A message on social media has reportedly given rise to rumors regarding the Xperia Watch and the Sony Smartwatch 4

Following the publication of a post on the social platform Weibo, speculation has arisen over the potential development of a new Xperia Watch and Sony Smartwatch 4.

Since the Sony Smartwatch was released in its third and final generation in 2014, you couldn’t be blamed for assuming that the firm had given up on developing the product. It is important to note that Sony has released other wearable technology devices in the past, but in recent years, these products have been quite rare.

The fashionable FES Watch U deserves special note. This is more of a fashion accessory than a smartwatch, and it was showcased at IFA 2018 in Berlin. The device is capable of some clever functionality, but its most impressive feature is that it enables you to alter the design by pressing a button. The i-ink display and the strap can alter their looks to suit your preferences.

In addition to that, Sony has released multiple variations of the Wena Smart Strap. The gadget can be applied to any conventional watch to transform it into an intelligent timepiece. The ingenious components are discreetly tucked away in the strap, and the backside of the band features a display that can accommodate many lines of text. The most recent version of Wena is version 3. In addition to the functionality that was present in the devices that came before it, the successor model, which was announced in late 2020, has a heart rate monitor and support for Amazon Alexa.


Possible successor to the Sony Smartwatch 4, the Xperia Watch?

There is no reason to believe Sony’s wearables plans will be moving forward. A post on Weibo by the well-known Xperia leaker ZacksBucks (via Notebookcheck) provides some evidence that Sony may be working on a smartwatch of their brand. The following is an automatic translation of the blog post that was originally published in Chinese.

“According to one urban legend, Sony’s watch-band Wena business was incorporated into Sony’s mobile communications business in April 2021. If this is true, there may be a connection between Xperia and Wena in the near future. I have high hopes that it will be introduced in the Chinese market.”

What exactly does it imply that Xperia and Wena are connected? It is a relatively reasonable estimate that the majority of Sony’s know-how regarding wearable technology is currently housed within the Wena building. A possible connection with the Xperia smartphone series could mean that the Xperia brand will be used for the company’s first smartwatch. When it comes to promoting such a gadget, the fact that Xperia is an established and well-known brand would be of great assistance.

It’s possible that ZacksBucks has information about a real product if he says things like, “I expect it will be launched in China.” The other possibility is that the link merely means deeper integration between the Web smart band and Xperia smartphones. This would be the case if it were the case that the link signifies deeper integration.

The Sony Smartwatch 4 is a potential choice for a third option. In our opinion, this is the scenario with the lowest probability. Since the debut of the previous timepiece in this series, the realm of wearable technology has undergone significant transformations, which have prompted the need for new approaches. The level of competition has significantly increased, and there is currently very little to choose between the various players. For a company to successfully capture a substantial portion of the market, it will need to have an attractive offering. Sony is a massive company in the technology sector. They are the ones who can make it work if anyone can. S

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