Are Concord Watches Worthy of All the Acclaim and Sophistication?

Those knowledgeable about luxury watches have most likely heard something about Concord Watches. Because it costs at least $1700, many question whether or not the wristwatch is as sophisticated and flawless as the company claims it to be. The Swiss label has indeed been operating for a considerable amount of time and sells well-known models, namely the Mariner.

The watch is, in all honesty, among the best that people can purchase, but due to a shift in consumer desire for watches in the middle price range, Concord Watches experienced a decline in prominence in the early 2000s. Former sports lovers are more interested in the sport now that luxury sports models have been introduced.

Let’s look at some of the most critical aspects of Concord Watches.

The Past of Concord Watches

In the year 1908, five watchmakers working together in the city of Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, came up with the idea for Concord. They controlled the luxury timepiece industry for slightly more than 60 years until the quartz crises of the 1970s compelled them to redesign. They were able to survive the difficulties of the 1970s because of the invention of the Concord Delirium, which was later dubbed the World Thinnest Watch. Concord regained its position as the industry leader of Swiss watches due to this watch.

Today’s top and most popular model from Concord. The Mariner was released less than a year after the Titanic, which itself had made history. However, after the launch of the Mariner, Concord once again lagged behind the competition due to the growing popularity of mid-range watches. They made their comeback in 2007 by introducing the C1, which was their first vehicle in the Sports Luxury segment of the market. Concord’s comeback was once again an enormous commercial success.

Concord is considered a professional and knowledgeable organization because of the length of time it has been in business. The year 2018 marked the debut of their brand’s new logo. The Gordian Knot is reminiscent of the numerous successful global partnerships that Concord has pursued over one hundred years in the watchmaking industry.

A Holistic Perspective on the Designs of Their Collection

There are timepieces available for both men and women at Concord Watches. They are now offering only three distinct models to select from, in contrast to the practices of other organizations, because they have decided to remain with whatever they’re familiar with. There are subtle differences between each model, but they all share the same fundamental characteristics. They are as follows:

  • The Mariner
  • The Mariner SL.
  • The Saratoga.

Let’s divide the various collections down into their constituent parts.

The Mariner

Quartz watches designed for women and men are housed within stainless steel cases. They may be customized in many different ways, such as allowing women to select a Rose Gold combination casing and a White Mother of Pearl marquetry adorned with 12 inlaid diamonds.

This is merely one of the wide varieties seen in women’s fashion. Males may opt for an anti-reflective sapphire that comes with various dials in colors like black, green, red, or blue. Every Mariner comes with a push-button and a warranty of five bars of water resistance.

The Mariner SL 

The Mariner SL exudes everything you love about the Women’s and Men’s original Mariner but offers a slimmer The Mariner SL is still the same stainless steel model that you adore from Quarts; all that has changed is that some of the weight has been added to it. This version is recommended for individuals with wrists that are not as large.

The Saratoga

The look of the Saratoga range is more authoritative than that of the Mariner, which holds for both the men’s and women’s versions. Buyers can find the engraved name CONCORD on the crown of the face of each and every one of the timepieces in the collection. This is the brand’s identifying feature. In addition to this, there is an increased focus on time, which is shown by large Roman Numerals, a date window, and hour and minute hands that are metal-plated.

Cost Range on Concord Watches

Although Swiss watches, in general, might be pretty pricey, how do their prices stack up against those of other Swiss brands, such as Rolex? When we contrast the cost of a Rolex watch with that of a Concord watch, we see that the Concord watch is a competitive alternative.

The majority of Concord’s watches may be purchased for anywhere between $1500 to $4800, which places them somewhat below the typical starting price of a Rolex, which is $7000. Now, not every high-end watch is as functional as a Rolex, which may cost upwards of $40,000. Except, of course, you are also going to start trying to compare it to Hublot watches, which is possible. If that’s the case, Concord looks like an incredible deal.

Features, Function, and Warranties

Because Concord is a member of the Movado watch group, each and every one of their timepieces come with a limited warranty of three years. Even while no material can be completely scratch-proof, Concord watches are made with high-quality materials such as gold, stainless steel, and rose gold, as well as other substances that are designed to last a lifetime provided they are properly maintained.

Warranty on the Timepieces

A limited guarantee that covers any flaws in quality or materials that occur within the first three years of ownership and prohibits the timepiece from operating normally.

The guarantee does not cover aesthetic damage, the destruction caused by overuse, cosmetic wear and tear, analog batteries, straps, crystals, bracelets, PVD, or iconic gold plating. Nor does it cover PVD plating.

If the timepiece is not bought from an authorized Movado retailer, the warranty will not be valid. A receipt is necessary in order to make warranty claims.

The Good and the Bad

At this moment, everything appears to be in great shape. A company that has been around for a while and sells watches produced in Switzerland at prices that are not prohibitively expensive? Before we get to a conclusion, let’s weigh the benefits and drawbacks of this option.


  • It maintains a sense of sophistication and luxury whilst offering both understated and eye-catching designs, making it an excellent choice of attire for any event.
  • The price is reasonable for such a high-end luxury brand.
  • Still made in Switzerland without any reduction in the quality of the components used.


  • Not as well-known as it previously was when the company first started off.
  • Limited duration of warranty coverage for an expensive premium watch.

Concluding Thoughts on Concord Watches

It’s possible that you finally feel like you’ve found someone who can compete with you. Concord Watches isn’t one of the new watch brands that are popping up everywhere and selling high-end watches at bargain prices. More than a century has passed since Concord watches were first introduced, and throughout that time, they have evolved alongside their consumer base. The brand has maintained its identity by continuing to offer attractive designs and high-quality materials, despite the fact that it has partners all around the world.

They provide three different collections, one of which has been a consistent offering since the 1980s and caters to both men and women. Those who prefer not to carry too much burden on their wrists can select the Mariner’s slimmer profile, which is available as an option.

There’s not much to stress when it regards their business, but if we would suggest any modification, it’d be to offer more robust warranties.

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