An Analysis of the Insurance Website

An Analysis of the Insurance Website

There is information available on pertaining to many different kinds of insurance, such as auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. It is similar to other websites like All Web Leads and NetQuote, for example. Users are able to receive quotations from various insurance providers after providing just a few pieces of basic information about themselves. Instead of having to individually visit the websites of a number of different insurance providers, users of the site can conduct some basic research on rates on the site itself, which can be a time saver for them.

Because the website accepts advertising from various insurance companies, users should not expect the information they receive to be completely objective. This fact should be kept in mind. Nevertheless, this does not diminish the usefulness of the website in any way.

Key Takeaways provides consumers with the ability to compare insurance rates in a single location, as well as obtain quotations and information regarding a wide variety of insurance products.

Because the website accepts advertising from various insurance companies, users of cannot expect the information they receive to be completely neutral.

As of May 2021, QuinStreet, the company that owns the site, has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau, which is an accreditation organization.

Each year, the website publishes a list titled “Best Insurance Companies,” in which it ranks its top choices in the categories of auto, home, health, and life insurance.

History of the Organization

QuinStreet Inc. is the current owner of, which was once known as Quotesmith Corporation when it was founded in 1984.

Doug Valenti established Quinstreet Inc. in 1999, and the company’s current headquarters may be found in Foster City, California. The company had more than $500 million in revenue and employed over 600 individuals across the country as of the year 2021. 

As of May 2021, the Better Business Bureau has awarded QuinStreet with an “A+” rating and recognized business status.

You can rely on the website to provide accurate and helpful information because it has received such high ratings for customer satisfaction.

The Workings of It

You are able to compare insurance quotes from a variety of different businesses, including those offering life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and a number of other types of insurance, on the website. Those who are fluent in Spanish also have a choice available to them. You begin the process by entering your zip code and selecting the type of insurance you require from a drop-down option on the screen. After that, a list of websites that can provide you with quotes in your area will be provided to you. To get an accurate estimate, you will need to go to the website of one of the insurance companies.

You can have an insurance expert respond to your inquiry once you submit it through the website’s “ask the insurance expert” option, which allows you to do just that. For your convenience, I have compiled a collection of previously asked questions and their responses. The questions and answers mentioned cover a variety of insurance-related issues, such as health insurance, vehicle insurance, home insurance, and life insurance. Additionally, the website provides users with access to an extensive insurance article library, which assists users in making educated purchasing decisions. For instance, if you are interested in learning what the minimal requirements for auto insurance are in each state, you can consult the list that is provided by

The Best Insurance Companies Annual List

One of the things that does exceptionally well is poll its customers. The company asks consumers all around the country about their level of satisfaction with customer service, the processing of claims, prices, and overall value, as well as the percentage of customers who want to keep their current coverage. The results of these surveys are utilized by those working in the insurance industry to compile lists of the insurance companies that are performing the best. Every year, comes up with its list of the Best Insurance Companies. Consumers can use this helpful tool to identify the insurance firms that are the best fit for their particular requirements. The results of a survey that included more than 3,700 current customers were used to determine the 10 top firms to provide auto, home, health, and life insurance for 2021. Also included on the list are the five best businesses for health insurance and the five best firms for life insurance.

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