Best Rectangular Watches for Men in 2022

The vast majority of watch casings are in the shape of a circle. Even though square and rectangular watch cases have been around for a longer period and appear more traditionally elegant than round watch cases, the former do not enjoy the same level of popularity as the latter.

Cartier Santos, Vacheron The A. Lange & Sohne Cabaret, the Constantin Historiques Ultra Fine 1968, and the

The form of the watch also plays a role in determining which alternatives are offered to the wearer. Certain people hold them in contempt, while others are completely enamored of them. These clocks have a very distinctive feel on the wrist compared to more conventional circular timepieces, which is mostly attributable to the shape of their cases. Keeping this in mind, it is also important to bear in mind that they naturally wear differently than the more common circular casings do due to the form of rectangular casings.

2022’s watches will be rectangular

The best piece of advice that we can offer is for you to try on a few different rectangular watches to see whether you prefer them. An increasing number of luxury watch brands are bringing back the trend of rectangular watches. Two of the most well-known examples are the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso and the Cartier Santos. This pattern is being revived by a growing number of luxury watch brands.

In general, rectangular enclosures have a tendency to give off an air that is more sophisticated and polished. Consequently, the majority of the businesses that manufacture them adhere to this school of design, giving them a classic and sophisticated look.

As a direct consequence of this, rectangular watches look great when paired with suits and other types of formal dress. This does not imply that rectangular watches are not available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; rather, they are most commonly used for more formal occasions.

In this article, we’ll take a more in-depth look at some of the best and most well-liked affordable watches that are currently available. Although the term “cheap” is frequently open to interpretation, for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on rectangular timepieces that have price tags of less than $500. Because the cases of rectangular watches can take on a number of different forms, it can be difficult to tell where one watch style leaves off and another begins when comparing two watches of this shape. As a consequence of this, we will look at wrist watches that adhere tightly to the rectangular form and those that deviate from it only slightly.

In this article, we are going to take a look at 10 of the most impressive rectangle watches available for men in the year 2022.


Santos 100

First and foremost, we have to deal with Santos. It was first offered to the public in 1978, making it Cartier’s most vintage wristwatch in their collection. Since then, it has developed into one of the brand’s most well-known and highly sought-after rectangular watches.

The Dumont and the 100 are the two models that are offered as part of this range.

Our attention is going to be on the top 100. It is generally more substantial in size and weight than its sister. You can purchase it in either gold or stainless steel, and it features Cartier’s signature crown with seven facets.

Because this is a premium watch, an in-house movement is something that should be expected; nevertheless, adding that to a watch that already costs around $10,000 would make it more expensive. A highly acclaimed Rolex ETA 2892 automatic movement can be found on the inside of the watch.



Sticking with Cartier, the Tank was designed in 1917 and has always been a part of the Cartier collection. It has a permanent place in the collection. The initial Tank, known as the Normale, was succeeded by the Louise Carter Tank, which is considered the most well-known Tank. In comparison to the Normal, the lines of the LC are more rounded and smooth, and it has also been a consistent part of the Tank collection ever since it was introduced.

Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, and even kings and queens have been spotted wearing Cartier Tank watches. These watches are a timeless classic.

Cartier’s Santos and Tank models are referred to here.

Today’s collection includes six different models, which are as follows:

Américaine Anglaise Française MC Solo Louis Cartier

Despite this, there are over 50 different alternatives available to choose from due to the numerous permutations of each.

Baume Mercier


Baume & Mercier is a well-known name in the world of luxury watchmaking. The Hampton model is perhaps one of the company’s most recognizable offerings. They have a Clifton line and a Classima collection, both of which are round. However, you came here to learn about the greatest rectangle watch for men, and that watch is the Hampton. It is ideal for those with a spending limit of approximately $3,500 who appreciate the unique appearance of sophisticated watches with rectangular faces.

The bezel on the Hampton is always the same polished stainless steel. It has matching hands and hour markers that are silver, and it has a silver dial. You are provided with Arabic numerals at the 6 and 12 positions, and minute markers are located around the dial’s perimeter. The dial is protected by a sapphire crystal that is resistant to scratching, and the watch also features a pull-push crown and a distinctive transparent casing on the rear.

This is an analog watch with an automatic movement that has a caliber number of 2671. The power reserve can last for up to 38 hours at a time. A wristband crafted from alligator leather serves as the finishing touch for the refined design.



This is a high-end watch that was engineered in Germany. In point of fact, the Nomos Tetra is also a watch that has won several awards. It’s the much-loved Tangente watch from the company, but with a different typeface and rectangular timepieces instead of round ones. The Tetra is now its own collection, which can be purchased in various sizes and features a selection of distinct in-house movements. When compared to other types of watches, this one has a very thin case, and even the lugs on the bracelet are quite delicate.

You may not have heard of it as much as other styles, such as the Santos or the Tank, but you will adore this if you appreciate understated elegance.

The prices start at approximately $1,700.

Vacheron Constantin 

Historiques Ultra Fine 1968

When compared to the watch described above, which was introduced in 2021, this timepiece is a mere infant. On the other hand, it was developed in honor of the first Vacheron Constantin watch, introduced in 1968. It contains many minute details, the majority of which are concentrated on the dial and the case.

The movement is identical to the one found in their Constantin 222 watch. This is a tiny movement known as a caliber 920 designed by Jaeger-LeCoultre but was never put into production. This same movement can be found in Piguet’s Royal Oak Ultra Thin watch as well. Overall, the thickness of this watch is merely 5.5 millimeters.


Reverso Ultra Thin

Another rectangular watch that is highly fashionable is this one. When it was first developed in 1931, its reversibility was considered a very cutting-edge innovation in the industry. The target audience consisted of polo players who were concerned about the safety of their watches while they competed.

