A massive leak claims Apple's AR glasses will cost $499 and will be released in Q4 2020

Every few months, we hear a new rumor about Apple’s augmented reality (AR) glasses. The most recent report is significant because it comes from someone who claims to have witnessed them.

Apple CEO Tim Cook previously stated that augmented reality is a focus for the company, much more so than virtual reality. While virtual reality uses headgear to create a fully made-up environment, augmented reality uses computer-simulated items to overlay the real world. Consider Pokemon Go.

We know the specifications have been in development since at least 2016. Hundreds of people are said to be working on the project.

The final device was expected to resemble Google Glasses, the head-mounted display that was first presented in 2013. However, Google’s failed attempt was fairly unattractive, and as a result of privacy and safety concerns, it drew criticism and legislative action. According to subsequent rumors, Apple’s first AR glasses would resemble standard glasses in appearance, with minor hardware bits offering technical smarts.

They’ll likely connect to iPhones for processing and displaying photos and other data in the wearer’s field of vision. Apple had already spoken with possible suppliers and placed a small order for near-eye displays.

Over time, the glasses would evolve into a stand-alone product with a variety of capabilities, including health and fitness functionality. Some speculate that the smart specs will eventually supplant the iPhone.

The Cupertino company “temporarily ceased developing AR/VR devices,” according to DigiTimes last summer. They claim that the project was halted in May 2019 and that individuals were assigned to different teams. The departure of Apple designer Avi Bar-Zeev in January, according to reports, was a contributing factor. At the time, he was the team leader for the AR glasses.

The most recent rumours

It appears that work has resumed, as the same source now predicts that the AR standards will be released in 2022. Suppliers appear to be speeding up development. Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst at TFI Securities, confirmed this a few weeks ago. When it comes to leaks, he has a strong track record. Kuo also predicts that the glasses will be available in 2022.

However, there is at least one qualified commentator who disagrees. According to Jon Prosser of the YouTube channel Front Page Tech, the spectacles will be released a year sooner, maybe in 2020. He claims to have information pointing to a “One More Thing” announcement somewhere between Q4 2020 and Q1 2021. That’s all there is to it. Between Q4 2021 and Q1 2022, the specifications will be made public.

Even stranger, Prosser claims to have seen the specifications.

They’re as svelte as they come. He says, “I’ll show you soon.”

It’s not unexpected at all. You’d expect nothing less from Apple.

“They seem like conventional spectacles,” Prosser continues, “which I think is actually cooler than if they made them look futuristic.”

“I’m not saying they’ll come out in these colors, but I saw them in black and white on the prototype I saw.” And they don’t make you look like a machine. “

He goes on to add that the Apple Glass will appear to be a regular pair of glasses, but that it will display information from the iPhone in your line of view. The glasses do not now function as sun shades, but future versions will.

He noticed a plastic prototype on the right temple with a LiDAR but no additional cameras. The glasses may be charged wirelessly by turning them upside down and placing them on a plastic band. According to reports, users will be able to manage Apple Glass with motions on the device and in front of it. Both lenses include screens, and the AR glasses will be able to read unique Apple-designed QR codes.

In terms of cost, Apple Glass is expected to start at $499. If you choose a prescription version, the price rises even higher. At the end of this article, you can see Jon Prosser’s YouTube report on Apple Glass.

The Cupertino firm works on a variety of initiatives internally, and they don’t necessarily end in a finished product that can be purchased. It’s safe to assume this isn’t one of them.

According to previous claims from The Information and Bloomberg, the Cupertino firm is working on two items. The first pairs of AR/VR glasses will be available in 2022. In 2023, a real AR headset designed to be worn all day will be released.

It’s safe to say that the smart specs concept hasn’t taken off yet. But, when it happens, we’re confident that Apple will be one of the first off the blocks.


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