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AFK Arena Tier List January 2022: Best AFK Arena Team

AFK Arena Tier List February 2021

Check AFK Arena Tier List for those who want to win AFK Arena Game.

Finally we bring to the web the TIER LIST of the AFK ARENA. Consulting our lists we will be able to know which are the best heroes and the most valued. As you already know, we have the home page of the AFK ARENA COMPLETE GUIDE in case you need more information about other content in the game.

The AFK ARENA TOP TIER lists are divided into three tables. Whether we are starting the game, or if we are already somewhat advanced, we will find a reference guide to know if a hero is worth it or not. The Ranges to know which list to look at according to our progress is as follows:

1 – 160
Almost all Characters are useful
161 – 240/260
Blue characters are no longer useful
from 240/260
Ascended Heroes with Enhanced Special Ability


How to interpret the Heroes score? What do we use to give a value to each character on the list?

The hero’s value scale is based on:

  • The usefulness of your skills
  • Statistics of your role
  • Synergies with other Heroes
  • Depending on whether there are other better Heroes in your position
  • Your furniture skills
  • Mythic special ability is taken into account
  • The value in teams of only one faction is not considered
  • Unique abilities are taken into account

Obviously we have not been able to use each and every one of the AFK ARENA heroes. Therefore, the score of is also based on the TOP TIER lists of other youtubers or web pages. We have made some tweaks based on our own experience .


As the idea of this website is to help our subscribers to know if their character is good or bad. To choose which heroes it is better to promote and which ones are not. We are obliged to support ourselves with external content to complete this list. In this case there are several heroes that are key at the beginning, and that we must try to ascend and level up as soon as possible. An example would be Save as and a tank like Hogan . It will also depend on the luck in the summons and the heroes that we have been able to get.


As a novelty to our website and our YouTube channel, we have incorporated new content, THE MORE TOP GAMES COMMUNITY . A differentiated system from the rest of the similar content that exists on the web. As some of you already know, in several of our videos you can actively participate in order, together, to improve the game. So do not hesitate to leave your opinion in comments since it is always valued by others and by myself. Thanks to your comments, I also continue to improve and interpret the game better.

You can find on our channel the video in which we expand the information, as well as show the operation and use of this post. We also discuss some tips that will help you better interpret the list and the why of the positions.


Depending on your level in the game, you can access the other TOP TIER lists . We also recommend that you look at them to know which heroes will be useful to you in the future and in this way to be able to promote them. It is also important to know that some of the legendary heroes (the ones that can only be promoted to legendary +) will be very useful to us when we start. And the good thing about improving them is that in the mid-late game we can use them to promote other heroes. Soon we will update the content with the top tier late game and the top tier end game.

 Once we enter the Late Game, things already change. We have much more experience and we practically already know which heroes work and which do not. But as in all games, the contribution of other players with experience in those levels of play is a good guide, to take into account, to try to draw some conclusions.

Those of you who watch the videos of the YouTube channel moretopgames regularly, you will already know that there are countless options for good equipment in the game. In addition to the fortune at the time of the summons, the synergies between heroes, as well as a good position in the formation, are the keys to victory.


Possibly in our account we have got multiple copies of the same specific character, whom we have been able to get promoted. Also that there is a better hero in his position but we don’t have him . That does not mean that our champion, for our account, is the best option before taking another with fewer ascents. Or simply that that hero who is not one of the best, is surrounded by other characters with a good synergy .

At the top of AFK Arena Tier List

At the top of the AFK Tier List is the Night Elf, whose racial ability, Shadowmeld, lets her become invisible even while in combat, and her unique ability, Felguard’s Breath, allow her to use Felguard’s Breath, which gives bonuses against enemies in the same zone as the Felguard, or up to the zone boundary. A Felguard’s Breath does not actually allow her to attack enemies outside of the zone, but she can still attack them with her melee. She can also use Felguard’s Touch, which does bonus damage against enemies in the same zone as the Felguard.

