Apple Family Sharing Functions And Benefits

Apple’s Family Sharing allows you to share your favorite things with the people you love.

Up to five family members can use Family Sharing to share access to Apple services like Apple TV+, Apple Music, Apple News+, and the Apple Arcade.

App Store purchases, Apple Books, and iTunes purchases can be shared with your squad. Make a photo book for the entire family to share. You can keep them all in the same iCloud storage account. Don’t worry if you misplace a device. Your family members can assist you in locating it. It’s simple to set up, and you may construct your digital ecosystem for your family. This could be done without jeopardizing security, privacy, or parental control.

Functions and Benefits


  • The group is organized by one adult organizer.
  • Invite new members or create an account for anyone under thirteen.
  • Choose the features and services you’d like to make public. Family Sharing is already set up and ready to use on everyone’s devices.


  • Make a family of up to five people, including children.
  • Choose the services and features you’d like to share and experience with your friends.
  • Create accounts for minors under the age of 13.


  • Share your favorite TV shows and movies, music, games, and even news subscriptions.
  • Members of the family can use their Apple devices to access the services they choose.
  • Individual users only see their interests, recommendations, and stuff, ensuring complete privacy.


  • Share the content you’re passionate about – Films, television, music, video games, and current events
  • Share subscriptions with friends and family to avoid paying twice.
  • You can only see your activity; your content history is not visible to other members.

Shared iCloud Storage

  • Single storage plan for the whole family


  • Easy storage - Keep track of what you’re doing.
  • If you need additional space, it’s simple to increase.
  • Your images, videos, documents, and information are entirely private.

Purchase Sharing 

  • Purchase sharing allows you to share movies, TV episodes, songs, books, and apps with your family (with permission)
  • They can be found in the Purchases section.
  • Browse by a member of the family.
  • Members can benefit from your purchases if you share them with others.
  • Individual items can be hidden to keep the purchases private.


  • Stop buying the same thing over and over.
  • Privacy
  • Sharing favorite content.

Set Limits

  • Purchase limits can be set suitably.
  • When using Family Sharing, the Organiser’s account is charged, but they have authority over it.
  • Children’s purchases can be limited by using warnings.
  • Examine the purchase and decide whether to approve or reject it.
  • It is also possible to examine free downloads.


  • Before they shop on your account, they require your approval.
  • Examine the material to make sure it’s acceptable for the target audience.
  • From anywhere on your Apple device, send a message.
  • Approval or denial on time

Screen Time

  • You can find out how your children spend their time on websites and applications.
  • You can also find out how long they spend on their smartphones.
  • Check out the activity reports.
  • Set restrictions on which apps you can use on your Apple device.
  • Assign other family members to the role of parent or guardian.


  • Learn what your children are doing with their devices and how long they use them.
  • Keep your composure and balance, and you’ll be OK.

Find My

  • Keep track of your relatives.
  • It’s convenient for getting together or making sure the kids are safely home from school.
  • Invite a family member to share their location by sending them an invitation.
  • This feature can locate any misplaced devices, even when they are not connected to the internet.


  • Knowing that your children are secure gives you peace of mind.
  • This is ideal for elderly relatives.
  • Never leave a gadget unattended, even if it’s turned off.
  • If you’re meeting with family members, you can keep track of them if they get lost or arrive late.


  • Get a shared family photo album made automatically in your Photos app across all family devices.
  • All members can upload movies or photos.
  • Get notified when more items are added.
  • Comment on available content.


  • Family members should be able to share and preserve lovely memories.
  • Real-time sharing with family members
  • Make the most of the comments and share movies and photographs with your friends.


  • Use a family calendar that everyone can see.
  • All members can add, view, and edit events.
  • Get notified when something changes.
  • Use the Reminders app to create reminders.


  • Never forget a major event again.
  • Keep track of your children’s clubs, activities, and parties.
  • Allow your gadget to do the memorizing for you.
  • Allow others to make changes and events as required.

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