Best Brands to Purchase Watches From - Top 20

Given the sheer number of watch brands currently available, selecting the most suitable one may appear to be an impossible challenge. Consequently, we have compiled a list of the best 20 watch brands; have a look at it right away.


It should not come as a surprise to find this luxury brand in our list of the best watchmakers, especially considering that each item is designed to have timeless and reliable features for an extended period. Because of their connection to 007, this company continues to be a popular option for customers all over the world; therefore, displacing them from their number one position appears to be an incredible challenge.

Audemars Piguet

Audemars Piguet was established in 1875, the company is responsible for producing around 40,000 watches annually. They sell everything from contemporary clocks to traditional wristwatches. This manufacturer’s watch movements are so highly regarded that Bulgari and Tiffany & Co. both utilize them in their timepieces.

Patek Phillippe

Patek Phillipe watches have a timeless appearance and employ intricate mechanisms to tell the time. These watches have a long history of service to royalty. They are one of a kind while conveying to customers clearly and consistently that they manufacture trustworthy timepieces that will continue to awe repeatedly.

Vacheron Constantin

This brand, which has been around since 1755 and is a member of the Richemont Group, oozes elegance at every step and has an impeccable reputation. It was created in Switzerland, and it has the distinction of having supplied clocks to some of the most prominent figures in contemporary histories, such as Pope Pius IX and Harry Truman.


This Japanese brand provided genuine competition for Swiss watchmakers when it first appeared on the market. Still, it also provides high-quality timepieces that are durable and feature contemporary aesthetics.


Blancpain was initially established in the year 1735 and is now a subsidiary of the Swatch Group. The company has been able to stay in business by continuously looking for ways to improve its methods and implementing new ideas. As a result, many people who are passionate about watches buy their products. This brand’s watches feature a wide range of designs, from simple to ornate, so you should have no trouble finding one that you adore among their offerings.


Cartier is at the top of our list since the brand is famous worldwide for its luxurious jewelry and watches. This French brand dates back to 1847 and has become synonymous with luxury ever since. It is an incredible asset to any timepiece collection!


Chopard is comparable to Cartier in that it also manufactures timepieces in addition to jewelry. They began their business in the year 1860 and have since gained a reputation for producing traditional clocks with a high level of attention to detail. Because of their forward-thinking approach to product design, they have quickly risen to be one of the most prestigious luxury companies in the world.


Apple may be known for its phones and computers, but its provision of smartwatches has fundamentally altered how many of us check the time. Apple appears to have ensured its position as among the finest for many upcoming years by incorporating ground-breaking new features into its products and placing a strong emphasis on the health and happiness of its customers.

IWC Schaffhausen

If you are a fan of Swiss timepieces, this label is an excellent option to consider. They take great pleasure in the unique works they produce and have altered their methods of labor to assist the increasing need to solve the issue of climate change.


Omega, which is widely recognized for serving as the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games, never ceases to amaze. They continue to astonish their devoted customers by producing a diverse selection of watches, ranging from sports watches to timepieces that are appropriate for black-tie events.

Jaeger LeCoultre

This Swiss company has been operating continuously since the year 1833 and features timelessly elegant designs in its products. Even though their watches have a classic appearance, Jaeger-LeCoultre is primarily concerned with incorporating originality and innovation into their designs. This makes their timepieces very interesting to possess and wear.

Ulysse Nardin

Ever since it was founded in 1846, this watch company has continuously produced timepieces. They provide writing implements, accessories, and timepieces with their own unique aesthetic and are crafted from the highest possible quality materials. They are well-known for evolving their production processes to be in line with contemporary standards while preserving the traditional appearance of their products. The skeleton timepieces are a particular highlight of their collection.


This Italian business, which now has its headquarters in the fashion city of Milan, was established in Florence in the year 1860. Their watches are known for their daring designs, which are balanced out by understated elements to provide a timepiece that is dependable, of superior quality, and easily recognizable.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer produces chronograph watches and other things with a motorsports theme that are sure to wow, with a primary emphasis on appealing to a younger demographic. This business offers products that range from being straightforward and inexpensive to be luxurious and pricey.


Zenith’s market share continues to expand as a result of the company’s high-end timepieces and specialized timepieces for pilots. It is particularly famous for the El Primero automatic chronograph, which constitutes a significant portion of the company’s current range.


Rolex owns Tudor. Tudor is an economical relative of the mega-company Rolex, yet it nevertheless sells luxury timepieces similar to those offered by its well-known parent business. The vast bulk of the watch components is manufactured at Rolex facilities. The Tudor label appears to be expanding more per year with an emphasis on the premium market among young people.

Piaget SA

If you prefer a slim and lightweight watch, then a Paiget SA might be the right choice for you. This Swiss company places a strong emphasis on maintaining its one-of-a-kind status and is known for producing timepieces that feature precious stones set within the face of the watch. They are also known for making the Altiplano 900P, which is the watch that holds the title of the world’s thinnest watch.


Since 1884, Breitling has been in the watchmaking business, and the brand is known for its extraordinary precision and meticulous attention to detail. Each timepiece was designed with details that pay homage to the world of flight thanks to the wearer’s passion for the industry. They also produce a selection of high-end diving watches for customers who require reliability when submerged in water.

Bell & Ross

This company was established in France in 1992, making it one of the more recent additions to the list. The designers take their inspiration from things like airplane instruments and provide round and square-faced clocks in their collection, respectively. They are designed to appeal to business professionals who are active and looking for a premium product with a unique twist.

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