A Swift Rundown of Garmin's Fenix 7 Timepiece: Features, Functions, Battery, and More

An Introduction to the Garmin Fenix 7X (51mm)

The long-awaited and eagerly anticipated Garmin Fenix 7S, 7, and Fenix 7X are now available for purchase. Although the Fenix 7 may not come with as many additional capabilities as that other Garmins offer, this multisport watch does come in a more organized, brighter, and generally more attractive box than those other Garmins do. But how could Garmin possibly improve after the release of their other most recent products like the Epix (Gen2), the Forerunner 945, and the Fenix 6?

This multisport smartwatch comes in three different sizes and has three different bands to choose from, giving you a total of sixteen different ways to wear it. The Fenix 7 Series, in general, provides the Garmin variety of options that we have become accustomed to with the watchmaker. These alternatives include the base model, the Fenix 7 Sapphire, and the Fenix Sapphire-Solar.

But the reason we’re here today is to talk mainly about the Fenix 7X, which comes in two different flavors. The Solar or Sapphire Solar finish is available for the 51mm casing.

Fenix 7X Features

The Fenix 7X comes equipped with a Flashlight

It’s possible that the LED light on a smartwatch isn’t the characteristic that most people find appealing about it. On the other hand, I think we can all agree that it is the most awesome. Anyone who goes camping, hiking, boating, or hunting will understand the need to have a light source with them at all times. If you are interested in purchasing a multisport

Features Relating to Health and Fitness Monitoring

The 7X comes with a variety of different activity and training profiles but a considerable number of running profiles. These running profiles include things like primary Running, Track Running, Treadmill Running, Indoor Track Running, Trail Running, Virtual Running, and Ultra Running. This represents an upgrade over the Fenix 6X, as does the fact that the Fenix 7X’s regular activity profiles now incorporate HIIT training. Hold on; there are more! You even have the ability to track a wide variety of outdoor activity profiles, with additional capabilities specifically designed for golfers and swimmers.

You can now get the Connect IQ store directly on your Fenix 7X rather than having to do it on your phone, which is another essential upgrade to the Fenix Series’s health functions. In addition, you can anticipate the 7X to come equipped with all of the functions you cherished on earlier Fenix models, like music controls and storage, Garmin pay, sleep statistics, health statistics and recommendations, and a heart rate monitor.

Functions of Protection and Helpfulness

The Fenix 7X is a multisport watch that provides you with a number of useful functions to enhance your exercises, in addition to a GPS that is quite dependable. These alone are outstanding qualities for your smartwatch to possess and for you to make use of on a daily basis. On the other hand, Garmin goes above and beyond these capabilities by offering increased safety features, support, incident detection, and tracking capabilities. These are the same as what you will receive on the model that came before the 7X, but they are not the same as what you will get on every Garmin watch model. Both the Fenix and the Forerunner series are typically equipped with reliable security measures.

On your 7X, you get:

  • LiveTrack Group 
  • LiveTrack Live Event Sharing
  •  Incident Detection During Select Activities 
  • Assistance LiveTrack 
  • Live Event Sharing
  • Group LiveTrack

Both of these functions are compatible with the emergency contact list that you may compile within the Garmin Connect app and GPS locations.

Which one is better: the Garmin Fenix 7X Design Solar or the Sapphire Solar?

TherGarmin’s Sapphire Solar series gets its name from the screens that are made of Power Sapphire, which contributes to the product’s extraordinary durability. E is only one color option available for the Solar version of the Fenix 7X, and it is slate grey with a black band. In addition to this, it is approximately $100 cheaper than Sapphire Solar despite having Power Glass that is marginally less robust. Carbon grey, titanium blue, or black titanium can be selected for the bezel of the Fenix 7X Sapphire Solar, providing the user with more design customization possibilities.

A Large Smartwatch, yet one that is not too bulky

Garmin took everything that we love about the original designs of the Fenix and put it all into a thinner watch, including the watch’s durability, GPS quality, and overall sportiness. Even on this largest model, the Fenix 7X, which has a case that measures 51 millimeters, there is still a discernible change in design from Garmin.

The buttons on the Fenix 7 protrude less, the user interface on your screen appears cleaner, and the bezel is not as thick as it was on previous models. Even the band has a more polished appearance on the 7! This narrow bezel does not enable room for a larger screen or display; instead, it allows for an increase in the amount of solar power that can be stored.

Updated Graphical User Interface

In tandem with the development of this stripped-down version of the Fenix 6X, the watchmaker Garmin also released an updated user interface for all of the Fenix 7 watches. The new user interface makes your display appear to be less cluttered, yet it is still utterly modifiable by adding other watch faces.

Battery Capacity

This multisport watch is an excellent purchase because it comes with a long battery life thanks to the solar charging feature. Not only does the watch feature modes that save battery life, but it also features a variety of personalization options for each of these watch modes. You may, for instance, select a watch face that consumes less power, disable the music capabilities, or turn off your heart rate sensor.

However, because it is a multisport watch, you may never need to put in the USB charger because it is constantly being charged by solar energy, and you may spend a lot of time using it outside. In addition, the lifespan of your battery will be significantly increased if you charge it using solar power.

  • Up to 28 days when using the smartwatch mode
  •  up to 37 days when using the solar mode.
  • Up to three months with the battery saver mode, or one year with solar power.
  • GPS Only: Up to 89 hours, or 122 hours if solar power is used.

GPS functionality on the Fenix 7X

Garmin is well-known in the industry for producing excellent multisport watches, in part due to the dependability of its GPS. Additionally, you have access to several global navigation satellite systems (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo), maps of more than 42,000 golf courses located worldwide, maps of 2000 ski hills, and topographical maps of numerous continents. Each of these navigation functions on the most recent Fenix model makes it more capable of being used for multiple sports. But Gamin’s Up Ahead Feature accomplishes this goal more than any other.

This is a tool that will come in extremely handy for runners, bikers, cross-country skiers, and hikers that use Up Ahead. It will inform you of what is to come during your workout in terms of changes in terrain or height.

Are you interested in the 7X?

When considering investing more than a thousand dollars in a smartwatch, this is the most critical question to ask. Is this the smartwatch that will work best for me in particular? If any of the following apply to you, we think you should consider the Fenix 7X:

You spend a lot of time outside, whether it be for water sports, general activity, winter sports, camping, or anything else.

You despise getting lost while working out or going on an adventure: the 7X’s built-in GPS and navigation features are one of the most appealing aspects of the device. And when you consider that the Fenix 7X also comes equipped with Gamin’s Safety and Assistance capabilities, it becomes clear that this watch may be an accommodating traveling companion.

If you want to make an investment in a smartwatch that will last for a long time, you should consider purchasing a Fenix 7X. If you do so, you probably won’t need to purchase another smartwatch for a very long time. It is a model that is at the cutting edge of technology and costs more than other options. Therefore, despite its significant investment, it can be the best spot for someone who enjoys being outside to deposit their money.

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