night, and trying to tell the time might be a little more challenging because you won’t know the precise time unless it’s exactly 12, 3, 6, or 9.

There is no advertising for the other digits, and the numerals 12 and 6 are solely represented by their roman equivalents. Because it would otherwise detract from the background, the numbers 3 and 9 are each characterized by two gold dots.

The discounted price of this watch is $63.99.

Concluding Thoughts

That settles it, then! Here are 14 rectangle watches for women that you should check out, ranging from more wallet-friendly to more expensive options.

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