A review of the high-end therapeutic gadget known as the Theragun Elite, which can help calm aching muscles


  • Really helps to relax knotted muscles and release stiff muscles.
  • Excellent teaching app
  • Multiple attachments and adjustments for the speed
  • Multi-grip handle design
  • Oh, so quiet!


  • Pricey

Have you ever considered trying percussion treatment in the comfort of your own home? I was unaware of it until someone else brought it to my attention. Who would have thought there were even machines that could do such a thing? So here we are, reviewing the Theragun Elite.

The body’s tissues are subjected to sudden, intense bursts of pressure during percussion treatment sessions. Put more simply, it’s deep tissue massage. In most cases, you should seek the services of a qualified massage therapist or a physical therapist in order to obtain this. But this is the year 2020, therefore there are choices available to you at home that have the same effect.

And before you ask, I’m not referring to the use of a foam roller as a method of self-myofascial release. This is a more high-tech approach that takes the shape of a massage pistol that you may use at home.

Because the object vaguely resembled a gun, we decided to call it a gun. However, rather than bullets, it shoots comfort through your muscles, which helps with recuperation, reduces pain, and expands your range of motion. This is accomplished by the massage pistol pounding you in a quick and continuous fashion.


The product’s superior craftsmanship is immediately obvious the moment the lid is removed from the packaging. The Theragun Elite, along with five different attachments, a power converter, and a brief instruction manual are all included in this package.

In addition, there is a protective carrying case that has a sleek, modern appearance and is black in colour. This case allows you to keep everything in an organised manner. It is a good idea to bring it along on travels so that you won’t lose any of the components since this is a really valuable feature.

The massaging gun itself is distinctive from similar products already available on the market in a variety of respects. The design is the aspect that stands out the most. The item is equipped with a comfortable multi-grip that may be used to hold it in a variety of different positions. When you massage yourself using this method, you will have less strain on your hands as a result. The cannon has the following measurements: 9.5 inches long, 6.7 inches wide, and 2.9 inches high.

I put the black Theragun Elite model through its paces. If you don’t like the colour that it comes in, you may also get it in white. There are also different models ranging from the small, which is extremely portable and inexpensive, all the way up to the Pro. The Elite is the second most powerful of all the available options in this range.

The attachments are very simple to put on and take off. Simply give the attachment a good, solid tug, and it will detach itself from the gun’s barrel. When you press a substitute in its position, it will click on in an orderly fashion.

I found that the spherical default foam was the most comfortable one to use, therefore I used that the most of the time. My muscles may use some work because I am a runner who is guilty of not flexing enough. Because of this, I run a lot. My ability to ease into things was greatly assisted by the spherical foam attachment. Therabody rates it as having an impact level of three out of ten, and it is excellent for general usage, particularly on bony regions and muscles that are tense.

You also receive another round one, but this one is smaller, stiffer, and has a higher impact level of 5. I saved that one for a time when I was feeling more confident in my abilities. The additional three attachments each give a different range of dimensional possibilities. They come with a Wedge attachment that not only has a level of impact of 5 but is also more suited for targeting particular regions like the shoulder blades.

After that, we move on to the more challenging attachments. It is recommended that trigger points and the lower back be massaged with the Thumb attachment, which has a rating of 7, while the last pointed Cone attachment, which has a rating of 10, is the firmest of the lot. According to Therabody, it should be used for the therapy of specific muscles, particularly those in the hands and feet. I would never have dared to use that one!

Every one of these attachments is constructed out of a type of foam that does not have pores. I adore the fact that this is a high-quality material that is simple to clean since this ensures that the overall experience will be both sanitary and restful.

There are a variety of other customization choices available. One of the device’s physical buttons is located on the front panel for your convenience. If you press this button hard, the gadget will start up. As soon as the gadget is prepared for use, the OLED display will light up and notify you of this fact.

If you press the button one more, it will begin working again. The next thing you’ll notice is that the softer foam that surrounds the actual button may be pressed.

Click the button directly above it to have the percussions play at a faster rate, and click the button directly below it to make them play at a slower rate.

