Best 21 Smartwatches in 2022 – New and Upgraded

Best 21 Smartwatches in 2022 – New and Upgraded


In 2022, the top 21 smartwatches will be — The capacity to perform stunts is something that all great smartwatches have in common. They can utilize voice commands to browse the web, track your whereabouts using GPS, and check your health and fitness using a variety of intelligent built-in sensors. You almost certainly own a modern smartphone. To pair a smartwatch with it, you’ll need one, but some of the more capable models can function without being connected. That’s great for your own freedom.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 21 smartwatches available. We considered the features, design, specifications, and cost.

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1. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

We decided to start with the second most popular smartwatch in the world in 2022 when considering the top 21 smartwatches (of course, the Apple Watch remains top).

This watch runs on Wear OS and is currently only compatible with Android. The 4 has an AMOLED-lit 1.2-inch or 1.4-inch 450 x 450 pixel display. Wireless charging, 16GB of built-in storage, and a battery life of up to 3 days between charges. Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity are also available on this new Galaxy watch. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the company’s most successful product to date. It is based on the Galaxy Watch 3 from 2020, but it is divided into two variants: the new improved Watch 4 and the Classic, which retains most of the original design characteristics while adding enhancements.The spinning bezel of the classic model watch makes navigation simple. It’s a lot easier than a lot of other options, which require you to tap the screen. Because WearOS is used, the apps you can use are more advanced. It has a number of useful software features. Fitness and sports tracking, among other things, function well. Some extremely useful health features, such as blood pressure monitoring, are an added bonus.

The watch is not compatible with iPhone users. Continue reading to learn about the Apple Watch, which comes next in this list of the top 21 smartwatches. Overall, the Galaxy Watch 4 is a fantastic all-arounder. This is a wonderful option if you require a smartwatch that can track your health and fitness while also delivering smart functions to your wrist.

2. Apple Watch Series 7

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is a direct competitor to the Apple Watch Series 7. The Apple Watch Series 7 received some significant enhancements, which users have praised. To begin with, it provides 33 percent faster charging, making it more convenient than ever before. Apple Watch Series 4 owners will be able to experience a screen that is over 50% larger than the Apple Watch Series 3 thanks to a gorgeous AMOLED display. This is due to the fact that the boundaries have been modified to be 40% smaller. This isn’t the only aspect of the presentation that has been altered. The Always-On display, which has a 70% brighter screen, allows for convenient viewing at any time.

This watch is crack resistant, dust resistant (IPX6 Certification), and water resistant, thanks to the toughest crystal they’ve ever used (WR50). It’s also stylish for everyone, with five new aluminum colors. Everyone is talking about the additional health features. One of the advantages is the ability to take an ECG at any moment and measure your blood oxygen levels. And with so many fitness regimens and tracking apps available, staying motivated is easier than ever.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

This watch runs on Tizen OS and works with both iOS and Android devices. It boasts a 1.2-inch AMOLED display with 360 × 360 pixels. It has 4GB of internal storage and a battery life of roughly 2 days. It charges wirelessly and has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It has a 50-meter water resistance rating. Samsung reduced the size of several of the Galaxy Watch’s trendiest features and made it more sporty. It’s more comfy, lighter, and thinner. A digital rotating bezel is also included. There haven’t been any significant modifications. That isn’t meant to be construed as a criticism. For the price, it’s a fantastic watch. It has a 1.2-inch 360 x 360-pixel display that is extremely bright and bold. It’s quite a lovely device.

It has all of the premium fitness features you’d expect from a Samsung watch. It contains 39 different sports modes, as well as an ECG and a heart rate monitor. You may also use the app to track your sleep and stress levels. It can be used to monitor your blood pressure, although Samsung has yet to reveal how. It’s less expensive than an Apple Watch, though the price has risen somewhat to keep up with the competition. It isn’t inexpensive, but when compared to the Galaxy 3, it may be preferable.

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4. Fitbit Versa 3

This app is compatible with both iOS and Android and runs on the Fitbit OS. AMOLED display with 300 x 300 pixels. The Fitbit Versa 3 boasts 4GB of inbuilt storage and can last up to six days on a single charge. It comes with its own charger. This watch is water-resistant to a depth of 5 meters. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and contactless payment capabilities. The Fitbit Versa 3 is the company’s most current product. The company is one of the most well-known in the fitness tracker industry. The Versa 3 comes with a slew of improvements over the original, including Alexa and Google Assistant integration.

