A Look at the Coros Vertix 2

If you have a passion for exploration and are looking for a watch that can keep up with your active lifestyle, you will have an abundance of options to choose from. It is possible that making a decision would be challenging given the wide variety of products available on the market today, each of which caters to certain requirements. We investigated the capabilities of the Coros Vertix 2 to see if it was able to captivate even the most seasoned explorers.

In what ways does the Coros Vertix 2 excel as a piece of design?

With a weight of 89 grams, the Coros Vertix 2 is a statement watch that is durable and appropriate for use in outdoor settings. It is protected by sapphire glass, which is resistant to scratches, and it has a titanium shell, which provides the kind of durability you want while you are out on an adventure. The band is made of orange silicone, and the display on the gadget is a massive 51 millimeters, which means that the watch will be of the greatest use to users who have really large wrists.

When traveling without the gadget on your wrist, the watch comes with its own flight case, which provides an additional layer of protection against damage. The Coros Vertix 2 can resist temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius and is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. Additionally, it is equipped with GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, QZSS, and Beidou, all of which work together to provide you with the highest level of accuracy possible, no matter where on the globe you are.

The watch face has a rotating dial that provides access to the watch as well as two additional buttons; one button dims the screen while the other button assists navigation. On the other hand, if you are seeking an ANT+ connecting feature, you will not find one on this device. ANT+ connectivity is not supported.

What Kind of Features Come Standard on the Coros Vertix 2?

In terms of the functions that are included with the watch, you can anticipate receiving an ECG, an ECG system, an ABC system, an accelerometer, a thermometer, a Sp02 counter, a heart rate sensor, and a gyroscope! This comprehensive list of characteristics is useful for monitoring your health and assists you in obtaining the most accurate feedback possible for your research.

There are over 25 distinct activity modes that may be selected for monitoring, and these modes cover a broad variety of land-based and aquatic activities. You will be able to keep tabs on your development with the help of the watch, and it will allow you to take a break in the middle of your workout without requiring you to start a fresh data set for monitoring. Although it is obvious that the product was built with the outdoor explorer in mind, there are numerous variations available for anybody who loves going to the gym.

You will need to download the Vertix 2 companion app onto your smart device, such as your phone or tablet, in order to access all of your data. Downloading the app is free of charge. When you initially open the app, a summary of all of your essential information, such as your step count, sleep data, heart rate, and other metrics, will be shown on the home screen.

After you have gained access to your fundamental information, you will be able to explore the app in order to locate the Coros EvoLab, the page for personalizing watch faces, the page for configuring notifications, and the page for uploading GTX files. Each data stream may be used to bring other third-party applications that you use up to date, which will assist you in getting the most out of your efforts.

The second significant feature of Coros Vertix 2 is its ability to do offline mapping in a variety of scenarios. If you are a fan of winter or mountain sports, you will be able to locate all of the maps that you could possibly want to assist you in planning your journey. The main drawback is that the maps are really simplistic and do not include any labels or directional aids to make your life simpler. On the other hand, you have the ability to zoom in and out to get a better idea of your surroundings.

How Long Does the Battery Typically Last?

When it comes to the length of time a battery may last, the Coros Vertix 2 definitely shines! It has a battery life of up to 140 hours while operating in GPS mode, which enables you to track for many days without having to worry about having to charge your gadget. You have the option of using the battery in one of three distinct modes: the regular mode, the all systems on mode, or the all systems and Duel FREQ on mode. It is the normal GPS version, and it has a battery life of 140 hours, but the all-systems version only has a battery life of 90 hours, and the all-systems and dual FREQ versions only have a battery life of 50 hours.

There is a mode called UltraMax that can offer you 240 hours of support if you simply turn on the GPS for a brief period every two minutes. If you want additional battery life, you may switch to UltraMax mode. When you take into account the myriad of possibilities available to you, you can be certain that your next excursion will be feasible even if you are unable to locate a charging station at each and every stop along the route.

It is possible that some people may find it bothersome since the watch comes with its own proprietary charger. This is particularly true if you are unfortunate enough to misplace the charger. They are, however, simple to replace, and it is possible that buying a spare would be the best way to minimize tension in the future.

“The Good and the Bad”

If you are having trouble deciding whether or not to purchase the Coros Vertix 2, have a look at the following list of advantages and disadvantages that we have compiled to assist you in making your choice:


  • It features a very long battery life.
  • It provides access to GLONASS, Galileo, GPS, and Beidou for enhanced precision.
  • Include offline maps in the packages.
  • It can connect to Bluetooth headphones or earphones.
  • The ability to upload MP3 files for music playback


  • No navigation on maps.
  • No labels on maps.
  • There is no streaming music available.
  • It takes up a lot of space on the wrist.

Should I Go Ahead and Purchase the Coros Vertix 2?

Your individual needs should be taken into consideration before making a decision on whether or not to purchase the Coros Vertix 2. If you want to make contactless payments and use a music streaming service, you should look elsewhere for a watch since this one does not have such capabilities. However, if you want the highest possible degree of precision that money can buy, amazing battery life, and the ability to pinpoint locations all over the world, you should seriously consider getting one.

We believe that everyone who values excitement and physical activity would benefit greatly from participating in this activity. However, it will need some adjustments before it can be considered a viable option for a larger variety of customers.

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