An update to the Galaxy Watch Active's firmware makes it both more intelligent and sportier

A new firmware update for the Galaxy Watch Active has been released by Samsung and is currently being distributed. Users will be able to get even more usage out of their device thanks to the addition of a number of new functions that are made available by the software.

The Galaxy Watch Active is a terrific accessory for keeping track of your health and exercise goals. This upgrade, which is 75 megabytes in size and has the label R500XXU1CSG6, makes it even more beneficial.

The activity of swimming is now included in the list of workouts that can be identified and recorded automatically. There are now individualized low heart rate notifications that may be set up to notify you if something is wrong with your ticker. These alerts give you the ability to choose how often they are sent. Due to enhancements made to the user interface, Plus customers will have an easier time accessing the breathing rate detection and the guides.

The revised software comes with a few more useful and innovative features as well.

This offers enhanced functionality for the Bixby assistant. Users can now ask Samsung’s virtual assistant to start individualized workouts, check out the difference in time between different cities, or take control of their smart homes by voicing their requests. According to the company, all of this can be accomplished using terminology that is more common in everyday discourse. Bixby will also learn your routines so that, over time, he may be of even greater assistance to you.

The graphic that follows demonstrates how the App Tray’s design has been updated since it was last seen. It ought to now be much simpler for you to navigate around and locate the feature that you are looking for.

At long last, a fresh Goodnight Mode is available. This provides a less obvious visual interface, thereby reducing the likelihood that your sleep may be disrupted in any way. Users are able to check the time with the push of a button and have peace of mind that they will not be distracted by notification alerts when this feature is enabled.

Certain Asian countries have begun receiving the firmware update version R500XXU1CSG6, which has begun spreading. In the following days, it ought to make its way to all areas of the country.

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