Fitbit Luxe User Opinions, Features and Reviews

Fitbit Luxe User Opinions, Features and Reviews

You are not going to want to pass on this opportunity if you are a fan of Fitbit. The Fitbit Luxe has finally been released, and it is a sophisticated wearable device that doesn’t break the bank.

Images that surfaced online last week indicate the newest Fitbit product has a design comparable to the Inspire line. The announcement that the Fitbit Luxe would be available for pre-order beginning on the 19th of April 2021 has now been made official by Fitbit.

Here is all we know so far about the Fitbit, in case you are considering purchasing one for the first time or updating an older model.

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Fitbit Luxe Design

As was said earlier, the design is comparable to that of the Inspire, which was introduced in 2020; however, the display on this model is noticeably thinner. The transition from polymer to stainless steel gives the Fitbit Luxe the appearance and feel of a high-end product. The display on this device is exceptionally lucid and bright as a result of the utilization of a full-color AMOLED screen. In addition, the brightness of the display can be automatically adjusted based on the surrounding conditions. Because of its compact size (36.30mm in length, 17.62mm in width, and 10.05mm in height), the tracker can be worn all day and night without causing discomfort.

The Fitbit trackers have often adopted a design that is at least somewhat utilitarian, but the Fitbit Luxe departs significantly from this approach. Adding a one-of-a-kind link bracelet in light gold color from the jeweler Gorjana’s special edition collection. These constitute the standard editions:

  • Lunar White / Soft Gold Stainless Steel
  • Black / Graphite Stainless Steel
  • Orchid / Platinum Stainless Steel

Other band possibilities include woven fabric bands for approximately $34.95, leather bands for around $49.95, stainless steel mesh bands for approximately $79.95 stainless steel link bracelets (also from Gorjana) for approximately $99.95.

Other band options include:

  • woven fabric bands – approx $34.95
  • leather bands – approx $49.95
  • stainless steel mesh bands – approx $79.95
  • stainless steel link bracelets (also from Gorjana) – approx $99.95

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Features Relating to Health and Fitness on the Fitbit Luxe

As is customary with Fitbit products, these devices shine in the realm of fitness tracking. With Fitbit SmartTrack, the Fitbit Luxe comes preloaded with over 20 different workouts. Therefore, in the event that you fail to schedule the beginning of your training manually, Luxe will take care of this for you. Because it is water-resistant up to 50 meters, the Fitbit Luxe allows you to go directly from the gym to the pool without worrying about damaging it. The Luxe is not the best option for you if swimming data is important because the only data that is tracked is the total amount of time you have spent swimming. Other fundamental aspects of fitness that can be tracked are steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. The Fitbit Luxe is capable of monitoring your heart rate at all times. | However, new sensors, such as those that detect blood oxygen saturation and skin temperature, have been developed. The Fitbit app also allows women to keep a log of their menstrual cycle, document symptoms, and monitor ovulation.

Sleep and Fitness Functions Built Into the Fitbit Luxe

The monitoring of one’s rest and general well-being are increasingly becoming standard functions in a growing number of wearable electronic gadgets. The Fitbit Luxe is not an exception to this rule. First things first, let’s talk about how to deal with stress. The Fitbit Luxe can monitor the bodily manifestations of stress and provide a stress score ranging from 0 to 100. After that, you can utilize the options to help you relax, such as guided breathing and mindful minutes, so your score can be returned to an appropriate level.

In a similar manner, the tracking of your sleep will provide you with a score determined by the biological data that was captured. In addition, it gives you an understanding of the stages of your sleep by calculating how much light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep you get. A nightly heart rate variability sensor and a breathing rate sensor are among the devices that helped in the collection of this sleep data (HRV). You will then be able to use the in-app Health Metrics dashboard to determine whether or not your body is showing potential stress, disease, or burnout indicators.

Regrettably, the Luxe does not come with any intelligent features. There are a few examples, such as receiving phone calls, texts, and notifications on your smartphone.

Timer and stopwatch with a silent alarm, sleep mode, and a “do not disturb” feature provided by Google Fast Pair.

On the other hand, if having access to smart features is just as vital to you as being active, you should look elsewhere for a fitness tracker.

The Fitbit Luxe in its Own Words

Because there is no built-in GPS, many users will be dissatisfied to learn that they will need to bring their smartphone with them wherever they go for a run or go to the gym. In addition to having connectivity via Bluetooth® LE, it is compatible with Android OS versions 8.0 and higher and Apple iOS versions 13.3 and higher.

It is anticipated that the battery will last for around 5 days (depending on usage), and it will take roughly 2 hours to fully charge the battery (from being completely depleted to 100 percent). Memory-wise, the Fitbit Luxe can keep minute-by-minute motion data for seven days and daily totals for the preceding thirty days. Additionally, the Fitbit Luxe can store daily totals for seven days.

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When It Will Be Available and Its Cost

In case you missed it, we just wanted to remind you that you can now place a pre-order for the Fitbit Luxe. The special edition is priced at $199.95, while the standard edition may be purchased for $149.95.


The Fitbit Luxe will be your best friend if you seek an affordable fitness tracker that will appear more like a fashion accessory on your wrist. If this is what you are looking for, then the Fitbit Luxe is going to be just what you need. However, if you are a serious fitness fanatic who requires high levels of data or if you want a fitness tracker that contains smart capabilities as well, then you may want to investigate some of the other options that are available from Fitbit or alternatives such as the following:

Apple Watches offer the optimal combination of intelligent and fitness-tracking functions. How does Apple stack up against Fitbit?

Garmin Watches are a dream come true for fitness enthusiasts. Here, we will compare Fitbit with Garmin.

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