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AFK Arena Beginners Guide – Tips and tricks to win

Legendary Heroes in AFK Arena

We teach you a few tips and tricks to get the victory in this AFK Arena guide that will make you a very good player.

All games of competitive nature involve a certain effort on the part of the player. You need to spend hours, meet the characters, the rules, assimilate concepts … there is no other practice. However, it can also be great to know some tricks or tips that can make your life easier from the beginning, and that is why we have decided to make this AFK Arena guide.

AFK Arena guide with tips for winning games

The first, obviously, is to know the fundamental rules and practice in the games, that we are going to assume that you have done or are going to do, since no good player can be from the beginning. But let’s start our AFK Arena guide with special emphasis on one of the most important advantages: the one that provides 10% more attack and health points if you play with three heroes of the same faction. This is very important and we encourage you to do so, and if you want to know which is the best faction of the whole game we have also made a guide about it that we encourage you to read.

Another important tip in AFK Arena is that you try to keep the list of friends always complete. The first reason is simple and obvious: you can use your friends’ mercenaries whenever you want, helping you in your game, while the second reason is that you can call your friends directly, as well as many other bonuses. Make friends and take advantage of the advantages it provides.

As for the formation of the teams for the battles, it is very complex and we could stop for a long time, but in this AFK Arena guide we are going to give you a very important advice: that the two heroes that start in the first line of your training are always your two best characters that you have in the life and defense statistics. These heroes will be those who receive more damage, so it is best to place in that position those who have a more defensive category and can tank many shots.

AFK Arena guide with tips for winning games

Remove the heroes you can

Many players do not know that this possibility exists, but if in your list of heroes you find some with a green frame, it means that you can withdraw them forever and get essence and coins that can come in handy. If they are heroes who will no longer serve you, our recommendation in this AFK Arena guide is that you withdraw them and obtain these useful rewards instead.

We hope these tips have been really useful for you. If you want to know which is the best faction of the game for us , you can take a look at our selection, as with the one we did highlighting the best heroes of AFK Arena, in case you have doubts when composing your.

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