Apple obtains a patent for watch bands with LED activity progress and notification lights

A new patent for watch bands with LED lights has been granted to Apple. These would be applied to the band itself to indicate the status of specific operations.

The patent, which is titled “Indicators for wearable electronic devices,” was published a few days ago by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The document describes watch bands with a number of arranged LED notification lights. Users would be able to check the status of other activities and how close they are to completing their activity objectives using indicators on the bands without having to activate the watch display. It might even be used to simply remind someone of their upcoming appointment.

Apple obtains a patent for watch bands that have LED lights that show activity progress.

Clusters of lights displaying various geometric shapes, such as a circle or triangle, would be used. For instance, it would be able to offer a progress bar showing the daily step count or color-match the activity rings on the band itself. Although the patent also mentions the option of adding illuminations to the sides, the visuals would mostly be on the band’s flat external surface.

According to the patent, “the band has a number of “variably illuminable” parts that are controlled by the main device.”

This could refer to a single area that is lit up in various ways or possibly a divided area that has different pieces that light up over time.

It goes without saying that there are a few benefits to this. One benefit is that you wouldn’t need to glance at the device’s primary display because getting information by seeing it on the band would be quicker and more practical. It would also help preserve the watch’s battery life. Although the band won’t perform any intensive processing, the fact that wearers won’t be interacting with the watch as frequently will help it last longer.

Apple obtains a patent for watch bands that have LED lights that show activity progress

The Cupertino company has previously considered including smart bands. However, in the past, it concerned technology that could directly integrate additional sensors and computing power into a single chassis. Batteries, displays, GPS, cameras, thermometers, blood pressure sensors, sweat sensors, speakers, and other components might be included in the smart linkages that would snap into one another.It’s important to remember that these are currently only patent applications. Another question is if any of them ever come to pass. The company is at least considering creative ways to increase the usefulness of its smartwatch, according to the documents.


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