Awair has introduced a version of its air quality sensor that is more accessible financially

Awair has introduced a new model of their widely used air quality metre that is priced significantly lower. The Element provides all of the sensors that its larger brother does at a price that is approximately 25 per cent lower.

Through its dot display and smartphone app, the Awair 2nd edition, which we reviewed, delivers fast and interesting feedback on the air quality. This was one of the findings of our evaluation. It provides notifications and recommendations if there is a problem, and it comes with a wide variety of personalization choices and connectors for smart homes. There is, in all honesty, not a whole lot to dislike about this.

Awair is a comprehensive solution for individuals and families who are worried about the quality of the air that they and their loved ones breathe. The price tag, on the other hand, is a significant obstacle. Although it is true that one cannot place a price on their health, the device in question retails at $199, making it far from the most affordable option available. Element is working to rectify this situation.

Temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matter 2.5 (PM2.5) are the five air quality sensors that are included in the most recent edition, just as they were in the first. Users of Element are able to comprehend their overall air quality by utilising the Awair Score, check individual sensed data, and track changes in their surroundings over time thanks to the app that Element employs.

The construction is the only point of differentiation. The new version is not made of wood but rather comes in a design that is more cost-effective plastic. Aside from that, nothing has changed.

It would appear that Awair is improving in every way. The company, which is situated in California, debuted its initial air quality monitor in the not-too-distant year of 2015. Since then, it has released a number of goods by making use of the $21 million in funding that it has raised to this point. The company claims that it has clients in more than 3,000 cities all over the world.

The issue of pollution in the air is not going to go away any time in the near future. Very few people are aware that the air quality indoors can often be far worse than the air quality outside. After turning on the oven and using some chemicals for cleaning, the quality will immediately decline. The Awair product line is designed to educate as well as inform its customers.

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