If you didn’t enjoy the first iteration, the Versa 3 may disappoint you as well. It’s virtually the same gadget, however it lacks features such as offline Spotify and GPS. The Versa 3 will appeal to those who want simple and sweet trackers. It is unquestionably cost-effective in terms of what you get.

5. Garmin Fenix 7

In 2022, Garmin will release numerous fantastic products, including the Garmin Fenix 7, which is one of the most talked-about smartwatches on the market. The watch itself starts at $699 and rises to over $1000 if you go for the Sapphire versions. Their claim to fame is unquestionably their excellent navigation capabilities. With multi-GNSS support, you’ll always have the most precise GPS location. And, whether you’re a skier, golfer, or hiker, you can pull up maps from these trails and courses right on your wrist.

Users also praised the fact that it was touchscreen compatible and had undergone military testing. This means you won’t have to worry about the crystal glass cracking or dings and scratches any time soon. The watch was designed with active people in mind There are also a plethora of health indicators available, including the Pulse OX Monitor, body battery energy monitoring, women’s health tracking, and much more.This watch was designed for someone who enjoys being active and has a “go hard or go home” attitude.

6. Fitbit Versa Lite

Another device that runs on Fitbit OS and is compatible with Android and iOS. The LCD display on this watch measures 300 by 300 pixels. Although there is no onboard memory, the battery lasts for four days between charges. It can withstand 50 meters of water and connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.This is the Fitbit’s second-best model. Basically, a less expensive version of the Versa with a few amenities removed. The Versa Lite includes a good fitness tracking system and a long-lasting battery. The casing is small and delicate. It’s modest enough to go with most clothes, so you can wear it while working out and not worry about changing it.

If you compare it to the Versa (or Versa 2), you’ll notice that it lacks Fitbit Pay, GPS, and a screen that isn’t quite as good. These flaws may not concern you if you’re looking for a low-cost fitness tracker with a few useful smart features. The Fitbit brand is one of our favorites. Here’s a look at some of the devices you can get your hands on.

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7. TicWatch E3

Things work smoother and faster than ever before thanks to an updated system dubbed the Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100! The best thing is that it not only improved the system’s performance, but it also made it more concerned with battery life than ever before! In fact, it now boasts a 25 percent longer battery life and an 85 percent larger memory storage capacity.

It’s a slim watch with a highly fashionable appearance. It weighs 32 grams and feels as light as it looks because it was created with movement in mind. You can choose from a range of looks because everyone likes to express themselves uniquely.

Its sensors enable advanced health tracking, such as keeping a close check on your heart rate while working out in one of the device’s 20+ training modes. It will also keep an eye on you while you are sleeping. It will also keep track of your SP02 levels and blood oxygen absorption on a continuous basis. If you wish to share this type of information with your family, you can do so to let them know you’re fine.This is a fantastic, low-cost watch with a lot of features.

8. Honor Magic Watch 2

It’s based on LiteOS and works on both Android and iOS. AMOLED display with 454 by 454 pixels, either 1.2 inch or 1.39 inch. Memory: 4 GB Water resistance and a 7-day battery life are both outstanding. Connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you’re a fitness fanatic but don’t want to invest in a full-fledged sports watch, the Honor Magic Watch 2 could be for you. It combines fitness and smartwatch functions. For some activities, it will provide you with thorough information as well as training recommendations. It’s ideal for novices or people with a passing interest in physical activity.

Depending on the version you choose, it lasts roughly a week or even two weeks between charges. Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of functionality. However, it’s critical to be price-conscious.

9. Apple Watch SE

Running on WatchOS and only compatible with iOS devices. It boasts a massive 1.78-inch OLED screen. The battery will last up to 18 hours and has a minimum of 32GB inbuilt storage. Water-resistance to 50 meters and wireless charging The Apple Watch 4SE provides contactless payments and connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Between the SE and the 6, there isn’t much of a difference. The SE has a larger display than typical smartwatches and is available in two sizes: 44mm and 40mm.

Unlike the Series 6, the SE does not include an ECG or a Sp02 readout. However, it will monitor your heart and alert you if there are any problems. In the long run, this could save someone’s life. There are numerous health and fitness features available, as well as the ability to access most of your favorite apps. The only disadvantage is that it is not compatible with Android smartphones.

10. TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE

This Wear OS by Google Smartwatch has the distinction of being one of the first Google watches with a strong cellular connection. When designing this watch, getting full access to your texts, calls, and everything else you need on the internet was a primary concern. It contains 16GB of RAM and was designed to have a trendy and sleek appearance. Nothing says “sleek” like being able to pay with your watch and Google Pay on the go. Google Assistant, a direct competitor to Apple’s Siri, is one of the many wonderful features. When you combine this with health measurements and an autostart feature when motion is detected, you have a smartwatch that is second to none.

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11. Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar

We couldn’t put together a list of the top smartwatches without include Garmin. The Fenix 6X Pro Solar includes a 1.4-inch display, which is significantly larger than any other Fenix model. This will house small solar panels that will draw energy from the sun. When it comes to fitness tracking, Garmin means business. Advanced heart rate monitoring, altitude tracking, sleep tracking, and advanced training assistance are all included. There are also VO2 Max estimates, pacing suggestions, and over 200 sport modes to choose from.

12. Fitbit Sense

The Fitbit Sense is the company’s newest product, and it’s a monster. It’s packed with the latest technology, allowing you to track your fitness like never before. The Sense has a temperature gauge (which is unusual; even the Apple Watch 6 doesn’t have one), an SP02 counter, a heart rate monitor, and stress management features. The battery is excellent; it lasts up to 6 days, so you won’t have to worry about charging it every day as you would with an Apple or Samsung device.

What’s more generous is the 6-month free trial of Fitbit Premium that comes with the watch, allowing you to try out all of the advanced features like guided meditations and more in-depth data before deciding whether or not to pay for it.

13. Garmin Venu 2

The Garmin Venu 2 is a smartwatch that combines serious fitness features with a full spectrum of wristwatch functions for everyday use. It has a design that is comparable to the original. It looks a lot like the original Garmin Venu, but it’s built for both workouts and everyday use, which is a difficult balance to achieve. Its stunning, high-resolution AMOLED display is the real show-stopper, allowing you to see a large quantity of data at once and displaying a plethora of data on your training and overall health right on your wrist. The Venu 2 is arguably one of the better Garmin wristwatch devices to date, thanks to thoughtful design and execution.

14. Breitling Exospace B55 Connected

Breitling has used technology to great effect in the premium watch business. Divers and aviation specialists will appreciate the qualities of this black titanium beauty.

For added peace of mind during a dive or flight, it’s waterproof to 100 meters and has full-timer marks. There’s also a perpetual calendar, countdown and up timers, up to seven alarms, and two time zones.

The ‘connected’ word refers to Bluetooth, which gives this watch access to a slew of new features when paired with an iOS or Android smartphone. Notifications are delivered in a non-obtrusive way. Customization is also an option.

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15. Apple Watch Series 3

The Apple Watch 3 has been exceeded multiple times, with the most recent Apple Watch 7, 6, and Apple Watch SE being the most recent.

The 3 is, however, still available for purchase – which is more than we can say about the Apple Watch 4 or 5 – and has seen a big price reduction.The Watch 3 is available in two versions: one with cellular connectivity and one with only GPS. This device has been well recognised for its endurance in the market, with built-in run and cycle tracking, a water-resistant shell for swimming, and the same heart rate monitor on the underside as the Apple Watch 2. Despite the fact that newer models have more features and quicker chipsets, Apple has continued to support the Apple Watch 3 with software updates.

16. Suunto 7

The Suunto 7 is one of the most popular models from Suunto, but it also marks a significant departure from its predecessors: the Suunto 7 was the first Suunto device to run on Google’s Wear OS, whereas Suunto’s previous devices were all dedicated running watches. While many sports watches are loud enough to be heard from 10 paces away, they do work as a regular watch in practice. Suunto, on the other hand, has designed a watch that you’ll want to wear every day and keep on your wrist while jogging, swimming, cycling, skiing, or horseback riding, all while keeping track of your calendar and alarms.

The product photographs show that it’s an excellent piece of equipment. The Wear OF watch’s touch screen is elegant, large, and bright, and while it was occasionally stubborn and sluggish, it wasn’t enough to be irritating. However, it does put the battery to the test, so if you’re somewhat active, use Google Pay, read alerts, and run 10k, you’ll need to charge it every day and a half.

