According to a study, the Apple Watch can be used to assess frailty

According to a recent study, the Apple Watch on your wrist may be used to correctly assess functional capacity in patients both in the clinic and at home.

In recent years, a number of medical articles have been published on the Cupertino outfit’s wearables. Stanford University researchers provided the most recent study.

The research

This study, funded by Apple, examines the functional mobility of people with cardiovascular disease. It demonstrates how the Apple Watch can be used as an important medical monitoring tool for people who are frail.

The study involved 110 Veterans Affairs patients who were all scheduled for vascular or cardiac treatment. Each participant was given an iPhone 7 with the VascTrac research software installed and an Apple Watch Series 3 to wear for six months.

On a daily basis, activity data such as steps was passively collected. During clinic visits, supervised 6-minute walk tests (6MWT) were used to assess frailty. This exam is frequently used to assess a patient’s functional mobility. It calculates how far a person can walk on flat ground in 6 minutes. Walking fewer than 300 meters within this time frame is considered frailty.

Participants did the process at home on a weekly basis, in addition to the testing at the clinic. The VascTrac app kept track of this.

The outcome

The Stanford study found that the Apple Watch was nearly as accurate as a supervised test in a clinic when it came to determining frailty. Its sensitivity and specificity for detecting frailty in the home were rated at 83% and 60%, respectively.The statistics are greater in a supervised context, with sensitivity reaching 90% and specificity reaching 85%.

The results show that the Apple Watch is capable of serving this purpose. Furthermore, third-party software, such as VascTracap, is unlikely to be required for similar assessments in the future. The six-minute walk test and other mobility metrics are already included in WatchOS7.

The watch does this for you automatically, and you can see your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly averages. Simply go to the Respiratory page on the Health app to get your score.

According to a study, the Apple Watch can be used to assess frailty.

Such information can also be used by the elderly to assess their functional capacity from the comfort of their own homes. They can just go for a walk and see a doctor if they see any signs of illness.

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