Bingo at home: play bingo with your smartphone and encourage family gatherings this Christmas

If this Christmas is approaching you will spend long hours in endless meals or family gatherings, surely entertainment will be good for you ... And if we talk about encouraging family reunions, the truth is that there is nothing better than bingo to have fun playing Some euros - or not - with our loved ones

The worst part will undoubtedly be to find that game with numbered mini-bullets and a plastic drum that they had given you years ago, but if you don’t find it, don’t despair because you will surely have a smartphone, and then technology can go to the rescue thanks to the application Free Home Bingo offered by .

The new times, some will say, but the simplicity of using Bingo at Home makes this application a great ally when it comes to playing a game, avoiding the risk of losing balls and without one of the table having to run out Play to sing numbers.

This is how Home Bingo works: two game modes and automatic prize calculation

Do not believe that we are talking about an online casino, but that we are facing an application that will act as a dealer distributing game automatically, singing the numbers one by one and loudly so that we all cover our cards.

The app allows you to pause the game as many times as required, to check numbers or validate lines or bingos, and in fact it has two modes of operation:

  • Automatic mode .- In this mode the app is responsible for singing number by number automatically, both for the European bingo of 90 balls and for the American bingo of 75. The speed is configurable and can be paused manually.
  • Manual mode .- Here is the user who has to press a button so that the application advances number by number, allowing to silence the voice so that it is the user himself who announces the dictates of chance.

In addition, Bingo at Home has a function that allows you to enter the points that are going to be played each game , to calculate the prizes that correspond to line or bingo accurately and automatically .

As if this were not enough, it also offers free cards that we can obtain and print from this link , and will work on both smartphones and tablets from Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. And if what we want is to play in the living room, be careful because it is also compatible with Android TV and can be downloaded for free on an Android TV or set-top-box .

An app without doubt important to facilitate those bingo games that the family likes so much, and that will allow us to play all without the need for one of us to stay outside singing numbers and counting prizes. And you, do you like bingo?

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