An Extensive Breakdown of The Amazon Halo Fitness Tracker

Amazon managed to sneak a wrist fitness band named the Amazon Halo onto the marketplace just before 2020 came to a close.

The Amazon Halo is a wearable device that is attainable in terms of pricing for individuals who don’t care for extra features but want to acquire all of the essential details relating to their general health and wellbeing.

Because it does not have a display, it is evocative of the first generations of the Fitbit, and it is intended to be used as a fitness tracker. However, if you install the companion app, it comes packed with additional functions that aren’t available on the wearable device itself.

You might have expected to observe certain items, but you won’t find them. For instance, it does not come pre-installed with Alexa, nor does it connect to your Amazon account, nor does it provide voice control.

What is the Style and Design of The Amazon Halo?

The Amazon Halo does not have a screen and instead resembles a pod with only one physical button. It consists of a cloth wristband, an LED light, and a microphone. Due to the absence of a display, the Solo button is used to mute the microphone whenever the user wants some privacy while using the Tone function. This feature listens carefully to the nuances in voices to detect the various moods.

This is a wearable technology that is not uncomfortable to a large extent. It is simple to adjust so that it sits in the appropriate place on the wrists, and once that has been accomplished, you will hardly be aware that it is there. This is convenient given that you will need your phone to view the data you are likely going to want to look at. In all honesty, this is what Amazon has in mind.

You can pick from one of three different color combinations: black, silver, or rose gold. This is combined with a fabric strap and a sensor pod of the same color as the strap.

What Are Some of The Features and Functions of The Amazon Halo?

The Amazon Halo does have some distinctive functions, such as the ability to monitor your stress levels by listening to your voice. It is accurate to say that it will detect any strain in your voice as you communicate during the day. You may determine your body fat % by using the app to capture images of your body, and it will do the calculation for you. You are not required to use either of these capabilities, and the system will save none of your data locally on the device.

The Amazon Halo is an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a straightforward fitness tracker. In the same way that Fitbit offers Fitbit Premium, Halo provides a subscription service that includes content that motivates you to better your overall health in addition to exercises and wellness and nutrition classes. Tracking your activity and how well you sleep are two of its features, and the app is how you access all of your data. On the other hand, it can perform other tasks if so desired.

If you do not have a subscription, your features are highly restricted. For instance, you do not receive any features pertaining to wellness or nutrition or any features about body scans or tone, advanced sleep scores, or fitness statistics.

But it would be best if you didn’t let that deter you. When you buy an Amazon Halo for the first time, like when you buy a Fitbit, you get a free trial of the service that lasts for six months. If you do not have a subscription, you will only have access to the most basic features. That is, the number of steps taken, the number of calories consumed, the rate at which one’s heart beats, as well as the amount of time, spent sleeping and awake.

Because the Amazon Halo does not have a vibration feature, just like other fitness trackers, you should not anticipate receiving any notifications, reminders, or alarms from it.

What Is The Price Range on The Amazon Halo?

One of the best things about the Amazon Halo is that people can purchase it for less than one hundred dollars.

Is The Amazon Halo Possibly a Passive Device?

The Amazon Halo platform demands the user to have very limited or almost no engagement at all. Comparable to the Jawbone in appearance. This is precisely the reverse of what you would anticipate receiving from a contemporary fitness band or wristwatch. You seldom need to make any modifications or adaptations to the settings. If you prefer a minimal number of buttons and minimal tinkering, but you still want to keep a close eye on your information, this is the tool for you.

This passivity extends to how it tracks fitness as well, which isn’t very accurate. Another way in which the Amazon Halo differs from other recent fitness trackers is that it sets a weekly target rather than a daily one. This is accomplished by assigning a cumulative score to the player. For instance, 150 points = 150 active minutes.

There is not a vibrating reminder to stand or breathe, nor is there a reminder to get up from a sedentary position if you’ve been sitting for too long with the Amazon Halo app. As a means of staying on track, all that is required of you is to receive your weekly score. This indicates that it is an excellent watch for someone who enjoys going about their day without being tethered to their electronics in any way. You will, however, lose one point from your total score for every hour that you spend without moving around.

How is the Sleep Tracking Feature on The Amazon Halo?

Similarly, the tracking of your sleep will result in a rating out of a possible 100. A good night’s sleep is considered to be one in which you get a score of 85 or higher. You will be presented with a graph in the application that details your sleep stages. Again, in a manner quite similar to that of Fitbit, it will provide you with sleep advice following a night of poor sleep.

What is the Battery Capacity of The Amazon Halo?

You may, in essence, let the Amazon Halo remain on your forearm and keep checking in every so often to recharge it. Another option is to keep it in a separate location. You should not be charged for up to seven days in between. The battery life is reduced to just two days if the “Tone” option is activated, which causes the microphone to remain in an active listening state at all times.

What are the Body Functions Available on The Amazon Halo?

