All We Know and Expect Out Of The Apple Watch 8

All We Know and Expect Out Of The Apple Watch 8

After the Apple Watch Series 7 caused some users to be dissatisfied due to its lack of stat updates (blood pressure), the Apple Watch Series 8 is being eagerly awaited. Even though the Series 7 has begun to ship out more quickly, customers are still curious about what to anticipate from the upcoming Apple Watch 8.

Let’s talk about the features we’ve been hoping for but won’t receive with the new Apple Watch Series 7.

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Watch OS9

It is anticipated that watchOS 9 will be unveiled on June 6 during the keynote presentation for WWDC 2022.

One of the questions that receive the most attention each year is concerned with the possibility of Apple maintaining support for older versions of its Apple Watch product line. Apple maintained watchOS 7’s compatibility with all of the devices it had previously supported even after the release of the WatchOS 8 for iOS the year before.

Recent rumors suggest that the Apple Watch Series 3 will no longer be eligible for software updates following the launch of watchOS 9 later this year. Apple has decided to keep it in business for another year due to its low prices and the fact that it is compatible with Apple Fitness+. watchOS 9 should be compatible with the Series 3 and subsequent models of the Apple Watch.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg suggests that a few tidbits about watchOS 9 may be extrapolated from news about the impending Apple Watch Series 8. According to the information that was provided in the Power On email, the open operating system for the Apple Watch would include the following features:

  • The “burden” of atrial fibrillation is the frequency with which a person experiences atrial fibrillation over a specified amount of time.
  • A mode consumes less power than applications and features can use.
  • Satellite connectivity allows users to send quick text messages and SOS notifications to emergency services even when cellular coverage is unavailable.
  • Workouts, a mechanism for monitoring sleep, and a section in which women can record their medications are among the brand-new additions to the Health app.
  • Brand-new and significantly upgraded watch faces

Bloomberg reports that Apple plans to significantly enhance the low power state function in their upcoming products. According to the company, additional improvements to the watch faces are currently in the development stage.

Size and Design

The watch’s appearance and its overall dimensions are two of the most common areas of concern voiced by users. A big watch isn’t something that everyone covets. However, some people believe that it is just impossible to notice the minuscule interface that is located on their wrist. Because of this, we can differentiate between what we will receive with the Series 7 and what we anticipate receiving with the Series 8.


The designs of Apple Watches have remained largely unchanged for a considerable length of time. On the other hand, the display of the Series 7 is significantly more than twenty percent larger than that of its predecessor. You could be thinking that if they just updated the screen display, then there’s no reason for them to develop another one so rapidly.

As a result of the fact that customers demand options, it has become public knowledge that the subsequent series will offer three distinct sizes to select from. Even with the rise from its earlier models, we are crossing our fingers that one of these sizes will be larger than the two sizes that are now available for the Series 7 (40mm and 44mm).

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The displays on the 7 are significantly more rounded at the edges and are significantly thinner than on the 6. They continue to use the combination of square and circle.

According to a rumor that has made its way into the public domain, the design of the Series 8 may include flat edges. This indicates that the watch’s corners can have a rounded shape, while the sides of the watch will have a sharp and clean appearance.

It is currently unknown how the Apple Watch Series 8 will be designed; however, it is possible that it will appear to be comparable to the Series 7 devices. This is because Apple has recently increased the display size, and the company typically sticks with a display size for a few years before making a significant change.

Ross Young, an expert in displays at IHS Technology, believes that Apple should give a third size option in addition to the 41mm and 45mm sizes. Young believes that this would be beneficial to customers.

Despite multiple reports before the product’s launch, the Apple Watch Series 7 did not end up featuring the flat sides of the iPhone 13 or the iPad Pro in its final design.

Rugged version?

According to sources cited by Bloomberg, Apple is working on developing an Apple Watch “with a rugged cover” specifically for athletes, hikers, and other individuals who use the watch in settings that are more strenuous than their typical day-to-day activities.

In addition to increased resistance to impact and protection, it will come equipped with the same capabilities as a standard Apple Watch. Apple is planning to debut the rugged version of the Apple Watch in the year 2022.

Exciting and Interesting Details

The health care sector has consistently been one of the more lucrative ones. Having said that, more people are doing it now than ever before to compare their health statistics with those of firms like WHOOP and Oura Ring.

These businesses offer a variety of measurements, including respiration rates and skin temperature. It is unknown whether or not all of these sensors will be incorporated in the subsequent model of the Apple Watch, even though some of them are already accessible for the Apple Watch Series 8 model.

Apple has also been steadily incorporating these capabilities into its product line over the past few years. However, even with the new update coming out this fall, certain essential statistics are still lacking.

