A new smartwatch by Michael Kors has been spotted getting Bluetooth certification

The Bluetooth registration information for a newly released smartwatch by Michael Kors hints that the brand’s lineup will soon be receiving an update. A 2019 IFA is very likely.

The newly developed Wear OS smartwatch by the American premium fashion brand has just recently been awarded Bluetooth certification. It was developed by Bluetooth SIG, an organization that manages the creation of similar technologies as well as their licensing. The listing gives the impression that the launch date won’t be too far off.

The current Michael Kors Access collection is available in a variety of distinct iterations to choose from. This has Access Bradshaw, Dylan, Grayson, Hybrid, and Runway, which are more feminine, as well as Access Bradshaw and Runway, which are more masculine.

Because the certification does not provide a great deal of information, it is unclear which of the aforementioned are scheduled for an update, if any at all. Although we do have the model number DW9M1, this does not actually provide us with very much information.

It’s interesting to note that we’ve spotted allusions to other Michael Kors watches that are currently under development. A month ago, the Federal Communications Commission banned five timepieces made by the Fossil Group. Two of these are by Michael Kors, but they are labeled with the names DW10M1 and DW10M2, respectively. This points to the possibility of three new watches being released, or even three different versions of the same watch.

The only things that we have learned about the next generation from the information provided by the FCC and the Bluetooth SIG is that it will have Bluetooth, 2.4GHz WiFi, and NFC. Since this is the same as the range from the previous year, there is no reason to be surprised by it. As is customary, improvements have been made to the overall design, and ideally, the battery life has been extended.

Since the late summer of 2017, Fossil has been steadily releasing its 4th generation technology. The water resistance of these devices has been greatly increased, and they also have a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS, and NFC for making contactless payments. It will be fascinating to see what the fifth generation has to offer.

People hope that the watches will have Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 3100 chipset instead of the old 2100 model. The new processor incorporates low-power modes, which results in improved performance as well as longer battery life. The Fossil Sport is the only smartwatch from the Fossil Group that currently utilizes the new processor.

We shouldn’t have to wait too much longer until we learn what Michael Kors has in store for the next iteration of its smartwatch. IFA, which takes place at the beginning of September, ought to serve as an effective launch platform.

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