A Luxurious Smartwatch for a Reasonable Cost is the VIITA Titan HRV

A Luxurious Smartwatch for a Reasonable Cost is the VIITA Titan HRV

Actually, this is the Austrian company’s second attempt to raise money for the wearable. It raised €384,966 on Kickstarter earlier this year, exceeding its €20,000 goal in just 90 minutes. Those who might have missed the chance are now being given a second chance on Indiegogo to purchase the device at the pre-order discount pricing.

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The features of a premium, luxurious Smartwatch are all there in Titan. It has a full grade 1 titanium body, a zirconia ceramic bezel, a sapphire touch screen that resists scratches, and 10 ATM water resistance. Aluminum from an airplane is used to make the back cover.

For those who don’t know, titanium’s characteristics make it a popular material in the aircraft business. Among them is its capacity to bear even the most intense strain. Furthermore, it is 42 percent lighter and significantly tougher than stainless steel.This is what a high-end smartwatch should have.

Titan is not only about design, though. Additionally, it has some remarkable engine specifications. It will monitor your movement, calories, sleep quantity and quality, pulse, and heart rate variability in order to measure your activities. It measures activities (speed, distance, time, heart rate, and calories) for 19 different sports with the assistance of the on-board GPS. Additionally, a special algorithm provides information on stress levels, water usage, and regeneration state. Individual training recommendations are then created using this information.

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Titan is not a device you’ll be charging frequently, which will please those who are interested in it. The device’s Lithium-Ion 530 mAh battery can operate for two weeks without recharging.

The pricing is arguably the finest part. While $329 might appear expensive, it really isn’t when you examine the design and technical specifications. Additionally, it is less than half of what the watch would have retailed for after its formal debut.

If you wish to contribute, the Indiegogo campaign still has a few weeks left. The delivery date is set for January 2019.

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