You have the option of selecting one of the following five built-in speeds: 1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, or 2400. If this is your first time playing the massage gun game, my advice is to choose the easiest difficulty level. You have the ability to further personalise the multitude of percussions by using the corresponding smartphone app, which gives you the option to select any figure between 1750 and 2400.

The Elite version is capable of withstanding up to 20 kg of pressure. This indicates that if you press any harder than that, it will start to stall if you continue to do so. During the short weeks that I have been making use of it, I have not once had this issue.

The advantage of using Theragun is that it tells you just how firmly you need to push the button in order to obtain the best possible result. This is something that can be viewed on the OLED display as well as the app on the smartphone. But I’ll talk more about this at a later time.

You and anybody else living in your house will be relieved to learn that the appliance does not produce a lot of noise. According to Therabody, “enhanced sound insulation” was employed to surround the QX65 variant of the patented brushless motor that uses QuietForce Technology. I’m not really clear on what all that entails, but whatever comes out of it will be something that is highly under wraps. The noise is probably just somewhat more audible than an electronic hair clipper, shaver, or a typical electric toothbrush in terms of its volume.

The lithium-ion battery has a life expectancy of up to two hours of continuous usage, which is the maximum amount of time it may be used for. Therefore, even if you turn it on every single day, you should still be OK for at least a week or two at the very least.

One of the most advanced models to be introduced into the Theragun lineup is the Elite variant. The more expensive Pro model is the only product that can compete with it in terms of performance. The Pro model is distinguished from the standard version by the inclusion of an additional attachment, a more potent motor that is able to endure up to 60 pounds of force, and two interchangeable batteries that are capable of providing around 300 minutes of run time each. Aside from that, pretty much everything is the same.

Configuration and personalization 

The time required for the initial setup and any customizations should not exceed ten minutes. You may get the Therabody app for your iPhone or Android smartphone, and then run it after it’s installed. After that, you’ll be prompted to create an account by entering your email address and deciding on a password. The run of the mill

After that, the app will inquire as to whether you would like to link your healthcare information (in my case Apple Health as I am using an iPhone). I went with yes to everything. Your health data gives the app the ability to make suggestions for routines that are specific to you. Due to the fact that I run rather frequently, I found that I relied on the run routine the most.

You have several options available to you, some of them include getting enough rest, treating your upper back, lower back, wellness, glutei quads, neck, hamstrings, requiring shins, tennis, and plantar fasciitis, shoulders, tech neck, stairs, exercise, and hands. 

After reading this, I realised that the list of recommended routines for me was over. However, as the Therabody app continues to engage with and learn from your habits, it will eventually provide suggestions for more individualised treatments.

Tap the Explore tab within the app to access your second available choice. There, you will discover a plethora of other routines organised into sections pertaining to the Body, Activities, and Illnesses. You will definitely be able to locate a programme in the database that will help reduce the muscular pain you are experiencing, regardless of the sport you participate in or the condition that causes it.

It’s great to have a massage gun, but the software you use it with is just as critical to the whole experience as the hardware it runs on. This is something that a lot of people fail to recognise.

The excellent news is that Therabody excels in both of these categories. The quality of the software matches that of the hardware. The software explains everything step by step, to the point where using it may really be considered a learning experience. I believe that you will have a difficult time locating any other massage gun that comes with software that is even somewhat comparable to the quality that can be found on Theragun.

The last thing you need to do is link your Theragun up to the app on your smartphone. The programme will inquire as to whether or not it is OK to utilise the Bluetooth connection; when prompted, select the “ok” option. After that, you have to power on your Theragun and select the version you want to use. When it came to me, I chose the Elite option.

The application will immediately locate it and indicate that it has been added to the collection. You are now prepared to go forward.

Utilization of a Theragun Elite 

To begin utilising Theragun Elite, pick the right attachment from the available options. I recommend that you carry out the procedures outlined in the app. This will not only direct you to the appropriate attachment to utilise, but it will also teach you how long to apply pressure to the muscles, where to apply the pressure, and how much force to apply.

For instance, a fairly straightforward exercise regimen known as Shoulders can ease tension in this region, hence facilitating smoother movement. The entire practice just takes one minute and a half, during which you will focus on one shoulder for one minute and then the other shoulder for the following minute.

