As part of its most recent software upgrade, Withings now integrates data from Strava

One of the most well-known and widely used fitness apps is called Strava. The program is used by tens of millions of runners, bikers, and other active people who want to log their activities, compare their performance over time, and share the photographs, tales, and highlights of their trips with one another.

Because of a recent software upgrade, Strava is now compatible with the Withings Health Mate app. It is compatible with the Steel HR, Steel HR Sport, and Pulse HR smartwatches, and it gives you the ability to synchronize your workouts between the Withings app and the Strava feed.

To begin the process of enabling the integration, open the Health Mate app and go to the Profile/Strava tab. When prompted, tap the “Link to Strava” button and enter your user name and password (or create a new Strava account). Just hit the “Done” button.

The “Sharing to Strava” option may be easily toggled on or off by going to the Profile section of the Health Mate app and selecting Strava from the drop-down menu that appears. Additionally, the integration gives users the ability to enable Strava screens directly on their Withings watches. To accomplish this, select the Devices tab and then search for “Screen Customization” in the menu that appears.

Users are able to get a comprehensive look at their performance statistics with the Strava app. It has just lately incorporated two new features that have been given the names “Fitness” and “Perceived Exertion.” The first of these gives users an understanding of how their exercises are piling up over time, while the second gives users the ability to manually rate how their run, ride, or other type of activity feels.

Today marks the beginning of the rollout of the Withings software, but it could be a few days before it is fully distributed. Simply launch the application on your smartphone, and when requested to do so, update the tracker’s software. It is also a good idea to check that you have the most recent version of the program installed on your device.

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