A problem introduced in iOS 13 that prevents some Fitbit users from receiving alerts

After upgrading to iOS 13, some Fitbit owners have reported that they are no longer receiving alerts on their devices. Here is what you should do if you find that you are having the problem.

After updating to iOS 13, there was a problem that prevented certain Fitbit users from getting notifications.

The thirteenth iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system includes a wide variety of helpful enhancements and is filled with new features. On the other hand, it comes with an unwelcome surprise for the owners of some Fitbit devices.

The issue appeared for the first time with the beta version of iOS 13, but it has persisted with the final product. As soon as it was installed, my Fitbit stopped receiving notifications, as one user complained on the Fitbit forum. It appears that a significant number of users are being impacted by this issue. The discussion on the Fitbit Community site that was started to discuss the issue now has more than 2,000 posts.

The issue is not exclusive to any one piece of hardware in particular. Users whose devices are Charge 3, Alta, Inspire, or Versa, as well as users of other types of devices, are affected. It is obvious that there is a compatibility issue between the Fitbit app and iOS13.

The company based in San Francisco has devised a few measures that, if successful, will ideally eliminate the issue.

Keep the software up to date: To get started, check to see if the Fitbit app that you have installed on your smartphone has the most recent update. In addition to this, check to see if the most recent version of iOS is installed on your machine. This may be accomplished on your phone by going to Settings > General > Software update.

Verify that the Bluetooth connection is operational: The next step is to ensure that the Bluetooth feature on your smartphone is turned on and that your Fitbit is successfully paired with it. You might also go into the settings of your smartphone and try turning Bluetooth off and then back on several times. Tap the information icon that is located next to the title of your Fitbit on your phone’s Settings page for Bluetooth. This is an additional step that should be attempted. After that, turn Share System Notifications on and off using the appropriate option.

Simply restarting your smartphone and/or Fitbit is the most common and effective solution to any issue you may be experiencing. Your Fitbit fitness tracker or smartwatch will restart when you give it a reset, but you won’t lose any of your data in the process. 

If your wearable does not respond to button presses, touches, or swipes, if it does not connect to the app, or if it does not track your activity, this is an excellent method for troubleshooting the issue. This link will take you to instructions that will walk you through the process of doing so.

Check the settings for the notifications: Launch the Fitbit app and navigate to the Settings page. From there, select Notifications. To accomplish this, tap the icon in the top left corner of the screen. Make sure that the Show Previews option is set to either Always or When Unlocked. Also, check to see that the notification settings that pertain to your interests are activated.

Resetting the device to its factory settings: According to the reports of several customers, the only solution that resolved the issue was resetting the device to its factory settings. A word of warning first. If you do this, it will delete any data that has been stored as well as any personal information and settings that have been preserved. This will also clear the information on any credit or debit cards that you may have linked to your Fitbit Pay-compatible devices in the past.

A number of customers have reported that following the advice provided above has helped them fix the problem. I really hope that it will be successful for you. After completing these steps, if your Fitbit is still not picking up notifications from the Fitbit app, the Customer Support staff may be able to assist you. We can only hope that the corporation will soon release a solution that is long-term.

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