An Apple Mask is an Entertaining Idea for a Novel Approach to the Prevention of Coronavirus Infection

Would you like to avoid being quarantined but still look your best? This is a design company’s idea for a mask to protect Apple products from the coronavirus, but there’s no chance it will ever be made.

Because of the wide spread of COVID-19, fitness and health have emerged as prominent topics of conversation. As a direct result of this, there’s been a significant increase in the number of people purchasing face masks, despite the fact that using them does not ensure that you will be immune to the disease. Unless, of course, you purchase a more specialized mask for yourself.

What if, though, there were alternative choices available?

Just Studio has developed a clever and humorous concept for a coronavirus protective mask that is manufactured by Apple. Even though it’s highly unlikely to ever take place, watching it unfold would definitely be entertaining.

You would have the option of purchasing the mask in either white or black colouration. The Apple logo would take up a prominent position at the bottom of the display; after all, Apple Watch devotees will want to demonstrate their undying support for the brand. 

There would, as always, be a variety of price points available. Those who are looking for the highest level of protection will want to go with the Pro version, which comes equipped with a triple filtration system, Super Fabric XDR Material, and a price tag to match. The normal version is the next level up, and it has a dual-filtering mechanism and uses materials that aren’t as sophisticated as the other versions. And naturally, there will be a version for people who are working with a limited amount of money.

We have been waiting eagerly for an Apple Watch that has a battery life that is comparable to other smartwatches, but the wait still continues. It would appear that the masks would be susceptible to the same issue and would only be usable for a maximum of one day.

Who’s up for a Hermes rendition?

Since quite some time ago, the Cupertino-based company has been exploring new business opportunities beyond the realm of personal computers, iPhones, IPads, headphones, and Apple Watches. We fervently pray that there will rarely come a day when they will take into consideration the facemask market as a viable choice.

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