A YouTuber transforms an Apple Watch into a magnificent piece of jewelry by soaking it in liquid gold


Apple’s opulent 18-karat-gold Apple Watch Edition timepieces are no longer available, but you can make your own with a little effort.

With the release of the Series 4 edition late last year, the Cupertino company put an end to the variety. It comes as no surprise. We’re betting there wasn’t a lot of demand for a $10,000+ watch that would be obsolete in a few years.

However, a pure gold Apple Watch is still available. Casey Neistat of YouTube and JerryRigEverything of JerryRigEverything show how to change your existing smartphone by dipping it in $300 worth of 24 carat gold.

The procedure appears to be rather sophisticated, as it entails the use of chemicals to prepare and clean the gadget prior to administering the liquid gold. Nonetheless, you can do it in the comfort of your own home. It’s also a lot less expensive than paying tens of thousands of pounds for an Apple-made version.

The final product is entirely functional and even attractive. The gold covering, if done well, will probably outlast the watch itself.


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