Next on the list is the Arathi. She has a unique trait that allows her to become invisible after activating a Felguard’s Breath, and she also has an amazing talent line, allowing her to get a huge amount of attack speed, as well as a lot of movement speed. Her ability, Felguard’s Bite, causes her pets to do bonus damage against enemies in the same zone as the Felguard. The third on the list is the Draenei, whose racial ability, Spiritwalker’s Grace, makes her immune to stuns and roots, as well as giving her a very strong move speed buff. Last on the list is the Dwarf, whose talents let him take down buildings, and gives him a great move speed buff and a great deal of attack speed.

Highest Ranked Player

The highest ranked player in the AFK Tier List is the Worgen, who also have a high level talent tree, and gets a great move speed buff, and a large amount of health. His talents allow him to deal more damage and heal himself. On the bottom of the tier list are the Gnome, who have a very low health, but great attack speed, and damage buff, and move speed buff but can’t do much else.

For the PvP players on the AFK Tier List, we have the Draenei, who get a huge move speed buff, and a bonus health buff, and a talent that give him a large bonus attack speed, as well as a Dodge chance against any enemy ability that uses a root, stun, or slows. Last on the list is the Dwarf, whose attack speed and attack power are both pretty low, but can still perform some incredible damage. Finally, we have the Night Elf, who get two very useful buffs, a small move speed buff, and a great health buff, and also a talent that give her the ability to get a large amount of attack speed, and a nice health buff, and a move to speed buff to her pet.

PvP spec

If you’re looking for a PvP spec, I would highly recommend the Draenei for sure, and the Worgen for the other two. If you’re looking for PvE content, the Night Elf might be a better choice, but it depends on your needs. If you really want to play a solid PvE spec, the Dwarf is probably your best bet.

If you have just started playing the game or if you are an accomplished player, perhaps you want to know what is the general opinion about the classes of the players themselves and also know if there is a tier list defined to indicate which are the best characters. We have prepared this small guide that will help you to know Tier List at this moment.

As in this type of games, the developers try to maintain a balance between all the characters, but there are always some who manage to be more powerful. It is necessary to emphasize that in this case it depends a lot on the own player, of what is his way of playing and his preferences at the time of choosing the best heroes in AFK Arena.

Despite that, we can highlight some characters as real beasts of the game. For example, we like Nemora very much , which has some absolutely ridiculous statistics like a tank but that in turn does not pale too much in defense and has good health. If you can try Nemora, you will not regret it and for us it is one of the best characters in the AFK Arena game.

Great Characters in AFK Arena Tier List

But we can not make a selection with the best heroes in AFK Arena without highlighting Arden, which is an extremely powerful DPS with a special attack that is possibly one of the most effective of the game in full.

Spider Lady is also a very good character, capable of doing damage that can easily slip away from her enemies.

Kaz can not miss, and is one of the few characters of AFK Arena that is able to win a single game or at least lead to victory for the entire team if a good player is able to get the most out of it.

Heroes with a lot of potential

Among the best heroes we must also highlight Brutus, who practically needs no introduction and we know very well what he is capable of if you have faced him (or have tried it, something we recommend you if you are really looking for a character with potential).

But there are also other very good characters to highlight, such as Ira, Ogi, Lyca, Kyre … we insist that we recommend you try at least once to all of them, maybe you will discover your main character in someone you did not expect and you may know how to reach your maximum potential.

AFK Arena Tier List January 2022:-

We show you the Best Heroes in AFK Arena grouped by tiers, and we indicate both their strengths and their weaknesses.

Tier List S +

By Tier S + we understand that they are the most broken heroes of the game, the best of the best.


It is super OP, its main skill is that it transforms into a colony of bats for a few seconds. During this time it is totally immune, it hurts and sucks life.


Another very beastish hero in AFK Arena, with the ability to do massive damage to the game’s strongest. He also has a final ability that makes him invincible for a few seconds.


Another hero savagery, although you do not see its true capacity until you raise it above level 40.