Even though it is no longer manufactured, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso watch is widely regarded as one of its most recognizable timepieces. In 2011, to celebrate the watch’s 80th birthday, a special commemoration model was made available for purchase. This watch has a very slim profile while paying homage to the original design.

It is available in various iterations, from quartz to self-winding, in a wide range of colors and materials, starting from the case all the way down to the strap.

A version from 2011 can be purchased for approximately $4,500, but the price range reaches well beyond $16,000.

Patek Philippe


The Gondolo watch was released in 1993 and is considered to be another relatively modern timepiece. Patek Philippe presents an art deco watch in the form of a rectangular timepiece with clean lines and a square geometric design.

As a result, the appearance is one of a kind and captivating. It features a manual movement on the inside that is in the shape of a rectangle, and the face has a small sub-dial for the seconds.

You will need to research the long and illustrious history of Patek Philippe watches to comprehend the price tags starting at $11,000 and going higher.

TAG Heuer


TAG Heuer is credited with developing one of the first automatic chronograph calibers, which can be found in the company’s Carrera, Autavia, and Monaco watches. The latter is still regarded as a sports chronograph, and it became famous because of Steve McQueen’s use of it during the Le Mans race.

This watch was created to make a strong first impression. Monaco is crafted from highly polished stainless steel, and it features a blue dial with chronograph sub-dials, a discreet date display window, and striking red hands.

It has a reliable caliber 11 automatic movement that powers it, and it has a power reserve that lasts for 40 hours and is resistant to water up to 100 meters.

If you are interested in something more technologically advanced from Tag Heuer, then click here to learn more about their smartwatch.

A Lange and Sohne


Although the manufacture of this watch ceased quite some time ago, it is nevertheless important to mention it when discussing the finest rectangle watches for men because of its unique design.

It is common knowledge that A. Lange & Sohne creates extraordinary timepieces. All deserving of the admiration and consideration of watch collectors.

The Cabaret is one of those watches that will inevitably become obsolete, despite its possession of several fine qualities; yet, it will eventually be forgotten. It was first made available to the public in 1997, and it is a lovely rectangular watch with a retro appearance. In point of fact, a rectangular watch in and of itself is something of a rarity for Lange.

In contrast to other manufacturers, Lange crafted a totally new movement just for this watch using German engineering.

You might be able to find one that’s been used for around 25,000 dollars.

TAG Heuer Cabaret at Monaco, by A. Lange and Sohne

Bell and Ross


Compared to some of the other brands on this list, Bell & Ross is a relatively new company. Yet, they have achieved unprecedented levels of popularity with their BR01 rectangle range.

The BR03 is a more compact variant, although it maintains the same design principles throughout. It is a contemporary timepiece that uses contemporary materials across its dial, case, and band. For instance, the black matte version is constructed out of thick rubber and sapphire with anti-reflective properties.

A self-moving mechanism can be found on the inside. You’ll find that certain models come with various complications than others; for instance, there is a variant that has an indicator for the power reserve and a date window, chronograph, and GMT. The water resistance of these watches is typically rated at 100 meters, although the specific rating can vary depending on the construction of the model.

You can still buy a BRO3 today, but you should plan on spending approximately $3,500 on it.


Automatic Recraft Series Knife, Model SNKP27

The case of the Seiko Recraft SNKP27 now takes on a configuration that is a cross between a square and a rectangle. This is because the exterior casing finish was designed with a vintage aesthetic in mind, which is readily apparent from the product’s name alone.

The brushed upper surface of the case provides a striking contrast to the large polished bevels that are located on the sides and lugs. In addition to the fact that this helps to create a unique case design, it also reflects the meticulous attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship that Seiko put into producing this timepiece.

The self-winding automatic movement of the SNKP27 is one of the reasons why this watch is so popular among collectors of timepieces. The power reserve of the movement is 41 milliseconds.

Even though it can withstand water pressure up to 50 meters (165 feet), this is not an appropriate watch for use when scuba diving or swimming.

The last component of this watch is the dial, which is without a doubt the focal point of the entire watch. Yellow gold is used to accent the dial that is green or emerald in color. This creates a stunning visual contrast. The area of the dial that reads “reheat” is adorned with several different patterns and textures, and it is located in the dial’s center. It is quite evident that Seiko has paid careful consideration to every facet of this timepiece, and the dial is no exception.


Heritage Banana Centenary

The Tissot Heritage Banana Centenary watch is not only designed in the style of a watch from the past but it is also named after a banana. The housing of this apparatus is both long and rectangular in shape and has a gentle curvature to it. Because of the way that the case is curved, it provides a more comfortable fit and a better fit overall on the wrist. The case length is 49 millimeters, although it is just 7 millimeters thick and 27 millimeters wide. The level of comfort offered by rectangular watches is not comparable to that offered by circular watches.

Even at a cursory glance, the design has a look and feel that is undeniably reminiscent of another era. The bezel is crafted out of yellow gold, and the hands on the dial are in the shape of spades. The large numerals on either side of the centrally located smaller numbers on the dial serve to balance out the dial’s appearance.

It can withstand water pressure at a depth of 30 meters (100 feet). The dome-shaped mineral crystal that adorns the top of the casing is located there.

This clock emanates a sense of sophisticated refinement and is an excellent choice for use in more formal settings. It is possible that it is not ideal for day-to-day wear; nevertheless, it would look amazing when worn as part of a more dressy ensemble.


Our rundown of the top 10 rectangle watches for men is complete with this information. If you seek serious style, you should certainly consider purchasing a rectangle watch because it will undoubtedly make a statement.

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