AirPop Active+ is a mask that tracks your respiratory health

AirPop Active+ is the most intelligent mask available. It adds respiratory tracking to the standard features, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of your health.

In the last year or so, we’ve been accustomed to seeing people wearing masks. We’re wearing them right now. They have the ability to defend us and others from harmful pathogens. That’s a good enough reason to put them on, but what if they could do even more? They can, because it’s 2021.

Take a deep breath and enter AirPop Active+.

This is a brand-new mask that includes AirPop’s Halo sensor. It’s billed as the world’s first smart Air Wearable by the company behind it. Its key selling point is that it records breathing-related health information.

The mask, of course, lacks a display. That would be taking things too far. Instead, the mask is controlled by a smartphone app. The software’s AI combines data on internal respiration with information on outside air quality and location. Additionally, the app will notify you when it’s time to alter the filter.

A tiny coin cell battery powers the Halo sensor, which needs to be replaced every six months. It’s visible in the image below, and it’s outside the mask. Inside the mask, the filter fits tightly.

The mask will spit out even more info if Active Mode is enabled. This covers breathing cycles as well as information like breaths per minute, tempo breaths, and more.

Plus, it’s attractive! If that can be said about any mask,

The filters inside the mask block more than 99 percent of PM0.3 particles, including dust, allergies, particulate matter, and microbiological particles, so you can breathe easy. According to AirPop, the mask comes with four filters. Each has a unique code that must be entered into the associated smartphone app.

AirPop Active+ is a mask that tracks your respiratory health.

We are currently compelled to wear masks. Let’s hope this doesn’t go on for too long. Meanwhile, you might as well take use of these unusual circumstances to get more health information about yourself.

The mask will be available on later this month in the United States and Canada, with other shops following in Q1. The bad news is that AirPop Active+ will set you back $149.99 (with four filters).

The price of additional filters has yet to be determined by the corporation. But, ideally, you won’t need them, and the COVID-19 pandemic will soon be a thing of the past! The mask will be demonstrated at CES 2021 next week.

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