An Overview of Olivia Burton Watches and the Top 8 Which You Should Invest In

Jemma and Lesa, two of Jemma’s best friends, founded Olivia Burton in 2011, which included the line of Olivia Burton Watches. Before deciding to launch their own business, the two friends gained experience in the fashion industry through separate employment. They were both having problems finding trinkets that reflected and complemented their unique styles, so they concluded that it would be easier for them to build their own. Even though they cherished ancient watches, they regularly found that the time they displayed was off.

The origins of Olivia Burton may be traced back to a group of close friends who got together to design and construct watches in their spare time. In September of 2012, the company released its first collection, which contained watches designed by the eponymous Olivia Burton and which has since become an icon. Both traditional aesthetics and current fashions drive the brand, and it combines the two in order to create unique timepieces.

The fact that the Olivia Burton brand has only been in the business of watchmaking for a relatively short period is one of the most unexpected characteristics of the company. Because of the attraction they currently have in the market, one would be led to believe that they have been around for many years.

However, the Olivia Burton watch line has only been available for the past five years, so the floral and animal motifs and the unique patterns have already been phased out.

Their popularity reached an all-time high in 2016, the same year that they were runner-up in several essential categories and took home the coveted Eve’s Watch Awards Buyer’s Choice Award.

However, not their notoriety has us obsessed with the brand; instead, it is the significance of the two female founders that started the company. Before establishing themselves as prominent figures in the watch industry, Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings began their careers in the fashion industry as purchasing consultants.

Olivia Burton had an intuitive understanding of women and what would be the trendiest outfit while yet being true to their original designs. The Olivia Burton pieces can satisfy all of the requirements, including personalized design options and a comprehensive selection of dimensions, metal hues, and pattern configurations.

Olivia Burton Watches: The Beginning of the Story

Lesa and Jemma have been inseparable since the day they first crossed paths at the London College of Fashion. They shared a passion for timepieces with traditional designs and held onto the dream of launching their own watch brand with a modern take on the vintage look one day. They aimed to create clocks that would be desirable to show off in both casual and more formal contexts.

During the company’s early years, you might frequently find the girls searching antique shops for the perfect timepiece to serve as a source of inspiration. However, even though the clocks they discovered were lovely, they were not exceptionally functional and frequently broke after only a short time being worn. As a result, they set out to design models that featured exceptional attention to detail in addition to excellent manufacturing quality and durability.

The “spirited attitude and vitality” of Lesa’s great aunt, who was a “huge influence to the children,” served as the inspiration for the business’s name. Its debut collection was released in the latter half of 2012, and its immediately popular and collectible styles ensured its commercial viability.

The bulk of their wristwatch and jewelry models are manufactured by hand at the brand’s workshop in East London. Here, the company’s founders work directly on their high-end items to provide the finest products possible to its fans and customers.

Because Olivia Burton’s watches derive their motivation from the natural world, her collection includes a suitable wristwatch for each season. Because the brand is known for using flowery and hand-drawn patterns, the finished products are charming feminine clocks that are appropriate for everyday use. In addition to producing timepieces, the company also makes jewelry, including dazzling additions to the clocks.

Please continue reading to find out which eight Olivia Burton watches are our picks for the best.

Demi Bouquet Print Mother of Pearl Dial

The dial of this on-brand watch takes its cues from vintage patterns, while the rest of the watch, including the case and the strap, exudes a sophisticated air of the present day. Because anyone can purchase it in yellow, white, and pink tones, the flower pattern is suitable for use.

The indices on the dial are embellished with crystals cut in alternating round and baguette shapes, which gives the dial a touch of sparkle. Because this watch is powered by quartz, you can count on its reliability and precision. The style of the watch is finished off by a band made of stainless steel that has a clasp that can be folded. Despite the watch’s all-silver case, which lends it an impression of sophistication and modernity, the dial features a floral pattern, lending it a touch of vintage style that makes it appropriate for wear by people of a wide range of ages.

This model by Olivia Burton is accessible on the wallet and features a stunning pattern on the dial. On the dial are depictions of stars, hearts, moons, and butterflies, all done in various vibrant hues. A black background has been used to bring out the vivid colors in the photographs.

The timeless aesthetic of the watch is thanks to its classic design, but the bold pattern contributes to the contemporary style for which Olivia Burton is famous. The accessory has a touch of glitter thanks to the addition of twelve itty-bitty crystals that are arranged along the edge of the dial to identify the indices. The dial is encased in a ring that has a diameter of 30 millimeters and is finished in rose gold. This look is finished off with a leather strap in navy.

Enchanted Garden 3D Bee Rose Gold Mesh

One may recognize the bee motif used by Olivia Burton immediately as being a part of the brand’s line. This watch embodies several of the most defining aspects of the brand thanks to its dial design, which features a three-dimensional bee in the center and a floral background around it.

This variant is easier to recognize because of its distinctive square shape. The dial features a flowery pattern that is available in various hues, which allows the clock to be worn with a variety of different outfits.

