Advantages of activating pop-up notifications in WhatsApp

Practically since its inception, WhatsApp offers a very little used feature that has several advantages unknown to most users. We speak, as you have seen in the title, of the pop-up notifications, that small window that appears when you receive a message, and that allows us to read and respond from any screen.

And, although it may seem an intrusive and annoying feature, sometimes it can be very useful. So, today we want to explain the advantages of activating pop-up notifications in WhatsApp.

Be able to answer from anywhere

While it is true that Android, from Nougat, offers the possibility of responding to messages from the notification itself , this version of the operating system is still very little, and not all WhatsApp users can enjoy it.

Luckily, thanks to pop-up notifications, it is not only possible to respond to messages from any application, and without having to access WhatsApp, but, in addition, the pop-up window itself allows us to add emojis, and even respond directly with an audio note.

Be able to read and answer messages without unlocking the mobile

WhatsApp also gives us the opportunity to activate pop-up notifications when the screen is off. In this way, whenever we receive a message from WhatsApp, even if the terminal is locked, the notification will turn on our screen with a pop-up window.

This not only is useful to not miss any received message , but also allows us to respond to messages without even unlocking the phone.

Our contacts will not know that we have read your messages

In case of having the confirmation of messages - better known as the damn blue double check - active , and receiving a pop-up notification from WhatsApp, the sender of the message will not know that we have read it unless we respond.

In this way, in case of receiving a message and not wanting to answer at that time for some reason, it will be enough to close the pop-up notification, and our contact will not know that we have read it .

How to activate pop-up notifications in WhatsApp

If we have convinced you, and you want to activate this feature included in WhatsApp, it is only necessary to access the application settings, enter the “Notifications” section and then click on “Pop-up notification” . Once inside, it will be possible to activate or deactivate this feature, or choose whether we want to receive pop-up notifications only when the screen is on, or when it is turned off.

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