17. Suunto 9 Peak

The Suunto 9 Peak is a new premium sports watch from Suunto that is the brand’s smallest and lightest device to date. In recent years, compact, lightweight fitness watches have become increasingly fashionable (looking at the likes of Garmin and Polar). This trend continues with the Suunto 9 Peak, which is nearly a third lighter and smaller than its predecessor, the Suunto 9 Baro. Official specifications are yet to be published, but based on our calculations, it should be roughly 10.6mm thick and weigh 51.8g. Suunto’s enhanced materials include more metal and less plastic than Polar’s watch, resulting in a watch that is both slimmer and heavier than the Ignite 2.

18. Garmin Enduro

The Garmin Enduro and Fenix 6 are built in the same way. The Enduro has a larger display screen (but only by 0.1 inch). The Enduro features a redesigned 51mm casing and UltraFit 14.9mm nylon strap. It’s also 100 meters water resistant. The Enduro has a similar appearance to other Garmin watches. In reality, the Enduro isn’t aiming to be anything other than an endurance Smartwatch, so don’t expect music streaming or third-party app integration (if you want that, check out the Fenix line).

Battery life, as you might imagine from the name, is a major selling point. You can obtain between 70 and 80 hours while using continuous GPS, and up to 95 days when using adventurous GPS.

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19. Montblanc Watch Summit 2+ Black Steel Smartwatch

The Summit 2+ is a smartwatch that accepts eSIM cards. Unfortunately, only Android smartphone users will be able to complete the required provisioning, and you must be with a compatible cell operator to use LTE. In the UK and Germany, Vodafone was the only supported network operator at launch, while Verizon was the only supported network provider in the US. In France and Spain, Orange had exclusivity, while Montblanc cooperated with Unicom.

You’ll be able to use the MontBlack Summit 2+ to make phone calls, answer messages, and even listen to music without having to carry your phone if you match the aforementioned conditions. The Summit 2+ has all of the usual wristwatch connectivity options, such as NFC, Bluetooth (4.2), and Wi-Fi.

It also comes with all of the necessary fitness tracking gear, such as an optical heart rate monitor on the back and motion sensors and a compass on the inside. It runs on Wear OS, so it has all of the regular Wear OS features like Google Assistant and rich alerts, as well as a few Montblanc-only apps. They should all run quickly thanks to the new Qualcomm Wear 3100 chipset, and with 8GB of storage, you’ll have plenty of room for apps and playlists. To top it off, the Summit 2+ is water resistant to IPX8, which means it can be submerged in water up to 1 meter deep and used as a swimming watch.

20. Skagen Falster 3

The exterior design of the Skagen Falster 3 is identical to that of its predecessor. Nonetheless, it’s a fashionable clock that foregoes futuristic blob curves in favour of a more practical form. This sets it apart from other digital wearables and traditional watches, and the Falster 2’s performance issues are solved with a more modern chipset. This follow-up to an already beautiful wearable is distinguished by a tiny adjustment. This model also includes a speaker that allows you to receive calls from your watch or listen to Google Assistant responses - nice, but not that useful.

As a result, rather than being a sophisticated smartwatch, the Skagen Falster 3 is best appreciated as a beautiful accessory with smart connection. It’s even better if you’re familiar with Wear OS, because there’s no assistance beyond a quick tutorial – and no handbook included in the box. The Falster 3 stands out with its polished metal appearance and robust Wear OS operation. It looks just as good with a suit as it does with workout gear.

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21. Mi Band 6

The Mi Band has the appearance of a classic fitness tracker, with a long, slim band coupled to a small display. It’s only available in black and has a water resistance rating of 5ATM. You may, however, replace the strap, which comes in a variety of colours. The touchscreen itself is a 1.56-inch AMOLED display with a 152 by 486-pixel resolution. The battery life on the Mi Band is 14 days. There are 30 different fitness modes available, including outdoor jogging and cycling, swimming, and even cricket! Heart rate monitoring, step counting, Sp02 monitoring, and sleep tracking are among the health features available.

Notification management, weather reports, and camera controls are among the smart living features available. One of the most popular bands is the Mi Band 6, which is a regular affordable fitness tracker. Don’t expect the Apple Watch to have all the bells and whistles, but you can count on it to be reliable.

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