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  • Modular design
  • Flows without any problems.
  • Unimaginable scope of possible pursuits
  • Makes exercising fun
  • Looks great


  • There are no ranked lists.
  • Pricey


The gymnasium must be really boring, right? Although gym memberships aren’t exactly inexpensive, a shockingly high percentage of people in the United States who already have one don’t actually put it to good use. The team at BlazePod has developed an innovative new technology that enables anyone, from fitness enthusiasts to expert athletes, to increase their fitness level. They aim to get you off the couch and work up a sweat.

You can improve your agility, reaction time, and other skills with the assistance of the wireless, portable system that employs lights and sensors with pre-programmed exercises. You will, in essence, be provided with a Flash Reflex Training method that is intended to ramp up the intensity of your workouts.

Over the past few weeks, I have been making use of it. What I concluded from it is as follows.

BlazePod review: Design

The BlazePod project was initially funded through a Kickstarter campaign that was initiated in the year 2018. The campaign was a success, collecting slightly more than 160 thousand dollars. Currently, all approximately 700 backers have been provided with their product, and the widget may be purchased by anybody interested on the company’s website.

You will receive a total of six pods, as well as straps, suction cups, and plastic holders when you purchase a BlazePod. In addition to that, there is a charging base as well as a cute small carrying bag.

Each individual unit is identical to the others. It is circular in shape, with a diameter that ranges between 9 and 10 centimeters, and it has an exterior that is both shatterproof and touches sensitive. The tops of the pods are equipped with extremely strong RGB LEDs that can emit light in any one of eight different colors.

Everything seems to be of pretty high-quality construction and very solid overall, which is fortunate because you are supposed to tap the pods in various ways, such as with your hands, feet, hefty wall balls, boxing gloves, and a few other things besides.

There is neither an on nor an off button, and there are no moving parts whatsoever. Downloading the app and establishing a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection with the pods is what you should do instead. Ensure that the equipment is not more than forty meters away from your phone, as this is the maximum distance the pod can detect. The Bluetooth connection appears to function extremely effectively. The pods have a quick response time and maintain their connection once it has been established. In most cases, the relationship is established almost instantly.

It is not necessary for you to establish a connection with each and every pod. That is not the point at all. You have access to various exercises, giving you the flexibility to use as many as you see fit. According to the information provided by the company, the mobile device you are using will determine the maximum number of pods to which you can simultaneously connect. The majority of the smartphones that they tested were capable of connecting to 12 Pods. Theoretically, there can be a maximum of 24 at once.

Because BlazePods may be stacked orderly, everything is quite transportable and doesn’t weigh too much. They do not take up a significant amount of space, especially if you store them in the carrying bag that is included in the box. And this is significant since there are workouts that can be done inside as well as workouts that can be done outside thanks to the water resistance of the pods.

In point of fact, the company has invented a one-of-a-kind technique for charging based on this design. Place the pods in a neat pile on top of the charging station after you have stacked them. When doing this, check to see that the charging pins are properly aligned. If the rechargeable li-ion battery is at full capacity, the lights on each individual pod will illuminate in green, and if it is not, they will illuminate in red.

A single charge of a pod allows it to continuously function for up to twelve hours. Therefore, you will not have to refuel this very frequently at all. Despite this, BlazePod recommends that you put them on the charger roughly once per week to guarantee that they operate at their full potential.

The pods come with some additional gear, such as straps and suction cups, which are included in the package. These may be utilized, if desired, to provide a greater sense of diversity.

Simply by fastening the specialized plastic harness to the pods, you can accessorize them with straps or suction cups. Because of this, it is possible to fasten the pods to almost any surface. One possibility is to fasten them to objects such as poles, fences, doors, mirrors, or pretty much anything else you can think of. Or, you can use them without the straps and suction cups, which is the method that I prefer.

The construction is water-resistant to an IP65 standard and features UV protection, making it safe to use even when exposed to direct sunlight. This indicates that the BlazePods are splash-proof and can withstand a rain shower; however, you should not submerge them in water.

Overall, everything appears to be highly sophisticated and is composed of high-quality materials. A bit Appelesque.

BlazePod review: Setup

The initial configuration of the system for use is not overly complicated. Collect all of the pods, place one on top of the other, and then connect the charging device to a computer using a USB cable. Because this is the first time you have done this, you need to ensure that the batteries are charged for a minimum of two hours after being placed on the charger. The pods begin by flashing red, but as they get more fuel, they change to a green color.

After that is finished, you can download the app for your iOS or Android device and then launch it. Provide some basic information when you sign up, and you’ll be good to go. My experience with all of this was excellent, and I did not encounter any errors or glitches.

