Benefits of an Akashic Records Reading

In an Akashic Records reading you receive a channeling of information to the specific questions you ask. On many occasions, additional necessary information is also received at that time.

The information we receive is to make us responsible and aware of the present moment.

The messages we receive show us where we come from and the possibilities we have to overcome that test or keep repeating it over and over again.

Reading gives us guidelines to heal those situations that currently worry us, block us, makes us aware and shows us the responsibility we have in our past, present and future actions.
In an Akashic Records reading we heal because we remind the soul of its journey through existence. It is a very long journey, of many lives and experiences where we have accumulated traumas, blockages, karmic ties… and also strengths, learnings, gifts and qualities.

In a reading, we read the soul, there are all our answers. The souls of the reader are connected with that of the client and the information is passed on, the reader is only a channel. That information comes without judgment, without masks, without self-criticism. The message is pure and luminous. The reader must be a clean channel without judgments.

In a reading, the information arrives in different ways, a meaningless phrase can arrive for the reader, an image, a sensation, a feeling. The reader transmits as is, without interpreting, without judgment, the client understands it because it is a message for he. On some occasion the client says that he does not understand, but his soul has understood it and in a few days that healing will have occurred.

In a reading we can capture his past lives, his path between lives, his family contracts, because you chose that family to develop it.

What can we ask in an Akashic Records reading?

Many people do not know what an Akashic Records reading is and when they already have that information they do not know what to ask or they believe that their questions are not adequate.

To facilitate this task and as a guide, thematic readings can be made, which define the issues to work on:

  • Life mission reading.
  • Skills or qualities you possess.
  • The blockages and learnings that must be made to achieve that mission.
  • Concrete steps you need to take to reorient yourself if necessary.

Soulmate reading

  • In the first place, the guides explain what that person is prepared to know at that moment.
  • We will look for twin, related, complementary souls, companions and sisters of the consultant.
  • Not just the couple.
  • This reading talks about love and relationships.
  • Work to heal those aspects and align your soul with souls that are in tune with yours.

Past life reading

  • Essential past lives are accessed, the ones that influence your present, at this time in your life.
  • Many times lives with negative karma are seen, it shows us that we have to heal to move forward.
  • Lives with positive karma that have given the soul power and qualities to overcome obstacles.
  • It is a karmic understanding of what ails the consultant and what he has to transcend it.

Spiritual projection reading

  • The information is in tune with the higher soul.
  • Soul origin, soul family.
  • Soul mission for this life (Projection in the divine plan).
  • Supra-consciousness, connection with spiritual guides.
  • Name of the soul and name of the guides.
  • Messages from spirit guides.
  • In this reading this information is received, no questions are asked.

Family tree reading

  • Delve into the family tree (it is necessary to bring the tree, even the great-grandparents made).
  • When reading, the empty spaces are filled.
  • Blockages and gifts of the tree are observed.
  • In the tree are all the answers, that’s why we have chosen that family.
  • You have to transcend the blocks of the family clan.

Reading on a specific topic

  • Health, love, profession, family, abundance.
  • Just one topic.
  • Causes, possible consequences, alternatives, exercises for change, etc.

Overall reading

  • The consultant elaborates (5 or 6) his questions and the guides answer.

Sometimes the consultant asks and asks, insists on a topic because he believes that he has not been answered or wants a specific answer. The guides transmit only what is necessary at this time, more information can block us instead of helping us. They respond to what we need to know for our own good, not what we want to hear.

Many times we want them to “guess the future” for us, the guides respond to what we need at this moment, the here and now, depends on what we do now will be our future, when we resort to the past it is to transform the now and have a better future. Healing is always in the present, if we transform the here and now, the past and the future are healed.

The truth heals

The only possible way to heal is knowing the truth, that is why in an Akashic Records reading the truth of the soul is sought, it is not valid to qualify the answer no matter how hard it is, the only thing we want is to heal and it is only possible with the truth .

Sometimes these “uncomfortable truths” that we can hear in a reading of the Akashic Records, rationally we do not find them useful, but the soul recognizes them, reminds them of the paths traveled so as not to repeat them unnecessarily… There are also “positive truths”, those gifts that we have and perhaps do not remember, can be hidden behind problems that we need to know about in order to move forward.

The information we receive in an Akashic Records reading needs time to process, the truth impacts and our emotional and mental body must process it, it is not known how long, it depends on the person, the conflict, it can be days, months or years for that The guides leave the solution to the conflict in the air, when the time comes for each one it makes sense.

What can we find in the Akashic Records?

What can we find in the Akashic Records?

There is the absolute information of the soul, without limits, without judgments. All the experiences of all lives, of all dimensions, of all possible times and in any frequency. We can access it as we go along the path, little by little, we cannot receive all the information at once because we would collapse.

There are aspects where we can find limits to access, they are plots in which we have put unconscious keys to not get to that information, perhaps because it is not the time or they are very painful memories, for example in the space between lives, where we choose what we come from to work, how, and with whom.

These memories vetoed by ourselves can be non-monetary debts with other souls, violent deaths, illnesses in old families, illnesses in the current family, unfulfilled missions, intrauterine life, unfulfilled duels in this or other lives… When we reach this point where we meet a wall, it is very interesting to resort to an akashic healing, where we illuminate those aspects so that the consultant becomes aware and can transcend them.

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