A luxury smartwatch that is lightweight and monitors hydration levels, the VIITA Race HRV

VIITA is returning with something fresh following the release of four collections of high-quality smartwatches. Race HRV is a premium, special edition smartwatch that is extremely lightweight and tracks a wide variety of metrics, including hydration levels.

The Austrian business is attempting to raise capital on a crowdfunding site for the third time at this point. In the previous year, it was successful in running two campaigns for Titan, which is a luxury Garmin rival that retails for a price that is more affordable.

In addition, the Race HRV possesses characteristics that are typical of high-end and luxury watches. It has a housing made out of polymer and fibreglass, a bezel and back cover made out of titanium, a touch screen made out of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and it is water-resistant up to 10 ATM. The watch is so featherweight that, although weighing 64 grammes, you won’t even notice that it’s on your wrist because of the material mix.

But Race HRV is not only about design. The functioning is where the fascinating aspects come into play. Aside from the fundamentals, which are standard on every sport watch worth its salt and include a GPS, the Race HRV features stress and regeneration tracking based on cardiac rate variability around the clock.

The claim that the watch can automatically compute water needs based on vital signs is where it differentiates itself from other similar products on the market. The data from the micromovement sensor, the pulse, the variability of the heart rate, the status of the regeneration process, the advancement of the stress response, movement patterns, and the amount of sleep and its quality are combined to achieve this.

The manufacturer claims that its system can “extremely precisely” estimate the amount of water used by the wearer. It has to be seen how effectively this operates in the actual world. Wearable technology that accurately and automatically monitors hydration levels has not yet been developed.

Those who are considering purchasing the item will be relieved to learn that it is not something that needs to be changed too frequently. On a single charge, the battery life lasts for an impressive two weeks.

The cost is certainly one of the nicest aspects. When you take into account the construction and specifications of the device, the price of $217 is actually not that high at all. In honour of the world’s first automobile race, which took place from Paris to Rouen in 1894, there will be a total production of only 1,894 timepieces.

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