An Analysis of the Website

An Analysis of the Website

Since the word “free” is included in the domain name, it is reasonable to assume that you are interested in obtaining a complimentary copy of your credit report. You were able to get a free copy of your credit report through this website a few years ago. However, rules regarding consumer credit have since been modified.

Only one website,, has been given “official” status by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) of the United States government. This website is authorized to provide U.S. individuals with a free credit report once every 12 months. As a direct result of this, the website, along with many other websites that give free credit reports, began selling credit reports for the extremely low price of just one dollar.

A Credit Report That Is “Almost Free”

If you decide to obtain your credit report and FICO score from the website, will charge your credit card a total of $1.1 for these services. Your information that was sent to Experian, one of the three major credit agencies, is used to make both your report and your score.

The report is organized in a way that makes it simple to read, with each element of the credit report appearing on a different tab. If you register for the website, examine your credit report to ensure that the information is correct and look for anything that seems out of the norm. Your FICO score is a useful tool for evaluating how creditworthy you are.

Site Features

The website gives you specific information regarding your payment history, the amount of debt you have, the length of your credit history, and any current credit queries that have been made. Each area illustrates the factors that are influencing your credit score.

However, there is a catch.

Experian CreditWorks Premium is a credit monitoring service that is provided by Experian. In order to receive your $1 credit report and credit score from, you will need to sign up for a free trial subscription to Experian CreditWorks Premium for a period of seven days. You will need to enter the information for your credit card into the website in order to subscribe to the service and make the payment for your credit report.

If you fail to cancel the service during the trial period, your credit card will be charged the regular $24.99 fee for the following month’s subscription to the service. If you cancel your subscription after it has already been paid for, will not issue a refund or pro-rated credit of any kind.

You are given adequate notice by that a charge will be made to your credit card in the event that you do not cancel your trial subscription. Disclosure regarding the trial is posted in a clear font on the very first page of the website, and another one can be found on the form that is used to submit orders.

You are only allowed to make one purchase from of their $1 credit report offering. If you have previously purchased your one-dollar credit report, you will never be eligible to acquire another one under any circumstances.

The act of canceling is only a mild pain in the neck

You have two alternatives available to you when it comes to canceling the service. You may either give the company a call or send your request to discontinue the service via the mail. On the website of the company, there is no option to cancel the subscription online. If you choose to cancel your subscription over the phone, you should anticipate that the customer care agent will go through certain scripts in an effort to persuade you to keep paying for the service.

When you call, have your mind made up that you are going to discontinue the service, and no matter what they offer you, you are going to say “No.” If you wish to keep the account open for credit monitoring, the phone representative may give you a significant discount on your next month’s payment if you keep the account. This could make sense if you want to keep the account open. After you have finished the call, you will get a confirmation email if you decide to cancel the appointment.

Questions That Are Typically Asked (FAQs)

What sets apart from its sister site, and are two websites that are extremely comparable to one another. They are both under Experian’s ownership. Both of them will provide you with access to your Experian credit report as well as a FICO score based on the information in that report.

What steps should you take to challenge information that is listed on your credit report?

Everyone in the United States has the legal right to obtain a credit report that is accurate thanks to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Simply contacting the credit bureaus is all that is required of you in the event that you discover errors on your report and wish to challenge them. You have the option of calling in, disputing the information online, or disputing it in writing by sending a letter through the mail. Credit bureaus are mandated by law to investigate all complaints, even if they are deemed to be “frivolous.” Nonetheless, they are not allowed to remove factual information from your credit report.

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