Like almost all the heroes that sucks life, it is at the top. In addition, of course, it does a lot of damage and incapacitates its rivals with spells, very top.


He is the best healer or healing support of the game. And it is in part thanks to the fact that it is not only a healing support. It has a skill that makes the opponent attack his own troops, and that combination is very top.

Tier List – S

By Tier S we understand that they are very complete heroes, perfect for any situation, but they do not win alone.


It does a lot of damage, but to a single objective, it has healing and also stuns the rivals, very complete.


The ability to put rivals to sleep for five seconds to take damage afterwards is very crack. But it also has the exile ability, with which you can completely cancel the opponent you choose, and if you do it against the strongest …


One of the best supports of the game thanks to its shields and healing. But it also has area damage and it’s very fast to level up.


Powerful area damage and good critics, in addition to the ideal reinforcement for the team’s strongest character.


With more life would be S + without a doubt, since it has a lot of area damage, nullifies the advantages of the rivals and slows them down. If you raise your life goes to the top directly.


It causes a lot of damage, although with the passage of time. And the reason he is not taller is because his final ability requires that a partner has died.

Tier List – A

By Tier A we understand that they are heroes that can be useful, but in very concrete situations.


Good combination, it generates energy for its companions, it has healing, and it improves a lot in the late game.


It has good damage, it is fast and it has area damage, of course it is not to be ruled out even if it is not of those that burst.


Much damage to a single target, it goes well against magicians especially.


A tank that has good damage, but when it is resurrected, even more.


Much damage to a single target, and dodges well, so it is not easy to kill.


Good tank that attacks the weakest rival, sucks life and has healing. Although maybe it stays a little short in damage.

Tier List – B

By Tier B we understand that they are heroes whose value in the game is very doubtful, except that for some reason only you know how to take advantage of them.


It is only useful when you use your skill, the truth is that it is clearly the most pointed of the heroes of the game.

❗Not an official AFK Arena Tier List 2019

These are hero level lists for early, middle and late game.

📜 List of early game levels (1-60 )


  • Atalia was moved from S to D rank.
  • Ezij has been added to S rank.
  • Sylvina was moved from A to B rank.
  • Skreg has been moved from C to D rank.

 The list of average levels of the game (61-160 )


  • Tazi has been moved from S to S + rank.
  • Ezij has been added to S rank.
  • Arden was moved from S- to S rank.
  • Atalia was moved from S to S- rank.

afk best heroes tier list The list of later levels of the game (160-240 + )


  • Ezizh was added to the S rank.

Updated: 08/01/2019 – Updated lists for early, middle and late games. 

December 2021 level list – The best heroes in AFK Arena game!

List of levels: The best best heroes of the game to focus from the beginning to the end. Let’s take a look at our list of AFK Arena levels.

The campaign mode gets worse as you go along and if you haven’t activated the heroes for those difficult high-level stages, you couldn’t pass it. AFK Arena has many heroes with different roles, such as DPS, tanks, healers, buffers and more. You will have to spend thousands of resources such as gold, EXP, essence, etc. to increase the power of heroes. And, of course, you’ll never want to waste these resources on useless heroes. In today’s post, we will help you discover the best heroes and we recommend that you focus on them from beginning to end. Let’s not waste time and go to the Level List.

List of levels: –

Let’s learn about the roles in AFK Arena Tier List first if you don’t want to get confused by reading those short forms in the list of levels below:

DPS – These characters cause a lot of damage to their enemies in battle with their amazing basic statistics, as well as their enormous DPS skills.
Tank – These characters have the ability to absorb a lot of damage. No matter how good an enemy attack is, your shield always protects them. Of course, frontline characters who protect their allies, attack / heal / support from the back line.
Healer Restores the health / HP of allies in combat.
Crowd control – Playing with enemy skills; Banishing, stealing his power, stunning, silencing, etc.
Buffers – Grant benefit (effect + see on allies) / Debuff (negative effect on enemies)When creating a team, you should consider their statistics / roles. In the front line, you must add tank-type characters that can protect allies or protect allies by absorbing damage. His defense statistics are pretty good. And, on the back line, you have to add the DPS units to attack from behind the shield-type characters and the healers / supporters to heal the frontline characters.

