Blade, you need to get a real-time running and fitness coach in your ear right now

An excellent platform for monitoring one’s vital signs can be found in the ear. In point of fact, earbuds tend to be the most accurate heart-rate monitors, outperforming watches only to the extent that traditional chest straps are capable of doing so. However, a new effort on Indiegogo demonstrates that you may also obtain other types of data.

The Blade is a pair of wireless earphones that were introduced for the first time at CES 2019 and provide coaching suggestions for running and fitness. These buds are unique in that, in addition to basic data, they employ a BiomechEngine and AI to analyze motion. This is what makes them so special.

Because of this, they are able to do some creative things, such as informing you in real time whether you need to adjust your running posture, cadence, or stride. This type of knowledge can assist in the improvement of your running times as well as in the prevention of injuries such as runner’s knee and hamstring problems.

 The company has formed a partnership with Valencell, a company renowned for the development of heart rate sensor technology that is extremely accurate. Your heart rate will be monitored by the buds, and they will notify you when you have reached a predetermined zone for your heart rate.

When you go back to your house, you may use the Soul Fit app to sort through the mountain of information that is at your disposal. In addition to information like the distance you ran, the pace you ran it at, the cadence you ran it at, the number of steps you took, and a whole bunch of other metrics, you will also receive an assessment of your running form and the likelihood that you will sustain an injury.

The IPX7 water-rated headphones employ Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which enables faster data transfer and improved music quality. Additionally, the earphones have a water resistance rating of IPX7. There is a USB Type-C Charging Case available that has a function for rapid charging. This gives you the energy to work out for up to 96 hours straight.

It should come as no surprise that the buds have piqued the interest of so many runners and people who are obsessed with fitness. They contain a number of clever features, any one of which has the potential to make people’s workouts more effective.

After only a few days, they have already surpassed their $30,000 goal on Indiegogo by raising a total of $100,000. The buds begin at a price of $129. This is around half of what they will sell for when they hit the market in October. The end of the campaign will occur in the middle of April.

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