A thorough guide through Cycling Watches

A thorough guide through Cycling Watches

Since the earliest days of professional cycling, there has always been a strong connection between the sport and the world of watches. Since the beginning of time, luxury watch brands have been known to sponsor major cycling competitions worldwide. One such brand is Tag Heuer, whose products have been worn by famous riders worldwide. But why is it that bikers are so adamant about wearing a watch designed specifically for cycling? Isn’t it true that any old watch will do?

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Why Is It Necessary to Have a Cycling Watch?

These days, it is expected that while you are cycling, you will be able to monitor your fitness development. Whether they are amateurs or professionals, Dedicated cyclists are accustomed to being able to log their rides and share the results with their loved ones and fellow enthusiasts. Additionally, they are helpful in the development of future training regimens. Smartphone apps like Strava are fantastic for this kind of tracking, but they tend to drain the device’s battery life quickly. They cannot monitor other aspects of your body, such as your heart rate. Not to mention the fact that it can be challenging to take a phone around with you while you’re riding a bicycle. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many bikers started looking for an appropriate and more convenient replacement. This alternative is available in the shape of a watch specifically designed for cyclists.

Which Functions Should Be Included in a Cycling Watch?

When you start shopping for your first cycling watch, you need to know which characteristics you should be looking for to make an informed decision. Because of the rapid development of technology over the course of the previous few years, wearing a smartwatch is now practically unremarkable. There are currently a variety of wearable devices on the market that combine the capabilities of smartwatches and activity trackers. The market has been inundated due to many different businesses capitalizing on this trend. When shopping for a cycling watch, it is essential to be aware of the factors that must be considered to avoid making a costly purchasing error. The following are some of the essential components that a watch designed for cycling absolutely needs to have:

  • Water resistance: Because cyclists ride in all kinds of weather, you need a watch that can be worn comfortably in various conditions, including wet ones. It is crucial to get a watch that is either waterproof or water-resistant because, if you do not, you may discover that your watch is ruined the very first time that you are trapped in a storm.
  • Capability to use a GPS system - While most mobile phones come equipped with a GPS system, it’s likely that you won’t want to carry your phone around with you at all times when you’re out cycling. When riding for longer distances, having a cycling watch that has incorporated GPS functionality will allow you to trace your trip correctly.
  • Notifications: If you have a cycling watch that displays notifications, you will be able to check your messages and answer incoming phone calls. You won’t have to take a break to respond to or check your texts.
  • A strap that is easy on the skin – the most effective cycling watches are not only high-performance; in addition, they are ideal for day-to-day use. When you’re going to be on the road or trail for a long period of time, it’s important to have a watch strap that fits snugly but not too tightly. Pick a watch with a brand that is simple to adjust and comfortable to wear. 
  • A heart rate monitor — many of the best-selling cycling watches include a heart rate monitor built in. This gives you the ability to monitor your fitness levels throughout the day, regardless of whether or not you are engaging in physical activity. Cycling will also assist you in staying on top of your fitness objectives so that you can progress toward achieving them, which will aid you.

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Which Watches Are Considered To Be The Best For Cycling?

There are a lot of great cycling watches available on the market nowadays, and most of them offer good performance and a stylish design. The following are some of the better examples:

The TomTom Spark 3 Cardio

The well-known brand TomTom has created a cycling watch with a brief appearance. It is simple to put on and is available in a variety of watch band colors to choose from, making it suitable for any attire or state of mind. While you’re out on your bike, it won’t weigh you down, and it provides a high level of comfort and is simple to put on. It is an excellent tool for monitoring your fitness statistics, thanks to the seven various sports modes that it offers. It boasts an accurate inbuilt heart rate monitor and other capabilities such as GPS integration and the ability to track sleep. The functionality of this watch to support zone-based training is among its most notable features. This allows you to monitor if you are in the zone for fat burning, endurance, speed, or sprinting. Even more impressive is the fact that you can listen to music while streaming on this watch. You won’t need an internet connection because you’ll have enough space on board for all of your favorite songs, thanks to the 3 GB of storage they provide.

The Vivoactive three from Garmin

This model is not an exception to the Garmin brand’s reputation for producing high-quality fitness trackers and sports watches, which is why it is so popular. Despite its more cumbersome construction, it is both fashionable and easy to wear. This cycling watch gives you an option between three different looks so that it can be personalized to your preferences. It can keep track of many athletic activities, including cycling, thanks to its extensive collection of sports functions and tracking capabilities. Additionally, it comes equipped with a GPS to record your rides. This model also can take your stress reading and receive notifications, respond to notifications through the watch interface, and receive notifications in the first place!

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Ought I to Invest In A Cycling Watch?

Do you enjoy cycling quite a bit? Suppose you love nothing more than being in shape on two wheels. In that case, a cycling watch can be the perfect accessory for you, regardless of whether you consider yourself an amateur or a professional cyclist. Investing in a device that features built-in GPS will make it easier for you to keep track of your travels. Maintaining an accurate picture of your fitness level can be made easier with the help of a heart rate monitor and other fitness tracking tools. Because there are so many fashionable options to choose from, you should definitely think seriously about making the acquisition.

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