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Now, let’s move to the level list!

Best Characters – S + list: –

Lucius – Tank / Support, Maximum Level – 240
Shemira – DPS, maximum level – 240
Nemora – Healer, maximum level – 240
Brutus – Tank, Maximum Level – 240

⇒ Lucio

Lucius, one of the best heroes of the game. This top-level tank hero has incredible abilities, such as protecting allies with a divine shield, healing the ally who has little HP, increasing self-defense and more. In addition, his divine strike ability deals AoE damage.

-Lightbringer Hero. Recommended: early game, medium game, late game.

⇒ Shemira

Maximum level: 240. Shemira is another great cause of damage in the game; Probably the best. Unleashing their tortured abilities, you can take down the entire enemy team in no time. It is one of their best abilities that hits all enemies and inflicts massive damage, which knocks them to their knees. His silence skills banish the magician’s abilities for a few seconds.

-Graveborn hero. Recommended – Early / Medium / Late.

⇒ Saveas

Saveas is the most popular hero in AFK Arena game. It is the kind of agility unit that is difficult to hit and inflicts massive damage to opponents. To get the best of it, you must put it in the back row (behind a tank). Skills: sacrifice HP and gain attack speed, sacrifice HP to heal over time.

-Maulers Hero. Recommended – Play early, mid game.

⇒ Brutus

At the time of writing this post, Brutus is the best hero in the game. It deals massive physical damage to enemies and almost no one can handle it for a long time. Along with the powerful damage abilities, Brutus’ personal shield makes him stay longer in the front line. To get the most out of Brutus, you must put it on the front line.

-Maulers Hero. Recommended: early game, medium game, late game.

S Level List Rank:

Nemora – Tasi Healer

Athalia Healer –
Lyca Damage Distributor – DPS

⇒ Nemora

Nemora is one of the best healers in AFK Arena. She has the ability to heal all allies in combat with her powerful abilities. She also has the Beguile ability, by which she can launch the enemy’s attack on themselves. Keep in mind that she doesn’t have good harm skills.

-Wilders heroes. Recommended: early game, medium game, late game.

⇒ Tasi

Maximum level: 240. Tasi is another healer with crowd control skills as a bonus. She has the ability to banish enemies for a few seconds, she can also put all enemies to sleep. His dream spirit ability invokes a magical fairy that heals allies and attacks enemies.

-Wilders heroes. Recommended – Early / medium / late game.

⇒ Athalia

Maximum level: 240. With amazing statistics and damage abilities, Athalia can totally destroy the enemy’s team. She can reduce the damage taken with her protective ability, stun the enemy after inflicting massive damage, and the best is the ability to judge; release this ability to aim at the character directly opposite it and then inflict massive damage; After that, the enemies suffered cannot regenerate energy for a while.

– Celestial order. Recommended – Early / Medium / Late.

⇒ Lyca

Maximum level: 240. Due to the best agility statistics, she is able to dodge enemy attacks, which makes her survival rate quite good. Also, at the beginning of the battle, Lyca blesses the allies with a boost of attack speed. In addition, your DPS ability, the arrow of justice, can push back targets.

-Wilders heroes. Recommended – Earl / Mid / Late game.

A-Rank List: –

Vedan – DPS
Hogan –
Belinda Tank – Buffer –
Silvina Damage
Dealer – Khasos Damage Dealer –
Thoran DPS –
Fawkes Tank – CC / Back Damage Dealer – Grehzul
– Tank

⇒ Vedan

Maximum level – 160. You can use it as a tank too. It’s pretty good both in the initial game and in the middle. It can polish the leech attributes of an ally, heal itself and cause massive damage to enemies. In addition, a good survival rate in battle.