The square case of the watch, which is tinted rose gold and measures 22 millimeters in diameter, is a compact size that sits comfortably on the wrist. The rose gold hue of the 3D bumblebee was chosen to blend well with the rose gold casing and the band of the watch. The rose gold-colored mesh bracelet has a clasp that folds over and secures it. Last but not least, this variety has moderate water resistance, which makes it suitable for day-to-day use and resistant to splashes.

White Dial Dusty Pink & Gold Watch

The watch is quite versatile thanks to its primary color scheme, which enables it to be worn with a wide variety of other jewelry items. This style is easily identifiable by its white display that features Roman numerals, baton indices, and hands that are gold in color. The dial is surrounded by a gold PVD coated stainless steel case with a diameter of 30 millimeters and a depth of 8.3 millimeters. This style’s strap is a beautiful dusty pink color, giving it a very feminine look. A colored band is a lovely way to give an extra layer of attractiveness to a wristwatch, and this one does it in a shade of pink that is appropriate for a lady.

Signature Midi Hummingbird

This series is a part of their “vegan” line, which was created in response to fan feedback by the company, which consisted of the company giving some of its products a vegan makeover. They have equipped some of the devices with a silver case and a leather band made of leather that is friendly to the environment.

The Midi Hummingbird watch is astonishingly simple in every manner. It has a silver-plated body, silver-plated hands, and a light display that does not include any hour markers or digits. The overall appeal of the basic design is amplified by the incorporation of Olivia Burton’s signature hummingbird motif.

This watch does not complement the extremely feminine flower layout that some customers may feel it does, despite having this misconception. As a result of the monochromatic hummingbird’s ability to strike a delicate balance between creative acuity and delicate delicacy, this watch series is appropriate for women of all ages.

The design of the hummingbird is such that, when viewed from a variety of perspectives, it gives the impression that it is three-dimensional.

Under The Sea Watch And Bracelet Gift Set Lilac

Olivia Burton has developed a watch and bracelet set that fits the look of her ‘Under the Sea’ collection of jewelry. Because of the purple and blue glitter flake face, the watch has a shimmering appearance that is reminiscent of the ocean. A variety of colored crystals indicates the hours, and the 12 o’clock position is marked with a rose gold-hued shell.

The dial is surrounded by a bezel with a rose gold finish, which goes well with the rose gold arms. This model is finished off with a gorgeous strap made of purple leather. This watch is an excellent way to remain on top of the mermaid trends that are popular during the summertime.

Because rose gold is the hue of the watch, the bracelet that goes with it is also rose gold. The bracelet features not only the renowned ‘Olivia’ tag but also a double chain that adds an extra layer of mystery to the piece. It looks like it was pulled from out of the ocean, complete with starfish, shells, and diamonds that resemble pearls.

Wonderland Blush Demi Dial Gold Watch

This design is both simple and stunning at the same time. It has a mother-of-pearl dial with a ring of stones around the center of it, making it very eye-catching. The timepiece exudes a modern and classic appearance because both the Roman numeral indices and the hands-on on this watch’s face are gold-toned.

The watch’s bezel features an encrustment of crystals, which allows it to capture the light beautifully. The timepiece is powered by a quartz movement, which is both accurate and reliable. The dial is surrounded by a casing made of gold-toned stainless steel that is 34 millimeters in diameter. This look is finished off with a bracelet made of stainless steel that has been plated in gold and features a deployment clasp.

This timepiece is splash resistant, which means that it can withstand brief exposure to trace amounts of water, such as when it comes into touch with rain or dew while being worn. Both the model’s gold finish, which is considered classic, and its crystal display are timelessly elegant. This lady’s sparkle would be a welcome touch to any ensemble or occasion.

3D Daisy Rose Gold and Silver Mesh Watch

A rose gold casing clip is used to fasten the wristband’s silver netting, which is quite similar to the one used on the prior bracelet. As is typically the case with Olivia Burton timepieces, the face gives this particular model its eye-catching appeal.

The watch got its name because it looks like a daisy when viewed in three dimensions. In addition, the middle of the daisy and the hands of the watch are both made of rose gold. Because of this, the watch that you are looking at is one of the most attractive choices that you can find, irrespective of where you look.

Case Cuff Nude Peach and Rose Gold Watch

This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful clocks that have ever been crafted. It comes with a really stunning strap in peach color, and a rose gold casing. The rose gold blossoms, which are many and continue up the left side of the casing, are a beautiful compliment to the peach face. The overall look is finished off with three hands and Roman numerals that are all crafted out of exquisite gold.

Concluding Thoughts on Olivia Burton Watches

People who enjoy designs that are reminiscent of bygone eras are the perfect candidates for Olivia Burton watches. Their devoted fan base directly results from the superb craftsmanship seen across their watch collection. Olivia Burton watches feature a great deal of attention to detail, which guarantees that they are anything from simple timepieces, even though you may think they are.

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