Apple is doing research to find out if its wearable can pick up on problems with the heart

A story that came out on Monday said that Apple is working with a group of doctors at Stanford and the telemedicine company American Well to find out if its wearable can be used to diagnose common heart diseases.

According to a person who spoke with CNBC, Apple is particularly interested in determining whether or not its wrist wearable can be used to identify atrial fibrillation or other irregular heart rhythms. The condition does not always present an issue, but there is a possibility that it will do so.

Abnormal cardiac rhythms are the underlying cause of more than one hundred thousand strokes each year. Atrial fibrillation is characterized by a disordered and disorganized pattern of electrical conduction in the heart. Some of the symptoms are feeling faint, weak, and exhausted.

The disease can be treated, but since many people don’t have symptoms, the key to successful treatment is early diagnosis. If the Apple Watch is found to be useful in diagnosing heart conditions in patients, this would catapult the device from “nice to have” to “must have” status in the eyes of many consumers. Several years ago, we started working on the Apple Watch, and one of our goals was to perform some assessments of your health that others were not measuring, at least continuously. This was one of our primary motivations. similar to your heart. In an interview with Fortune published on Monday, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, stated in an interview that just a small percentage of individuals wore cardiac monitors.

This is a subject that holds a great deal of interest for us. In addition, there is the potential for financial gain.

Apple isn’t the only company in the wearables industry actively developing this technology. According to a report that appeared in Time not too long ago, Fitbit is also hard at work studying methods by which its heart rate sensor might be used to pinpoint periods during which irregular heartbeats may be occurring.

James Park, the CEO of Fitbit, stated during his keynote talk at the IFA that he was hopeful the Ionic would be able to identify atrial fibrillation. This event took place the week prior. In addition to that, he made a huge show of the company’s intentions for the future in the medical industry.

Apple has not yet made any public announcements regarding the project associated with the heart. The clinical trial is expected to take place later this year, according to the sources.

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