An Augmented Reality Display is Included with FORM Swim Googles

An Augmented Reality Display is Included with FORM Swim Googles

FORM made history earlier this week by introducing the market’s first ever see-through augmented reality display eyewear. They can offer swim parameters in real time, and the launch is scheduled for the following month.

There has been a gradual shift toward making water resistance a typical feature of fitness trackers and smartwatches. Even though a number of these devices are meant to track swimming, they all have one thing in common: they are intended to be worn on the wrist. This may work well for running, golf, or tennis; however, if you want to keep track of your swim practice in real time, you should choose another venue.

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The sports technology startup FORM hopes to find a solution to this issue by providing swimmers with a method of receiving quick input that is significantly less invasive. They consequently arrived with the concept of creating intelligent swimming goggles.

Dan Eisenhardt, the founder and CEO of FORM, noted that he competed in swimming for 14 years and that during that time, he “truly felt the anguish” of not being able to access his stats in real time.

“The concept for FORM was conceived many years ago; however, we are just now entering an era in which technological advancements enable us to deliver this experience in a way that is both seamless and integrated into a set of quality swim goggles. We are really proud that, with the help of a team comprised of the most talented people in the field, we have been able to overcome a basic issue in swimming.

The swimming goggles made by FORM have a classic appearance and a regular fit, as demonstrated in the video that can be found below. However, once you have put them on, you will be able to see a built-in near-eye display similar to that of Google Glass. This discreet and transparent experience is much more convenient than having to read swim data off your wristwatch, which can be difficult to do.

The goggles are made from high-quality material and track and display all relevant information in real-time. This consists of the split timings, distance, stroke count, and stroke rate. After finishing the swim, you can get more information through the companion mobile app on your smartphone. Users will also be able to measure their progress over time and share their workouts thanks to this feature.

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The earlier business that Dan Eisenhardt founded was called Recon Instruments, and it was a manufacturer of augmented-reality eyewear for cycling and other sports. Intel purchased the company in 2015 but ultimately decided not to continue developing it after the company decided to withdraw from the wearables market. Many persons involved in the company’s founding are now employed at FORM.

According to FORM, the goggles were created over the past four years in partnership with some of the most accomplished competitive swimmers and instructors. Beginning on August 7th, you can make your purchase on for the price of $199.

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