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What It Is That We Hope to See from the 8

  • The temperature of the Skin: These days, more than ever, individuals are interested in finding out what their internal body temperatures are. When we enter establishments like stores, restaurants, or the doctor’s office, they are often removed from us. Not only is it handy to do this if you have a thermometer on your wrist, but it also adds an extra layer of protection.
  • Diabetes Tracker: Having the ability to monitor your blood glucose level through the use of an Apple watch would be a huge step forward for anyone who has been diagnosed with diabetes. It has been speculated for a considerable amount of time that Apple is attempting to implement this feature.
  • Blood Pressure: One of the most disappointing aspects of the Apple Series 7 watch was the disillusionment caused by the expectation that it would include a sensor for measuring blood pressure. It is speculated that this will be one of the more likely features included in the Series 8 release. In point of fact, we’ll have more to say about this in a little while.
  • Upgraded Sleep Tracking The Apple Watch Series 7 does not, at this time, inform you of the stage of sleep you are currently in or when you entered that stage. This still lags behind other wearables even though statistics regarding one’s quality of sleep are among the many more relevant ones within the health and fitness business.
  • Detection of Sleep Apnea Apple plans to use the blood oxygen sensor already built into the Watch to detect sleep apnea. However, due to their negative impact on battery life, frequent readings should be avoided wherever possible.
  • Extended battery life: Will the iPhone 8 be the one that can stay charged for several days at a time? Compared to rival smartwatches, Apple’s requirement that Apple Watch owners charge their devices daily is widely regarded as a significant drawback associated with the product.
  • Users can send and receive emergency SMS and SOS warnings directly on their wrists if the Apple Watch 8 is equipped with satellite connectivity in the future, as long as Apple gets its way. The iPhone 14 will come equipped with satellite communication; at some point in the future, this feature will also be added to the Apple Watch.

Price Model

For the most part, Apple watches have adhered to a consistent pricing plan, with the company’s newest watches beginning at $399. Even while we strongly suspect that the Apple Watch Series 8 will follow this approach, there is no assurance that the price won’t increase if some significant new capabilities are included.

Since older versions, such as the Apple Watch Series 3, are still available to purchase, this may indicate that the generation that will come after it will also be put up for sale. Additionally, the Apple Watch SE may be purchased right now.

Speculations Regarding Functionality

In addition to the features described above, we should mention that the Apple Watch Series 7 is equipped with a keyboard and charges 33 percent more quickly than its predecessor, the Apple Watch Series 6. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some elements of the Series 8’s functioning that could use some tweaking.

One of these is, without a doubt, the Touch ID feature. Except for the Apple Watch, the Touch ID feature is built into almost all of Apple’s product lines. This would be one of the most useful functionality aspects that they could provide in the following line. More will be spoken about this at a later time.

The battery life of 18 hours is another feature that has carried over from the Series 6 to the Series 7 without being updated. Even while it is possible to charge at a faster rate, this does not negate the requirement to do so more frequently. The increased battery life that is rumored to come with the Apple Watch Series 8 is both an anticipated and much-desired feature.

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Enhanced protective capacities and measures

Apple is working on developing a crash detection capability for the iPhone and Apple Watch, and it is anticipated that this will be available in 2022. Using sensors such as the accelerometer, it will be able to detect an increase in the gravitational pull that happens when an automotive collision takes place.

In the event of a vehicular collision, either the iPhone or the Apple Watch would immediately contact emergency services to request assistance. Because this function is not expected to be released until 2022, it is possible that it will be included in the iPhone 14 models and the Apple Watch Series 8; however, it is highly unlikely that it will be exclusive to those products.

This will operate as an addition to the fall detection capability already included in the Apple Watch and iPhone devices.

Blood pressure

Rockley Photonics is developing digital sensor technology for wearable devices to monitor biomarkers such as body temperature, blood pressure, hydration, and alcohol consumption, as well as lactate and glucose concentrations and trends. These biomarkers can be found in sweat, urine, and blood.

Because Apple and Rockley have a partnership, this technology may eventually be incorporated into the Apple Watch. According to some sources, the Apple Watch will contain functions for monitoring blood pressure at some point in the future.

A blood pressure monitor worn on the wrist and can detect an increase in blood pressure is one method that can be used to diagnose hypertension. Sensors would be utilized to monitor a user’s blood pressure by determining the velocity with which a heartbeat wave traveled through the user’s arteries.

Although the information on the rising and falling patterns of the blood pressure is provided, baseline readings of the two components of blood pressure are not provided.

Although the technology is still a few years away from being fully developed, some sources suggest that a blood pressure sensor will be included in the Apple Watch Series 8 when it is released later this year.

Blood glucose

Reports claim that Apple is hard at work developing a non-invasive method of measuring blood glucose levels using an optical sensor-based technology that could one day be integrated into the Apple Watch. With this capability, there is no requirement to puncture the skin, which would make the management of diabetes a great deal simpler.

The monitoring of blood glucose, which has been under development at Apple for some time now, would most certainly be subject to the need for regulatory permission.

DigiTimes has stated that the business is working on a sensor that will be able to measure blood sugar levels for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. This sensor will reportedly be included in the device. According to MacRumours, blood glucose monitoring won’t be available for at least a few more years.

Temperature sensor

It is claimed that the Apple Watch 8 will have a sensor for measuring the user’s body temperature. If true, this would be the first new health sensor added to an Apple watch in the past two years.

