As part of its drive into the indoor cycling market, Garmin plans to buy Tacx

In an effort to broaden its presence in the indoor cycling sector, Garmin has reached an agreement to purchase the Dutch company Tacx.

Tacx’s bike trainers and its cycling software have garnered a lot of attention over the years. An Amsterdam-based group of approximately two hundred people was the first to connect computer electronics to stationary bicycle trainers. This resulted in the implementation of an entirely new method of training, which consists of using a screen that displays cycle data in conjunction with virtual worlds and online competitions if it is raining outside.

On the other hand, Garmin was a pioneer in the development of GPS navigation as well as wireless gadgets and applications that are geared towards people who are interested in fitness. The business offers a variety of cycling computers and accessories for cyclists to purchase.

Because of this deal, Trax will finally have the resources necessary to compete with other applications that are more widely known, such as Zwift. Garmin will buy a high-quality line of fitness equipment and software for use indoors. The company will be able to market and sell both of these products using its large distribution network.

Cliff Pemble, President and CEO of Garmin, said, “Tacx adds a whole new product category to Garmin’s fitness line, which expands our reach in the indoor training market.”

“Together with Tacx, Garmin will provide cyclists with a year-round experience that is consistent, joyful, and motivating wherever they ride, irrespective of whether they are riding indoors or outside,”

The acquisition will take place in the second quarter of 2019, but the terms of the financial transaction have not been disclosed. A video demonstration of the well-known Tacx Neo 2 Smart bike trainer may be found below.

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