AliExpress Payment Methods: Which One Is Safer?

Unknown until not long ago, today AliExpress is one of the most visited marketplaces and Amazon’s main competition. This Chinese e-commerce has made its way as a place of purchase for many people, something that is not only due to competitive prices for some products, but also because of the security it offers when making purchases on it. In this article we will see the payment methods on AliExpress and which of them is the safest.

The different payment methods of AliExpress

If you are new to buying in the Chinese Marketplace and you are wondering what payment methods AliExpress accepts , you should know that you will have several options from which to choose the one with which you feel most secure.

Some payment methods are available to all sellers who use the platform to sell their products, but there are a few payment methods on AliExpress that are only supported by certain sellers.

Below we will see in detail the different payment methods supported by AliExpress.


In principle, AliPay is the payment management system that AliExpress uses and it is most likely that if you have ever bought there and paid with a credit or debit card, you have used this system.

However, AliPay currently has other functions and services, with the aim of promoting its use among platform users. Apart from improving security with an escrow system (we will talk about it later), it also keeps a record of all our transactions in the store, allowing us to make claims about those that we do not recognize and manage returns.

In order to use it, it is necessary to link a credit or debit card, which we will use for purchases and to top up the wallet if we prefer to enable it as a payment method.

AliPay is a very secure payment method, it does not involve leaving the page to make the payment and once the card that we want to use to pay for our purchases is linked, we will not have to enter the data again. In addition, we can participate in special AliExpress promotions and save money or get bonuses.

Aliexpress Pocket

More than a payment method, AliExpress Pocket is AliExpress gift cards, which we can acquire to top up our balance. When we go to pay for a product, if we choose to pay with the gift card, the amount will be subtracted from it.

It works in a similar way to gift cards or Amazon balance top-ups, except that the money available is in dollars, so you must take into account how the exchange is with the euro when you go to buy them.

Adding this payment method in AliExpress will help us to have greater control over our expenses and it will not be necessary for us to link any credit card to acquire them.

Credit, debit or virtual card

For your convenience, using a credit, debit or virtual card to pay for our purchases on AliExpress is undoubtedly the most widely used payment method.

Accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express cards, as well as virtual and prepaid cards. It is a simple and secure payment method, since it is integrated into the escrow system and, as we have seen, we can link them to AliPay.

It is also the simplest form of payment, since it only requires entering the credit card data and the security code, in addition, if you link the card to your user account, you will not have to re-enter these data, making the purchase process is more agile.


In order to change your payment method on AliExpress and use PayPal, you must first check that the seller supports this payment method, because it is not available in all of them.

The good thing about using PayPal on AliExpress is that we do not need to enter our credit card, we do not even need a credit card, since in PayPal we can associate a bank account to make payments. In cases of dispute and return of money, this will appear as an available balance in our PayPal account, being able to transfer it to our bank account.

PayPal is a secure payment method , which works like a money transfer, without our bank details reaching the seller. However, you must bear in mind that a commission is applied when selecting it as a payment method (that is, the purchase will have a small extra cost).

Wire transfer

Bank transfer is also one of the options available to make a payment on AliExpress, as long as the amount exceeds 20 dollars, however, it is not a highly recommended method.

First, because you can only make the payment in dollars. Second, it is an international transfer and your bank will charge you fees for it (the amount varies depending on the bank). And third, if you want your money to be protected, the transfer must be made to AliExpress and not to the buyer (so you must pay attention when you make the payment).

Western Union

Western Union can also be used as one of the payment methods on AliExpress, but, as with bank transfer, it is not recommended to use it.

Again, it can only be used for purchases over $20. But in addition, it is a slow payment method, since we will have to go to a Western Union office to process it; there we will have to fill out a form and wait 3 days for payment verification.

To this we must add that since it is a money transfer from an individual to a company, a commission will be applied that will be between 5 and 18 dollars, depending on the amount of the purchase.

And if we have to make a return, the process is just as slow; AliExpress will send us a code to be able to request the money through Western Union, having to pay a new commission.


Neteller offers two types of international credit cards, one prepaid and one virtual reloadable, and we can use them as a payment method on AliExpress.

As a payment method, it is quite safe, especially the prepaid card, which cannot be used when there is no balance and with which it is also easier to control spending. However, you must bear in mind that to acquire either of the two card types, you will have to create a Neteller account and link a credit or debit card to fund them.


Payoneer is also an international credit card that does not depend on banks. And although we can use it to pay on AliExpress, you must bear in mind that it was conceived as a way to receive money for self-employment or freelance work, so it cannot be recharged and to have a balance on it, it depends on you charging there for your work. .


Similar to paying on AliExpress with PayPal , we have the Webmoney payment platform. But unlike PayPal, where it is not necessary for us to have an available balance, here we must have it.

So in order to pay with Webmoney, we must first top up the balance via bank transfer and, although having an account is free, transfers charge a small commission.

With regard to payments on AliExpress, it is quite safe and allows you to control spending, however, we will have that extra cost every time we top up the balance there.

Is paying on Aliexpress safe?

As you can see in AliExpress we have a wide variety of payment methods available, being able to choose between those that we like the most or that we consider safer. This wide choice when it comes to paying works in favor of the security of the platform, both for customers and sellers.

Also, you can add and remove a payment method on AliExpress quite easily, so if a seller doesn’t support it, you can easily switch to another one that does.

How does AliExpress protect its buyers and sellers?

We have mentioned it several times in the previous points; One of the ways that AliExpress protects both buyers and sellers is by using an escrow system, which we will find as AliExpress Buyer Protection.

Through this system, what is done is to withhold the buyer’s payment until he receives the shipment and confirms that it has arrived safely and corresponds to what was purchased. Once the confirmation is received, the payment is released and reaches the seller.

In case there is a problem and the buyer does not approve or the shipment does not arrive, the payment is returned to the buyer.

In addition, AliExpress has SSL certificates , so our data is encrypted on the web. And it also has encryption systems for card payments.

The safest payment method on AliExpress

Although choosing one payment method or another depends a lot on the experience of each user, we chose AliPay as the safest payment method to use on AliExpress.

AliPay because it is the platform’s own payment management system and because it protects transactions through escrow, making it relatively easy to manage returns and claims from it.

Are there other payment methods on AliExpress apart from the ones we have already mentioned?

Yes, AliExpress supports other payment methods apart from those that we have analyzed in this article, some of them available only in certain countries and in general, less known, such as DOKU, Ticket, Ideal, Boleto, TEF, Mercado Pago, etc.

You will be able to see all the available payment methods that the seller supports when you are processing your purchase, clicking on “Show all payment methods” during the step to choose it.

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