BEFORE YOU: Transform any helmet into a high-tech communication center

In front of you is a high-tech accessory that can be attached to any kind of helmet and gives you the ability to use your smartphone and stay in contact with others in a risk-free environment while you’re on the move.

Wearable technology was initially developed to allow construction workers to interact with one another while they were on the job. The company has decided to seek funding for Ahead through the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter at this time.

If you fasten this device, which is shaped like a triangle, to your current helmet, you will be able to enjoy a full range of audio capabilities, including making calls, participating in group chats, or listening to music without using your hands. AHEAD establishes a connection with your smartphone over Bluetooth in order to carry out conversation wirelessly. The best part is that there are no cumbersome headphone jacks or cords to get caught up with.

The innovative device is distinct from standard Bluetooth headsets in that it uses an oscillator to send sound straight into your helmet. Specifically, it does so by means of vibration, which may be understood as the transmission of sound. Because of this, you will be able to hear music and conversations with complete clarity while you are on the move, regardless of how loud the environment is. You can also obtain notifications such as navigation instructions and more with just a single click on the link provided.

While it is essential to be able to hear audio without any distortion, this is only one part of the puzzle. Clear Voice Capture is a proprietary technology developed by AHEAD that utilizes two microphones positioned at a right angle to ensure that your voice can be picked up in any environment, regardless of how windy or noisy it may be. This implies that you will no longer need to shout or fidget with bothersome microphones in front of your mouth.

AHEAD can be used either with or without the corresponding app. By downloading the app for iOS or Android, you have the advantage of being able to personalize the buttons, activate push-to-talk, and make adjustments to the various other options.

The period spent in standby is three days. You have the ability to listen to music nonstop for up to six hours, and you can talk on the phone for up to eight hours. The device comes with two different types of mounts that can be attached to helmets, as well as a special flat mount that can be attached to any flat surface and used to turn that surface into a speaker.

Price: $79 and above from there

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