Within the Blazepod app, there is a section that lists the many workouts that may be performed. You can select activities immediately, but I discovered that it takes at least an hour and a half to download all of the accompanying photos completely. After that, you are completely ready to move on.

The idea is quite straightforward while having a high degree of malleability. It is something that is known as a Flash Reflex Training system, and it provides unusual ways to exercise. The fitness software on your smartphone contains hundreds of different workouts from which you can choose.

The activities have been divided up into a few different categories so that picking them will be simpler. For instance, there is a feature called Light Logic that gives you the option to select “All at once,” “Focus,” “Home base,” “Random,” or “Sequence.” For some of them, you will need to use certain equipment, while others do not.

In addition to those filters, there are several others. You have the ability to categorize exercises in a variety of different ways, including by Type (such as Agility, Anaerobic threshold, Balance Ball control, etc.), Accessories (such as no accessories, balance board, basketball, basketball hoop, combat rope, boss ball, etc.), by the number of players, and more. After you have discovered a few hobbies that you enjoy doing, marking them as favorites is a wonderful idea. This way, they will be added to your favorites list, giving you easy access to them whenever you need them.

Because of everything, you have quite a few different options to choose from regarding the kinds of workouts you may do. If you’re worried about how complicated all of this sounds, you shouldn’t be since it really isn’t. Picking an activity to do takes no more than a few seconds, and making a brand-new one from scratch takes no more than a few minutes. Yes, you can make your own, which means there is a never-ending number of alternatives that are appropriate for novice athletes and seasoned competitors.

When you open up the activity, you will be presented with additional details, which will contain a description and an image demonstrating how the pods should be organized. At this point, you will also be prompted to connect the necessary quantity of pods to the app using Bluetooth.

Select a pod by clicking on the pod’s icon in the screen’s upper right-hand corner. The indicator will light up, indicating that a connection has successfully been made. Continue this manner until you have accumulated the required pods to complete the activity. The next step is placing them on the ground, the wall, etc., based on the description’s instructions.

The pods are built to seamlessly fit into the workouts, challenging you to improve your response time, reflexes, agility, speed, balance, and endurance. Users can progress through various training courses and track their progress in milliseconds.

Personalized forms of activity

If you search through all of the regular activities and still can’t find what you’re looking for, the function for creating custom activities is where you need to be. It gives you the ability to tailor the capabilities of the Pods to fit your own requirements and to construct an activity according to the specifications that are most important to you.

Using the various light logics, you can build up to ten different exercises and store each (color options). During the lockdown at COVID-19, I found this particularly useful because it enabled me to think of several new ones that don’t require a lot of room and can be carried out in a confined area with little room to move around.

You will need to select from the available controllable characteristics for each custom activity. This comprises determining the number of working stations and cycles, the number of pods to be utilized, the number of players, the method for turning off a light, the delay time for the light, and the length of time for the activity.

Mix these up to your satisfaction, and then save the result. Your imagination is the only thing that can hold back the possibilities!

Review of BlazePod: Instructions for Use

To begin an action, select either “now” or “on hit” from the drop-down menu. The second choice is the one I favored because it allows you more time to get into the appropriate position. The workout will now get underway. When a pod lights up, it will signal to you to advance to the next one. Bluetooth allows for real-time communication between the pods and also between the pods and the smartphone app.

While there is a time limit on each action, you have the option to play through the entire cycle again after you have completed it. This way, you’ll be able to keep going until you’re completely exhausted. Alternatively, you might switch to a different activity.

I’m going to walk you through some basic exercises in this video I made. These don’t require any more specialized gear, and you can do them pretty much anywhere there’s enough space.

When you finish, the app will automatically save the results. Select the Analytics tab to gain access to them. This will present you with a timeline that lists all the exercises you have completed, allowing you to track your progress more easily.

Once again, you have access to a large number of filters. These enable sorting to take place according to date, activity type, and player. If you click on any of the activities, a window will open up, revealing how well you did in that activity. You will be provided with information on the reaction time and the number of hits down to the millisecond!

My one and only complaint about this place is that there isn’t a leaderboard. Even though you have the ability to sort and filter activities, there is no ranking of your accomplishments, which is something that would have been appealing to someone like me since I really appreciate being in a competitive environment. I’m not sure how this may be accomplished, but one possibility is to devise a point system that considers the total number of hits and reactions received by each player.

Having said that, I have found the process of working with the notion to be very enjoyable. The fact that the product has a modular design is, in my opinion, one of the aspects that makes it stand out the most among its competitors. It is compatible with any number of pods that you choose to use, based on the workouts that you select. You can exercise alone, with a companion, or with a group at any location.

