Amazfit GTS Review

Many people consider the Amazfit GTS to be a more affordable alternative to the Apple Watch because of its low price and high level of durability. It is indisputable that it was motivated by the high-end smartwatch, but in spite of this, the GTS manages to outperform its model in a few key respects.

Huami, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer that falls under the umbrella of Xiaomi, is the one that is providing you with the Amazfit GTS. With the launch of its most recent products, including the Amazfit Stratos 3, the Amazfit GTR, the Amazfit Verge Lite, the Amazfit Nexo, the Amazfit BIP Lite, and the GTS, the company has been rapidly gaining traction. Each smartwatch comes with its own unique set of capabilities and a distinct look and pricing point.

Features of The Amazfit GTS

  • AMOLED Display with a body made of metal
  • Playback of musical works
  • Clear user interface with a variety of configurable widgets
  • GPS receiver built in
  • Resistance to the water of 5 ATM
  • Notifications from incoming phone calls and text messages
  • 12 Different Workout Modes
  • 14 days on a single charge
  • A tracker monitors your heart rate, calorie consumption, and sleep.

Appearance and Design of The Amazfit GTS

The Amazfit GTS is a smartwatch that, in light of its primary focus on performance, was developed to resist the rigors of a variety of everyday wear and fitness activities while remaining comfortable on the wrist. The 1.65-inch square screen that houses the circular AMOLED display is protected by tempered glass made of Corning Gorilla 3. The display is clear thanks to a pixel resolution of 348 by 442, and the inclusion of the NTSC color gamut rounds out the pleasure of seeing vivid colors.

On its side is a button that may be used to turn it on or off, and the body is composed of an aluminum alloy. It is available in a single size and color, but the strap, which is 20 millimeters wide, can have a number of different hues applied to it.

The Battery of The Amazfit GTS

The GTS has two different battery modes: the Daily Use Mode and the Basic Watch Mode. Both of these modes are available to the user.

If you keep all of the functions on and are using the device in Daily Use Mode, the battery should last for about 14 days. The Basic Watch Mode can extend the amount of time a single charge lasts by 32 days. However, this may be accomplished by disabling functions such as Bluetooth, heart rate tracking, and a few others, which transforms the device into something more akin to a digital watch. It makes use of a 220mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer battery, which requires a full charge to take approximately two hours.

The Functionality of The Amazfit GTS 

In order to compete with larger brands, Huami has expanded its product line to include many features that are in high demand. Even if there are a few restrictions and a few minor issues, using this product is still generally a great experience.

Modular Watch Faces of The Amazfit GTS

The Amazfit GTS is distinguished from other fitness trackers by its modular watch faces. They function very similarly to widgets in that they give you a concise summary of the information that is most relevant to you. You choose to select one of the two alternatives contained within the watch itself, or you may utilize the app to access other options. You can, for instance, have the weather displayed in addition to your current heart rate, step count, reminders, and any of the other widgets that are accessible.

Continuous GPS Feature of The Amazfit GTS

The majority of inexpensive trackers do not include a built-in GPS tracker, preferring instead to sync with your phone to generate tracking information; nevertheless, this can result in a reduction in the accuracy of the information given. The GTS comes equipped with a continuous GPS tracker that may be used to plot out training sessions as they progress. It takes between five and ten minutes for it to detect an activity while it is in its automatic mode, so it is not flawless. This causes its calculations to have some slight errors, and it also makes it less accurate overall. Nonetheless, it ought to offer you some useful direction as a guide.

Physical Activity Monitoring Features of The Amazfit GTS

The smartwatch features Huami’s regular 12 fitness models, each of which is designed to provide you with specific information pertaining to your activities. In addition, given that the device is water-resistant, it can be utilized to monitor swimming in depths of up to fifty meters of water. The following are included in the activities covered by it:

  • Running
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Treadmill
  • Open Water Swimming
  • Trail Running
  • Swim in the Pool
  • Walking
  • Climbing
  • Elliptical\sSkiing
  • Cycling for Exercise in the Fresh Air

The Amazfit App performs calculations based on the data gathered from your workout and conducts an additional analysis of your overall performance. In addition to monitoring your fitness, the GTS analyses your sleep patterns and communicates information about the quality of that sleep in accordance with your profile. 

Heart Rate Monitoring Feature of The Amazfit GTS

In addition to the several activity modes and GPS, the device also uses measures of your heart rate to determine the intensity of your exercises. If your heart rate is unusually high before, during, or after your exercises, you will be warned promptly. This notification will occur whether you are wearing a heart rate monitor or not. Running with one of these gives you the ability to track your improvement and is an absolute must for those who run.

Compatible With Your Mobile Device

As a smartwatch, the GTR does offer some functionality, although with some limitations. You can get alerts about incoming calls, messages, and other notifications with a gentle vibration on your device. You will be able to monitor the weather, set reminders or alarms, and receive notifications about future events through the use of its apps. There is a very tiny delay in the synchronization, but it shouldn’t be too bothersome for most people. In addition, you can use the watch to control the audio playback on your phone with only a few easy flicks of your wrist.

Main Advantages

  • A rather long battery life.
  • Elegant screen display using AMOLED technology.
  • Waterproof.
  • Monitoring of several different activities.
  • Notifications of incoming calls and messages.
  • Tracking through GPS while it’s turned on.

Main Disadvantages

  • Updates and syncs take too long.
  • Notifications can be inconsistent.
  • It takes a few minutes to activate the GPS on a device.

In conclusion, the Amazfit GTS offers a wristwatch experience that is above average and outperforms the Apple Watch in terms of its battery life. The product does have some latency difficulties, but considering the price, it is not enough to cause concern. The GTR receives a general recommendation due to its lightweight design, and sports watch capabilities, although exhibiting some peculiarities.

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