An Introduction To The Garmin Vivomove Luxe Smartwatch: Design, Features, And More


The Garmin Vivomove Luxe, which has a suggested retail price of $499, is the very definition of luxury when it comes to wristwatches. Even though it doesn’t appear like a smartwatch, it actually is one.

When you glance at it, you would never believe that you would be greeted with a prominent display of your alarms and health tracking data by simply lifting your wrist. However, this is precisely what happens when you use the Apple Watch. This function is obscured from the wearer’s view when the watch is worn. In point of fact, it is outfitted with a wide range of clever components to choose from. In addition to having an undeniable attraction as an analog watch, it also provides a wealth of information that is helpful to your health and fitness routines. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is worthy of a place among the top ten hybrid watches that will be available on the market in the year 2020.


The word “fashionable” is not one of the first words that come to most people’s minds when thinking of Garmin. In this article, they have made some efforts to address and rectify that issue. In light of the features available in the Vivomove Luxe, there is a compelling case for reevaluating the typically gritty brand.

The Luxe is only available in one measurement choice, which is 42 millimeters. You can purchase the Case in rose gold, titanium, or even gold that is 24 carats in addition to the standard option of purchasing it in stainless steel.

Its sleek design and lightweight construction represent a significant difference from the products that we are accustomed to seeing from Garmin.

The traditional appearance of the Italian leather strap makes it an excellent choice for pairing with jewelry. Since it is bendable, you won’t experience any discomfort even if you wear it while you’re getting some shut-eye.

If you have the good fortune to buy an Apple Watch but discover that you do not want to wear it to formal events, you can always pick to wear a Luxe model instead, and you will feel more at ease with your choice. You can also replace the band, for instance, if you desire something that would be more appropriate for wearing while exercising.


The digital components are masked by a more conventional analog display on the front of the device. The AMOLED illumination will turn on whenever you move your wrist or perform a double tap on the front face of the device.

When connected to a smartphone, the Luxe will display the current time and any alerts that have been received in addition to the time. Once you have brought the display back to life, you will be able to navigate through a succession of crisp and colorful icons that each represent a different aspect of your fitness. You should be aware, however, that you are unable to respond in any way to notifications. It’s not possible in the same manner that it is with an Apple Watch. Having the ability to check your alerts even when your phone is not close by is, on the other hand, a helpful feature.

Keeping track of both your exercise and your downtime

The Vivomove Luxe can collect a lot of information about your health and your habits while you sleep. Typical fitness sensors are included, such as a step counter and a heart rate or pulse monitor. It also has a monitor for your pulse. Having said that, it can also perform a few additional functions.

It would help if you were reminded that you are communicating with Garmin at this point in the conversation. The Luxe will determine how much charge is still available in your body’s battery. This is an estimate of the quantity of energy available in your body and is based on the amount of activity that you participate in and the amount of sleep that you get each night. The variability of your heart rate might also give you information regarding the amount of stress that you are now experiencing.

This allows you to generate individualized settings for the presentation as well as the various methods of payment. As a result, you should anticipate the information that you would expect from the typical suspects. Burnt calories, total distance covered, and the number of flights of stairs climbed. Additionally, you will receive a monitor for your respiration and a tracker for your water consumption and period tracking. There are a few others, but you will need to download Garmin Connect on your phone before getting the most out of the app. This is required in order to get the most out of the app.

The uplifting news is that you shouldn’t have any reservations about depending on Garmin Connect for the task at hand. It should come as no surprise that you can use the Luxe to maintain a record of the workouts you’ve completed. On the other hand, it will not function as a coach or give instructions for exercises like weightlifting or running.

Battery capacity

In the promotional materials for the Luxe, Garmin highlights the fact that it has a battery life of up to five days. If you speak with existing clients, you will discover that this estimation is reasonably near to being accurate. It is recommended that you always charge the battery to the point when it reaches its maximum capacity to keep the battery in good health.

The battery will last for five days if you use the various intelligent functions. If this is not possible, the only method to prolong the period between charges to seven days is to switch to analog mode. Having said that, though, if you weren’t interested in the watch’s innovative capabilities, you could always just go out and get a regular quartz watch instead.

It is not unheard of for a phone to come equipped with its own special charger, as is the case with the Luxe. Because it is at least consistent across all Garmin watches, you do not have to handle the charger with the same degree of care as if it were a drop of blood from a mythical creature. Even better, it can be charged using cords that are either micro-USB or USB-C, making the process of charging it relatively straightforward.

Bottom line

The Vivomove is sure to grab people’s attention. Because of its display and its functionality, a watch gives the appearance of being more conventional than it actually is. However, this is not the case. It’s almost as if it was keeping something hidden behind its back. Some individuals don’t like hybrid watches because they don’t fit cleanly into either category and because they don’t do either category justice. Other people appreciate hybrid watches because they combine the best features of both categories. The Vivomove does an outstanding job of looking the part and gives its user all of the conveniences that a smartwatch and fitness tracker would usually offer.

If what you’re looking for is a smartwatch that is comfortable enough to wear continually, gives off an air of grandeur, and adds to the simplification of your everyday life in some meaningful way. The Luxe is an ideal choice to go with.

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