Apple has just announced their third edition of their smartwatch, which includes LTE

During today’s keynote session, Apple unveiled the Apple Watch Series 3, which will be compatible with LTE networks, have a speedier processor/wireless chip, and will also include a barometric altimeter.

There will be an Apple Watch Series 3 available with cellular connectivity, as well as a version that does not have cellular connectivity. You can start placing your pre-orders on September 15 in certain locations, and actual availability won’t begin until the following week.

Tim Cook began the proceedings by revealing that his company’s wearable had surpassed Rolex to become the number one selling watch in the world. This particular announcement was made in reference to the Apple Watch. Furthermore, he stated that Apple Watch sales had increased by a factor of fifty percent year over year.Because Apple does not publicly disclose its sales data, we will have no choice but to accept its word for it.

As was to be predicted, the most significant improvement brought about by the Series 3 model is cellular connectivity, which is reportedly integrated into the display itself. The phone number stored on your smartphone will be used by the watch. The Series 3 includes a small electronic SIM card, although customers will still require a SIM card to operate the device. We are not exaggerating when we claim that it is small because it is only one percent the size of a conventional SIM card.

When you move away from your phone, the watch will switch to using the cellular signal instead of the Bluetooth connection. This enables you to make and receive calls, as well as send and receive text messages, even when you are not physically connected to your smartphone. In addition to native programs, third-party software will also have access to this signal.

The dual-core CPU inside the third-generation smartwatch will be seventy percent faster than its predecessor.will be the first time Siri is able to talk. In addition, there is a W2 chip for Bluetooth and WiFi connections. This chip enables a connection that is 85 percent faster while also being 50 percent more efficient.

Additionally, Apple Music will be available on the device. Streaming music will be delivered right to your wrist, and you will have access to over 40 million songs to pick from.

Unfortunately, the battery life has not improved in any way. Even though it has a battery life of up to 18 hours, you will need to charge it every day. It’s possible that this should have been anticipated given the increase in requirements.

A new barometric altimeter sensor has recently become available for use in the realm of fitness. Because of this, the watch will at long last be able to calculate your height and keep track of the number of floors you’ve traversed. When it comes to monitoring ski workouts, this fantastic function is one that the corporation will, without a doubt, put to good use. There is no mention of a sleep tracking option, which is odd given that the device has an 18-hour battery life. Having this feature would be quite redundant.

The sensor that monitors the heart rate has also undergone some modifications. As a result of a new complication that has been added to the watch face, you will soon be able to view your current heart rate by just raising your wrist. The addition of a “recovering heart rate” that displays how quickly your heart rate drops after exercise, as well as an alarm that goes off if the watch detects an abnormal surge in your data, is also included in this watch.

The Apple Watch will, for the first time, be able to tell you what your heart rate is like when you’re at rest. Because your resting heart rate is potentially the single most important measure of both your health and fitness, this is a fantastic improvement and a glaring absence in previous versions of the article. It is generally agreed that the heart rate sensor found on the Apple Watch is fairly impressive for a wrist gadget. Also, earlier today, we told you about a new Apple Heart Study that aimed to find atrial fibrillation. What happened today confirmed this finding.

The only visual difference between one generation and the next is the addition of a single red dot to the crown of each successive iteration. The only alteration from before is that the rear crystal has been stretched out ever-so-slightly. Otherwise, the case is exactly the same (0.2 millimeters).

Numerous new designs of watch bands and dials have recently been available. Existing owners will be relieved to learn that there is backwards compatibility with the straps and bands they already have, as the new one is about the same size as the old one.

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