-Graveborn hero. Recommended – Early-game, Mid-game.

⇒ Hogan Vs Thoran Vs Grehzul

Hogan – Maximum Level – 160.
Thoran – Maximum Level – 240
Grehzul – Maximum Level – 240

In the initial game of AFK Arena, Hogan can help you a lot, but in the late game, Thoran or Grehzul would be useful. Hogan has some good CC skills like stun, knockback and more. His defensive statistics are also quite good. It is a fairly good unit for early play. Thoran: Thoran has an ability to resurrect, which gives him one more life during battle. While Grehzul has some really great tank-type abilities, such as shield, magic damage reduction, theft of enemy defense, etc. We recommend investing in Grehzul if you have Thoran and Grehzul.

⇒ Fawkes

Maximum level: 240. Fawkes is a late game unit in AFK Arena with a variety of good skills. One of his best abilities is purification, which eliminates the benefits of enemies. It also has a skill similar to Tasi’s banishment ability: confines, using it can block an enemy. It is also able to reduce the enemy’s speed for a few seconds.

⇒ Khasos

Maximum level – 240. Maulers Hero. Pros: AoE, quite a lot of damage, increases the leech attributes of the allies. Cons: It is more like a support unit, its maximum ability is quite weak. Recommended – Early / medium / late game.

⇒ Sterile

Maximum level – 240. Hero of the light bears. Pros: grant benefits to allies; Increase attack rate, reduce damage, recover energy. Cons – Low survival. Recommended – Early / medium / late game.

⇒ Silvinia

Maximum level – 160. Pros – Serious hero. Pros: attacks a wizard or unit from the beginning that has the lowest defense rating; It does massive damage. His Abyssal Shield ability generates a shield that reduces up to 200% of damage. Cons – Not good against multiple wizard-type units.


To see the full heroes AFK Arena Tier List, go to the heroes -> portrait. Touch the hero and you can see his statistics, as well as read his abilities. You can even try them.

So these are the best characters in the top-level. (S +> S> A). We will update this list of levels with more detailed information and soon we will add more character details. If you have any suggestions, comment below!

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  1. First, we have a F2P level. Honestly, a respectable and extremely vital position, while not contributing financially to the game, that the rest of us feel that we have bigger penises, which encourages us to continue spending to ruthlessly squash.

    The following is the level of plankton. You have spent the absolute minimum to receive your Estrilda for free. They are more likely to complain about the state of the game because I SUPPORT THE COMPANY FINANCIALLY, but they do not listen to it. Honestly, you deserve a direct line with the CEO and you must make personal decisions about the fate of the game…

    So we have the level of salmon. You bought the early rewards and got a luxury monthly subscription (who gets a regular monthly subscription, what are you, poor?) A few days of gambling. When you get a fat / unexpected check, you can give him a set of $ 30 gifts. Probably the most common level after F2P and can even have an alt F2P to pass the time because he gets stuck in levels slightly more often than what you prefer? While you complain about the game from time to time, you really like the game and just want to see it improve so you can still play it within 2 years.

    Now, to my level, the glorious level of the dolphin. We started sneezing a bit on dolphin level. We have all the things that the level of salmon did but also got the package of Brutus and the first day because we wanted to have VIP enough not to have to deal with dirty 1x speed, did not play in slow motion f**king until f**king chapter 4 In the first week we realized that this is a game we’re hosted with and we quickly reached the VIP level for “this efficiency” in AFK rewards, but then we slowed down for a while, we just made a set of gifts from time to time but still increasing for events). Old gaming decisions are extremely poor because of our “resources to knowledge about the proportion of game” extremely unbalanced and severely regret the decisions made subsequently (buying equipment with diamonds, improving each equipment, starting with the blue instead of investing ) purple powder, etc). Dolphins are more likely to claim “omg 2700 diamonds for 3 wtf blues”.