And it may wear you out very quickly if you’re not careful. In addition, there is no possibility of becoming bored because there is such a huge selection of things to do.

Conclusions are drawn from the BlazePod review

A fantastic idea is a good place to begin, but how the idea is carried out is equally important. Both of these expectations are met by BlazePod without fail.

The idea is quite straightforward but may easily be adapted to accommodate an almost unlimited variety of physical activities. Choose an activity from the extensive list provided, or come up with one of your own. Because of its modular nature, you can use as many pods as you see fit.

In addition, you may use numerous connectors to fasten the pods to mirrors, doors, and various other surfaces. Or you could use them without additional equipment, which I generally did.

The pods are on the smaller side, making it simple to throw one or more of them into a backpack or rucksack. Plus, they have a nice appearance. My one and only request for the app would be to include leaderboards as an additional incentive for users.

My time spent with BlazePod was quite enjoyable for me. One of the device’s best features is that it makes working out enjoyable.

There are numerous kits available, each tailored to a certain requirement. The standard kit ought to be adequate for the vast majority of people. On the Blazepod website, you will find links to each and every one of them.

BlazePod review: FAQ

What does a BlazePod do?

You may improve your agility, reaction time, and other skills with the help of the BlazePod, which is a wireless, portable system that uses lights and sensors along with pre-programmed workouts. To finish the exercises, you must employ both your mind and body in concert with one another.

The BlazePod is essentially a Flash Reflex Training system that aims to increase your hand-eye coordination and physical fitness. The variety of available workouts is quite wide, and in addition to that, you can design your own. This helps to change up your normal training routine in a helpful way.

How do you set up BlazePod?

The installation of BlazePod is not overly complicated. When all the pods have been charged, you may download and install the app on your smartphone. The next step is to decide whether you want to use one of the pre-set programs or create your own individualized routine. You have the ability to program a sequence that will cause the Pods to light up in the order and color of your choosing. There is a workout for anything you can think of, and more are constantly being introduced. Within the app, you will get detailed explanations of how to carry out each exercise. You are also able to customize the number of pods that you make use of during the activities.

Is the BlazePod water resistant?

The BlazePod has been given an IP65 classification for its water resistance. This denotes that the small pods are splash-proof, allowing them to endure a rain shower, sweaty palms, moist grass, and other similar conditions. However, it would be best if you didn’t submerge them in the water. It is not a deal breaker because they are not completely waterproof all the way through. Because all of the exercises are meant to be done on dry land, there is no reason to put them under the water’s surface.

How long does it take for the BlazePod to charge fully?

The charging process for BlazePods normally takes about 5 hours. You arrange them in a stack so that each one can be refueled even while the others are still in the stack. When completely charged, a pod has the potential to last for up to 12 hours of use. This is sufficient given that most workouts only take a few minutes to complete. When they have reached their maximum capacity, BlazePods will flash green. At other times, however, a blinking red light will emanate from them. Although all of the pods are refueled simultaneously, the amount of time it takes for each pod to charge will be different.

Are you able to hit the Pods?

The question can be answered in one word: yes. The pods are made in such a way that they can be tapped. In fact, in most cases, this is what needs to be done for the light to be turned off. To tap or punch, you can also use either feet, knees, punch, or even gear such as a medical ball, boxing gloves, or tennis rackets. You can also use your fists. Because of their exceptional toughness, the pods can withstand significant abuse.

Is there another service that can compete with BlazePod?

In terms of other businesses, there is a virtually little rivalry. The option known as FitLight is by far the most popular choice. Both of these goods function in a manner that is very comparable to one another. The pods can be organized in a manner that is conducive to any particular practice, making them suitable for use in various kinds of sports and training regimens. Both BlazePod and Fitflight operate in a manner that is functionally comparable to one another.

The fact that it can be used with a smartphone, the fact that it is simpler to operate, the fact that its battery life is nearly twice as long, and its significantly lower price are all factors that work in BlazePod’s favor. Because it comes with a tablet, FitLight may be more suitable for use in venues such as gyms and corporate settings. You may follow this link to check out our in-depth comparison of the two items and see how they stack up against one another.

Should I purchase the BlazePod?

The use of BlazePod is suggested by professional athletes competing in a variety of sports. They offer the most effective and reasonably priced Flash Reflex Training system available on the market today. BlazePod allows you to work out in an infinite number of different ways; the only thing holding you back is your own imagination. The BlazePod is an excellent choice for you if you want to shake up your normal exercise regimen in some way. It will assist you in reaching the next level of success in your exercise program.

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