The Body feature allows you to take up to four images of yourself dressed in skintight apparel and encourages you to do so. Upload it to the app, and it will determine what percentage of your body is fat. Any self-respecting medical expert has disregarded the body mass index (BMI) for quite some time. According to Amazon, your proportion of body fat rather than your body mass index is a more accurate measure of your overall health. Amazon will process this data on the cloud, and once it is finished, your results will be promptly deleted from the cloud and updated on the device. This ensures that the device will never compromise your privacy.

Following the completion of your percentage calculation, the app will provide you with a three-dimensional representation of your body. This possesses a slider that one can use to move up and down to view different body shape variations. This may serve as a rude awakening for some users, but it is an honest depiction of how your body might alter over time.

According to Amazon, the best way to observe actual progress is to update your images at least twice a month. Your body weight can and will change over the course of a week, but it can take weeks to reduce the amount of body fat you have.

What is the Tone Feature on The Amazon Halo?

The tone of your voice can give others clues about how anxious you are. 

According to Amazon, this will improve your conversations within your partnerships by monitoring your tone throughout the day and looking for either positivity or negativity trends.

The Labs: Programs and Exercise Routines

The Labs are a feature that helps users break bad habits. You have the option to scroll through the Workouts and Programs. If you select the lab’s symbol that is located at the very bottom of the program, the watch will present you with two different choices. The first option is more detailed, allowing you to zero in on a particular routine that needs improvement, such as your eating habits, the amount of sleep you get, or your level of awareness. It will give you nudges to try new things during the day, during your activities, or before you go to bed. As a result, it will track any changes in your sleep and activity patterns.

While Labs isn’t precisely a ground-breaking function, it’s still good to have on a fitness tracker that otherwise does the basics. However, there are still some fun things for you to mess around with. You have to pay for the supporting app is the only significant downside. On the other hand, this is a first for Amazon, which may be altered in subsequent versions of the device. Do not forget that Amazon is operating in unexplored terrain at the moment.

Final Considerations Regarding the Amazon Halo

The Amazon Halo is a little compact fitness tracker with a limited feature set but still packs a tremendous punch. All of this, yet there is no screen! The specialized app, which receives all of your data, provides additional and more in-depth information. Each month requires a nominal payment, but the investment is well worth it. More information is available to you when you use it. To determine whether or not you actually require this product, you will, fortunately, be given a complimentary trial period of six months upon making your order.

Main Advantages:

  • battery life lasting for 7 days
  • The body scan is a more accurate reflection of reality than BMI.
  • The first wearable device that can determine your state of mind based on your voice 

Main Disadvantages:

  • Lacking a screen
  • Users are, to some extent, coerced into subscribing.

Significant Advancements Made to the Amazon Halo View: Here’s how!

What’s the major news? At a level comparable to those of other fitness trackers available in various parts of the world, The former name of “The Halo” is “The Halo View.” It features a stunning screen that is directly on the front of the display, allowing you to see what you’re doing as you act on the screen. In addition to the screen, they come with a plethora of other fantastic features and a few unique extras.

Are There Any Advanced or Added Features?

By placing a significant emphasis on the enhancement of activity tracking, you will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • Access to a variety of data, including blood oxygen levels, heart rate, steps taken, and activity monitoring!
  • You understand not just the quantity of sleep you get but also the quality of that sleep.
  • The wrist’s notification system that is worn alerts you to incoming calls, texts, and other critical communications!
  • You should never be without your Halo because it has a battery life of seven days, can be charged in just two hours, and can withstand water pressure of up to fifty meters.

Halo Movement: The mobility features of Halo View are something that set it apart from other similar products. This goes beyond conventional activity tracking with workouts and places more emphasis on movements that people do daily, such as reaching, twisting, and bending. Their evaluations contribute to these movements being carried out more effectively and safely.

Body Composition: They will even take a glance at your body composition so that you can modify your exercise regimen to focus on burning fat and building muscle at the same time.

Tone Analysis: is yet another capability, as it monitors your tone and gives you feedback on how you come across to other people: confidence and the ability to communicate both benefit from this.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks?

Even though this Halo View is unquestionably getting a lot of attention, it is essential to analyze the aspects in which it excels as well as those in which it might use some improvement!


  • A new screen that makes it simple to access notifications has been added.
  • Accuracy has been improved because of the incorporation of tracking metrics
  • Quick charging times and a battery life that lasts for weeks
  • The stylish appearance that is appropriate for every setting


  • Everyone does not universally adore the listening properties derived from the tone metrics.
  • When compared to other fitness trackers, the price is higher on this one because it grants access to more advanced capabilities.

Concluding Thoughts

Compared to the first Halo, the Halo View is unquestionably an improvement that should not be overlooked. This is a good inclusion given that most fitness trackers on the market today already come equipped with a screen. And the Halo is still up for grabs if you’re one of those people who would instead not look at your notifications when you’re moving around.

The Halo View is unquestionably making an effort to gain an advantage over some of its rivals by introducing a few intriguing new features. Some users have really acclimated to appreciate the ability to work on their appearance and day-to-day motions, whereas others think that can be a little much and find it a bit excessive.

This boils down to the number of personal preferences, but in the eyes of the majority of people, the Amazon Halo View is the winner here.

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