    After the dolphin level is the Orca level. Do you remember the horrors of 9.20? The Orca layer does not do that. Do not “get stuck” They play the game, fail a level one time, level up the champions, play until they lose again and then buy a game of presents. These people also have the same terrible resources for knowledge of the game, but you do not have to be a professional driver to defeat Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France. Complaints are still present on dropout rates because your fingers hurt from clicking open everything and not getting enough elites. That being said, the complaints are much less than the rest of the above-mentioned levels. On most servers, dolphins are the ones who give you 50 to 50 free diamonds a day, so be sure to respect them for the legends they are. That’s unless you’re in the Dolphin category and are constantly taking your F ** KING ELO IN THE SAND WITH YOUR ASSISTED SHEMIRA AT THE LOWER SERVER TO AF ** KING OLD MONTH: -11 -12 – 10 -9 -13 – 9001 ffs

    And finally … The level of the whale. Not much is known about these mythical creatures. Some lucky ones were blessed with a whale on their server and get some rolls totally free of them, finishing chapters/stories that no F2P could finish 2035. These titans are the 3 teams of 5 stars, full bet, only to lose 3 TIMES IN A LINE WITH A 95% AGREEMENT RATE because they are comparing people with mythical champions and we assume they will not crap in bed. In all seriousness, whales are our gods and saviors. His mere presence forces him to remain constantly at the top of his game, with upgrades / new champions, great servers and events. If the AFK Arena loses the ball for a few months … there is always another mobile game that they can go: P2wi … TOSA *** Pay a small advantage while supporting the developers.

    In what category do you fit in and is the description of each required? Anything else I should add to any of the levels?

  2. Tips for a salmon: Make sure you do not spend anything until the new “Feast of the Beasts” event, because you’ll be much better off with your money (even the $ 1 package if you get it every day would be very beneficial).

  3. F2P is a very zen level. I know I’ll never hit the whales, but I do not really care. I’m here for PvE, especially, and PvP serves to give me powder and purple gems to be able to buy more heroes for PvE.

    It also requires more patience and a greater awareness of your list, but in my opinion this only increases interest.

  4. Another F2P here, I like its zen aspect. It makes no sense to be frustrated by not being able to reach the top 100 in the arena when I’m not spending money on the game, I’m only here because of dust and gold

    Bless our dolphins and whales.

  5. Wow, thank you table

    I’ll go fix the teams !!!

  6. Good day. Can you somehow edit the order in the table? The fact is that you are sorting in the English alphabet.
    And it turns out that if I want to look at the top ones, they first show me S +, S, and then, in order of the worst, F, E, D and so on A. But it’s more logical if A, B, C go after the structure .

    And vice versa, I want to start viewing with the worst, and he shoves me up S and S +. Maybe in front of S insert some unity, like 1S, 1S +, so that they go to the top of the list, where is their place

  7. Unfortunately, no … the sorting functionality is wired inside …

  8. I would like to see new heroes in the table

  9. Hello; I’ll say that you have a very weak rating. I will say this … firstly, all the heroes are unique in their own way, there is no weak hero who should not be used. If a hero is created, then he must be used. Generally disagree with Taitus. Tideus-continuous damage; tank, super for stages, labs, and for the arena. The killer of all forest and even those that have advantages over him (people). You just need to upgrade the hero, maybe he is not s +, but it’s much better for S, Imba with a combination of Lucius and Hendrick, but … a lone fighter, he can immediately fill up the team with his ult. Enemies for a while do not move, bleed, weaken, etc. and in the meantime, his attack rises. He is a very good ranger, with his help he went from the 1st to the 10th chapter (I am on it), I use him in the main team and never take off. He has very strong and fast damage.

  10. Baden, Scrag, Toran, Taydus and I’m sure that there are still heroes, I just didn’t notice, they don’t correspond to the given estimates. So, for example, Baden’s estimates are very high, without a normal pack collected just for him, Baden does not represent anything, only it’s not bad on the boss. As for Toran and Scrag, after apa they became excellent tanks.

  11. Please add new heroes !! you are welcome!!!

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