It is important to note that the Apple Watch 6 was the first model to include blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) values, while the Apple Watch 7 did not.

Recent rumors suggest that an Apple Watch could have a reader for the user’s skin temperature. Still, other functions, such as blood pressure and diabetes monitoring, are not expected to be available for several years. A body temperature sensor might be included in the watch as early as 2022, according to Apple insider Mark Gurman, who made his prediction public in April.

Is it possible that the Apple Watch 8 won’t be able to warn you whether you’re too hot or too cold? The odds are in your favor, but they could just as easily be in the opposite. If you want to receive a fast readout of your body temperature with the body temperature sensor on the Apple Watch 8, it’s possible that you won’t be able to do so in the same way that you can with the heart rate and blood oxygen sensors.

It is feasible to monitor fertility and other aspects of female health by using a temperature sensor. [citation needed] Apple Health has recently made a determined effort to enhance the health and well-being of women.

In potential future updates or versions of watchOS, temperature sensors might be upgraded to include data on the user’s skin temperature that can be retrieved on demand or through proactive notifications. An increased temperature on the skin may be a sign of illness, stress, or even problems of which you are unaware.

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Patents that are baffling

Biometric sensor

Apple has received a patent for a biometric identification system that verifies the wearer’s identity based on the pattern of the wearer’s skin. This technology has the potential to be implemented in future iterations of the Apple Watch. A capability like this would do away with the requirement of entering a passcode when using an Apple Watch.

Band that reacts.

In a different patent, an Apple Watch band is described as having the ability to self-tighten to ensure accurate heart rate measurements during strenuous activities such as jogging or working out and then self-loosen once the activity is complete. This feature is intended to be used after the activity has been completed. The tightening might benefit the directions, the number of training reps, and even more.

Band that allows interaction

A third patent, for instance, describes a band for the Apple Watch with an LED indicator that displays the progress of an activity or task, such as the amount of time remaining in a workout or the number of activity rings completed.

Parkinson’s disease diagnosis

In December 2019, Apple published a patent describing how it monitors the tremors of people with Parkinson’s disease using sensors on the Apple Watch. Apple believes that this sort of data tracking will assist users in better tracking their symptoms so that they may organize their activities in line with symptom patterns. This belief stems from Apple’s belief that users will benefit from this data tracking form.

The Touch ID

According to two patent applications that Apple filed in 2019, an under-display camera and Touch ID look to be on Apple’s radar for the upcoming Apple Watch. Using the side button on an Apple smartphone, which features an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a user can authenticate themselves and unlock the device. Unlocking the Apple Watch requires both entering a passcode and having the iPhone with which it is paired already unlocked.

Upgraded instrumentation

Regarding an under-display camera, the patent describes a two-stage display system that integrates a camera that is only visible from the outside when it is active. This camera is only visible when the device is being used. According to patent applications from the year 2021, the face of the Apple Wrist will be redesigned to be more rounded, and it will also feature a display that is flexible and watch bands that can be customized.

A speaker, battery, haptic feedback, kinetic power generator, and even a camera have been mentioned on a list of Apple Watch technologies that could be integrated into the band.

It is interesting to see what the firm is working on and considering behind the scenes, and it is amusing to speculate about whether or not these patented features will make it into a real Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Special Edition 2?

It is possible that Apple will introduce the Apple Watch SE 2, a new version of their SE smartwatch, in the coming year. To broaden Apple’s selection of mid-range wearables, the Apple Watch SE would get a sequel called the SE 2, which would be a follow-up to the original Apple Watch SE.

Even though the Apple Watch is the greatest watch released this year, it can be somewhat expensive to purchase. Is it not feasible for a model with a lower price point to offer the majority of the same advantages? The Apple Watch SE is a watch that retails for $279 and may appeal to customers who have never worn a watch before and those on a more limited budget.

Apple initially debuted the original version of the iPhone SE in 2012, and now the company is reportedly working on the second iteration of the device. It is predicted that the chipset that is present in the Apple Watch 5 will be updated in the Apple Watch 6 or 7. It’s possible that Apple will save the most recent CPU for the most costly version of the Apple Watch 8.

Release date

A release date for the Apple Watch 8 has not been announced as of yet. On the other hand, based on the release dates of previous iterations of the Apple Watch, we anticipate that the next Apple Watch will be introduced in September of 2022. This will likely be released simultaneously with the new iPhone 14 series.

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A Few Parting Thoughts

It is only natural for Apple fans to get enthusiastic whenever the company announces an improved version of one of its products. It turns into a disappointment only when there is very little to no improvement over the previous series. Even though the Apple Watch Series 7 includes several noticeable upgrades, it does not have several features that Apple Watch users had been truly expecting.

Those who haven’t purchased a Series 7 yet are likely contemplating whether or not they should wait for the Series 8 in light of this news. Waiting has a certain allure because it is anticipated that the product would include features such as skin temperature readers and a better overall design look. It is reasonable to believe that Touch ID is one of the features that will surely be arriving, although very little has been confirmed, and the majority of what is known is based on speculation.

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