Apple Watch Users who Enable Mail Privacy Protection Will Have their IP Addresses Exposed

It has been determined through testing that the Apple Watch is not compatible with the Mail Privacy Protection feature. Even if users have the feature enabled on their iPhones, iPads, or Macs, it still causes their IP addresses to become publicly available.

The most recent update to the operating system, which took place in September, included Mail Privacy Protection as one of its new features. This feature is available on most Apple devices. On the other hand, it doesn’t appear that the Apple Watch does.

The addition of the function was motivated by a concern for increased safety. You may turn it on by navigating to Settings > Mail > Privacy Protection and then toggling the “On” switch for that option.

Developers developed the functionality to provide people with a sense of calm. When you turn on Mail Privacy Protection, you gain access to various distinct benefits.

To begin with, it is beneficial because it helps block senders from collecting information about the users. For instance, they will not be able to determine if and when a recipient of their email has opened it. Helpful in navigating interactions with those obnoxious marketeers. Even when users download remote photos, the functionality conceals the user’s IP address, making it impossible to determine the user’s IP address using this strategy. Senders accomplish this by inserting pixels into the email that are invisible to the recipient.

The Apple Watch is not Compatible with the Mail Privacy Protection Service

It appears that the Mail Privacy Protection feature does not support the Apple Watch, despite the fact that it functions correctly on the most recent versions of the operating system that runs on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Tommy Mysk, an iOS developer and security analyst, successfully sent an email to himself, including a picture that was hosted on his server. Through the use of Google Analytics, he was able to acquire the IP address that had been utilized to retrieve the photograph.

He accomplished this with the help of the Apple Watch app for Mail. He was presented with his actual IP address rather than one that the device arbitrarily assigned to him. Simply previewing a mail reveals your details. The downloading of photos should go through a proxy network. However, it is clear that this is not the case with the Apple Watch. Not good.

It is evident that Apple’s Watch does not adhere to Mail Privacy Protection laws. It is not yet quite apparent whether this is the intended manner in which the function should operate. It isn’t easy to fathom how this could possibly be true.

It is more likely that this was an oversight on Apple’s part, which will be addressed in one of the upcoming watchOS upgrades. It is something that people who use Apple Watches should be aware of for the time being - do not allow yourself to be fooled into a false feeling of safety.

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