When you use the app while you are doing this, it will clock you and notify you when it is time to transfer from one shoulder to another. This is one of the benefits of utilising the app. In addition to this, it provides a rolling chart that displays in real-time if you are pushing with sufficient force and demonstrates the ideal way to hold the device.

Make sure that Theragun is turned on before you begin the exercise. If you don’t turn it off, the force metre won’t appear on your smartphone. I was able to figure this out through a process of trial and error.

After you have completed a program a few times, you may decide that you no longer need the accompanying app to complete the routine. The OLED display has the advantage of displaying both your actual speed and a force metre that is sensitive to your input. You are therefore able to track most of the data; however, using the app will make this process far simpler.

On Theragun, you have the option of storing your most often used routines in the form of gifts for other users. This way, you won’t need your phone to play them when you’re on the move.

You also have the option of doing a more difficult routine. One useful illustration of this is the post-run recuperation method. This one targets six different sets of muscles, including the foot, shins, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes. It will take you ten minutes to finish it.

I’ve been preparing for the Paris marathon, which was scheduled to take place in April, for the past few months. It was cancelled like so many other events that were scheduled for this year. But despite that, I haven’t stopped working out because the competition has been moved to November. My muscles have become as rigid as a rock as a result of all of this jogging, and the process progressed so gradually that I was completely unaware of it.

I had to give it a few days of rest after I had completed the running regimen with Theragun about three times in a row on three consecutive days. A regimen will ultimately cause tight muscles to become sore to the touch, which is one of the effects of the condition. This is because you are progressively causing them to become looser. The percussion gun’s deep amplitude results in a very forceful pressure, which has the added benefit of effectively releasing any muscular knots that may have formed.

It is exactly the same as if you went to a professional massage therapist or physiotherapist. After the massage, it may be uncomfortable to touch your muscles if they have become very rigid. There is no difference whatsoever with Theragun. The wonderful sense of relaxation that you get after the treatment is another thing that remains the same.

The fact that a massage gun is completely risk-free is another advantage of using one in the present day and age. In this context, I’m referring to the COVID epidemic that has brought in-home medical equipment to the foreground. If you use a massaging gun in the privacy of your own home, you almost seldom, if ever, run the risk of contracting a contagious disease.

Bottom line 

In general, I was rather impressed by the high construction quality of the Theragun Elite. The multi-grip handle style is one that I particularly enjoyed since it made it simpler to access those regions that were more difficult to get to. The strong pressure that is delivered by the Theragun, along with the vibrations that it delivers, works really well to loosen up those muscular knots. This is a high-powered device that is really good, very customizable (five different attachments, many speed settings), very quiet, and very straightforward to operate.

It is believed that the Theragun is the percussive therapy device that is utilised the most frequently by physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, professional sports teams, and other individuals and organisations. The explanations provided above are only some of the possible explanations behind this.

If you’ve ever gone to a massage therapist or a physiotherapist, the after-effect of utilising a percussion gun won’t feel all that different from what you experienced after one of those treatments. A little ache that is accompanied by an improved sense of calm well-being as well as an expansion in the available range of motion.

I am guilty of not exercising nearly enough, despite the fact that I run frequently. However, after experiencing the benefits of utilising Theragun Elite for a couple of weeks, I have decided that from this point on I will be using a massage gun. It is impossible to exaggerate how beneficial it is to have such a gadget in one’s own house.

But even if you don’t have much time to exercise, you could still benefit from using a massage gun. Especially considering how suddenly we have entered the era of working from home thanks to the events of this year. You should do something every day to loosen up your back, neck, and shoulders if you sit in a chair in front of a computer for long periods of time.

When it comes to massaging guns, having dependable hardware and a high-quality design are both essential features, but the quality of the software is just as critical. The Theragun Elite checks off both of these requirements with flying colours, which is not something that can be stated in the vast majority of the copycat brands that are available at cheaper prices. Let’s just say that if you make an investment in a reputable brand that adheres to high-quality standards, you won’t have to worry about not getting your money’s worth.

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