Blast Motion and USA Softball collaborate on swing tracking technology


USA Softball has announced that Blast Motion has been named the official supplier of sensor technology for USA Softball.

Despite certain distinctions, baseball and softball are remarkably similar sports. These have to do with the pitcher’s mound, the distance from it to home plate, base paths, the size of the field, and the size of the balls and bats.

They both joined the sensor technology party somewhat later than expected, which is one thing they have in common. especially when compared to activities like swimming, tennis, or running. However, a number of devices are now on the market that promise to improve your batting abilities.

The Blast Softball Swing Analyzer is one of them. Your bat is equipped with the highly regarded and widely used motion capture gadget. From there, the sensor and related software gather video highlights, assist with mechanics analysis, and offer drills to help you get better.

The USA Softball Women’s National Team (WNT) will use Blast sensor technology during training for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as part of a new relationship. Players and coaches will be able to compare hitting patterns, analyze and enhance timing, attack angle, and bat speed using the data collected.

“It’s crucial for us to establish benchmarks that young softball players may aim to accomplish,” said USWNT Head Coach Ken Eriksen. “As our programme continues to find ways to quantify athletes’ levels of success and athleticism,

The world’s top athletes are capable of feats that no one else can. Some of those intangibles may become easier to differentiate with the use of this technology.

Blast Motion and USA Softball collaborated on swing tracking technology. Image source: Blast Motion

Over 120,000 teams at USA Softball-sanctioned games will be able to use sensors thanks to the agreement. As a result, young athletes will be able to use technology to improve their hitting technique and on-field performance from an early age.

According to Craig Cress, CEO of USA Softball, “as softball continues to change, more and more players and coaches are looking for tools to help them further enhance their talents.”

As the sport’s national governing body, USA Softball is constantly seeking methods to promote the game at the grassroots level, which in turn helps athletes prepare for the National Team Program.

This is open to amateurs as well. To improve your batting, look over our review of connected technology.


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