An Italian luxury brand called ProdiglO has created an intelligent bracelet.

Have you had enough of donning fitness trackers and smartwatches that look cheap and cumbersome on your wrist? Someone who has appeared on the cover of Vogue is the first person to create a piece of wearable technology. That person’s name is ProdigIO.

A range of electronic accessories is designed just for ladies, each one of which is made by hand in Italy using only the highest quality components possible. Each item is one of a kind and may be tailored to the wearer. Consider valuable metals like gold, silver, and ruthenium because there are no inexpensive materials allowed. This is a technology that you can wear with confidence to any event.

Users will be provided with the fundamentals of fitness monitoring, which includes the ability to measure both their steps and calories. You can view your activity is broken down by day, week, or month on the app that comes with your iOS or Android smartphone, which is connected with all of this information over Bluetooth. Additionally, this is compatible with Google Fit and Apple Health.

The safety features seem like they may come in handy more often. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you may use ProdigIO to send an SOS alert to your emergency contacts including your location. Simply tapping the built-in safety button will get this feature active. Additionally, the bracelet has the ability to activate the microphone, call contacts, and start applications by default. The app gives you the ability to personalise all of this and select up to three contacts for first responders.

Finally, ProdigIO is there to remain in touch with you. There is a filter that can be applied to the incoming view that can be used for calls, SMS, email, social networks, and plenty more. Each notification has the ability to be personalised by linking the contact with a certain LED mode or vibration pattern (customizable by colour and duration). The moment a notice arrives, you will be aware of who it is from, and the filters will make it possible for you to avoid receiving unsolicited phone calls.

The bracelets are all designed by Roberto Ferlito, who is based in Florence, and they start at slightly under $200 each. Despite the fact that this may appear to be on the pricier side, you need to remember that high-quality components were utilised in the production of these items. The bracelets are available in two different sizes and three different styles.

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