A No-Appraisal Refinance: What Is It?

A No-Appraisal Refinance: What Is It?

If you reside in an older house, the refinance appraisal requirement may give you anxiety. However, did you know there are a few ways to refinance your house without getting it appraised?

We’ll examine what an appraisal is in more detail in this post, along with the reasons mortgage lenders want them. We’ll also go over a few specific circumstances in which you might want to refinance your house without getting an assessment.

What Is An Appraisal?

A house appraisal establishes your property’s fair market worth. It comprises a physical examination of the house, investigation of comparable houses in the neighborhood, and a comprehensive report.

Because they reassure the lender that you aren’t borrowing more money than your home is worth, appraisals are crucial. Most of the time, before you refinance your loan, your lender will demand that you obtain an appraisal. This action serves to safeguard the financial interests of the lender.

Think about refinancing a $300,000 debt with a new lender, for instance. If your home is only worth $200,000 according to the appraiser, the $100,000 difference is picked up by your lender. Your lender will have a very difficult time recovering that $100,000 if you don’t pay your debts and your home falls into foreclosure.

How Can A No-Appraisal Refinance Be Obtained?

Before you execute a mortgage refinance, an assessment is almost usually required. If you have a loan from the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), or the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), your lender may, nevertheless, waive the refinance appraisal requirement.

FHA Streamlined Refinance

Because there is no minimum equity amount, FHA Streamlines frequently do not require an appraisal, among other advantages including requiring less paperwork. Although there are other advantages, such as lowering your annual mortgage insurance payment (MIP) to 0.5% of your loan amount, it is not true that all situations call for an appraisal.


You must be able to respond “yes” to each of the following inquiries in order to be eligible for an FHA Streamline:

  • Is the mortgage you currently have an FHA loan?
  • Have 210 days or more elapsed between the closure of your prior mortgage and the date of your new application?
  • Has it been six months since your first mortgage payment was due and the refinance closed?
  • Have you repaid your present loan at least six times?
  • Have you only ever been late on one or fewer mortgage payments in the past 12 months?

You can’t remortgage with cash out if you don’t meet these additional standards. That feature unites all of the options we’ll discuss. You should also examine what the FHA would deem to be a real net advantage of refinancing. cheaper payments, mortgage rates that are cheaper, or switching from an adjustable-rate mortgage to a fixed rate for greater stability are a few examples.

Finally, there are limitations on how much your rate can or must increase or decrease as well as how much your payment can increase, even if you’re lowering your rate or altering your term. You can discuss the specifics of this with your loan officer.

VA Streamline Refinancing

If you have a VA loan, you might be eligible for a VA Streamline refinance. Interest rate reduction refinance loans (IRRRLs) are another name for VA Streamline Refinances. There are instances where an assessment is required, even if many IRRRLs don’t.

If you owe more on your mortgage than the value of your property, you can refinance with an IRRRL up to 120% of the loan value.


To be eligible for an IRRRL, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • To refinance a VA loan, you must already have one.
  • The house you intend to refinance must already be your primary residence.
  • There will be no cash-out refinances; you only intend to refinance to alter your term and/or interest rate.
  • You’ve paid down your VA loan on schedule for at least six straight months.
  • The VA loan and refinance application closing dates have passed by at least 270 days.

Additionally, you need to know why you want to refinance. You can meet this refinancing criterion for a variety of reasons, such as lower interest rates or a smaller monthly payment. These are similar to the FHA tangible net benefit standards, with a few changes. Remember that not all lenders who provide VA loans also provide IRRRLs.

USDA Streamline Refinance

For homeowners with a USDA loan, the USDA also provides possibilities for Streamline refinancing. At this time, neither USDA Streamlined nor Full Loans are available through Rocket Mortgage®.

When you refinance your rate or term with a USDA streamline refinance, you are allowed to forego the appraisal requirement. USDA Streamlines have a stringent set of requirements you must complete in order to qualify, just as VA IRRRLs.


To be eligible for a USDA streamline refinance, the following conditions must be met:

  • A USDA loan must already be in place.
  • You must have paid back your loan on time for the previous six months at the very least (on time is defined as not being more than 30 days late).
  • Before refinancing, you must have had your current USDA loan for at least a year.
  • The USDA’s current debt-to-income (DTI) standards must be met.
  • There can be no cash-out refinances; you can only change your rate or duration.

USDA Streamline-Assist Refinance

You might be eligible for a refinance with USDA Streamline assistance. The best alternative for homeowners is a streamline-assist refinance because it doesn’t require a strong credit score, an appraisal, or a low DTI ratio. When employing this kind of refi, your closing costs might have been lower. Currently, there are no USDA Streamline-Assist refinance alternatives available via Rocket Mortgage.


To be eligible for a Streamline-assist refinance, all of the following conditions must be met:

  • Except in the event of the borrower’s death, you are not eliminating purchasers from your note.
  • Your monthly mortgage payment will be reduced by $50 or more as a consequence of your refinance.
  • Your current USDA loan has been in place for at least a year.
  • For the past year at least, you have paid all bills on time.
  • You cannot withdraw cash, as you cannot with other USDA loans.

The Process Can Be Simplified With Appraisal Waiver Refinances, in Conclusion

An appraisal is a fundamental evaluation of the value of your house. Your home’s general physical condition as well as regional property values all contribute to your evaluation value. To make sure they aren’t giving you an excessive loan for your property, the majority of lenders demand that you obtain an appraisal or another type of real estate assessment before you refinance.

If you have an FHA, VA, or USDA loan, you might not require an appraisal to refinance your loan. In many circumstances, you may be eligible for a streamline refinance, which really eliminates the need for an appraisal.

There are specific requirements for each sort of loan in terms of who is eligible. Remember that a Streamline is the only way to refinance your interest rate or term. Without an appraisal, you cannot acquire a cash-out refinance.

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