5 Apps For You To Discover WiFi Password Anywhere For Free!

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If you need to save money on 3G/4G and still want to have internet away from home, CRG Soft has selected 5 very interesting apps for you to legally discover Wi-Fi password. Thus, you can continue browsing the internet without stealing access.

Firstly, it is worth mentioning that in most cities there are always free Wi-Fi connections for public use. They are usually available in squares, near shopping centers, and in places of movement of residents and tourists.

However, some Wi-Fi networks are password protected, which is often not very easy to find. The apps below are useful for circumventing this. Check out!

1. Instabridge

Instabridge is the friendliest of applications on this list. With a simple, intuitive user interface, you can surf the web for free at over 3 million Wi-Fi hotspots around the world.

Since all available passwords are added by users themselves, the app is a large community where even you can participate by providing some Wi-Fi password when making a connection.

This way, whenever you connect to a publicly available network, you allow access to others on the platform. With an air of social networking, there is even a ranking for those who collaborate the most with wireless internet access points.

Because the connection is actually via Wi-Fi, the app doesn’t limit browsing, giving you complete freedom of access. Perfect for when you’re out of the country without a roaming package , or get lost and run out of internet to find your way around!

To download Instabridge, select your operating system: Android / iOS .

2. Osmino Wi-Fi

Probably the most complete option on this list, Osmino Wi-Fi is a very powerful application. With it, you have several options in an extremely simple and intuitive interface, basically summed up in a map with the internet access points around you.

To connect, the app takes this task from you and automatically connects you to the nearest available networks. What’s more, by sharing point passwords you know, the community continues to grow and has millions of hotspots around the world.

However, there’s more: with Osmino Wi-Fi, you can check network information before you connect to it by simply touching the screen. With the details, you can access the level of satisfaction of users with that hotspot , indicating the quality of the internet and the experience of Internet users!

To download Osmino Wi-Fi, select your operating system: Android / iOS .

3. WiFi Map

With a network of 100 million Wi-Fi access points worldwide, WiFi Map is the largest password-providing community on the planet. One of its strengths is the ability to choose a network to connect directly to the map provided by the application.

The search appliance is smart and identifies the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots. Plus, you can filter the connections you want, share hotspots with friends on social networks, and even get tips to get the most out of the connection!

Like other applications, WiFi Map relies on users to provide passwords around the world. That’s why you also participate in the community whenever you connect to an internet that can be shared with everyone.

To download WiFi Map, select your operating system: Android / iOS .

4. WiFi Magic

WiFi Magic already makes it clear that it is a social network for public Wi-Fi passwords, not including private and home networks. That is, it is possible to connect to the internet provided by restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, among others.

Like the other options, the user also joins the community by entering a password when connecting to any public Wi-Fi network. This way all users of the app will have the opportunity to surf the internet when they are near their location. It’s a whole philosophy based on collaboration!

Present on every continent, even Greenland and Patagonia, with WiFi Magic you can save data in public places while minimizing mobile network costs. Plus you can find internet available anywhere and save battery life without having to use 3G/4G!

To download WiFi Magic, select your operating system: Android / iOS .

5. WiFi Password

To connect with free hotspots around the globe, WiFI Password is an interesting option. With the app, you can connect to access points quickly and securely, using the community database to find the network password you want to use.

Additionally, WiFi Password detects insecure networks and alerts you when you are about to make a connection that can be dangerous. Very useful for those who need to use multiple access points during the day!

As with alternative options, you can also become an active part of the community by sharing passwords from Wi-Fi networks that connect your device with other users of the platform.

To download WiFi Password, click here.

Cautions when accessing public networks

Because we are in a globalized world that is almost entirely dependent on the internet, it is important to consider some safety tips when accessing public Wi-Fi networks.

Just like in the real world, the internet is full of malicious people and hackers can act sneaky and subtle to commit crimes. Stay tuned!

1. Keep up to date apps and active antivirus

Since you’re surfing the internet through a public Wi-Fi hotspot, you may want to keep your apps and software on your device up to date. Thus, the safety parameters will be at maximum effectiveness the moment they are connected.

Having a good active antivirus is crucial, as many threats can be transmitted over public networks because they are used by many different people. There are best antivirus available in the market to protect your phone . It’s a good time to pick one and be safe when using a public hotspot !

2. Avoid having to provide confidential information

When using a public network, you may be exposed to several dangers: viruses and computer problems are just some of them.

However, the biggest threat may be individuals who use public networks to steal confidential data and thereby gain access to private matters, such as your bank account or passwords for accessing your company’s secrets. Therefore, avoid accessing websites where confidential information is required.

If there is no other way, make sure that all safety parameters are fully operational.

Remember: It is not recommended that you enter personal data through public networks, do so only if extremely necessary and after taking extra measures to increase security.

3. Encryption

If you really need to provide sensitive data, be aware of page encryption. When accessing a website, make sure the pages are “HTTPS” (in the address bar), as this is critical to ensure extra protection in cases where important information needs to be sent over a public network.

Another interesting tip is to install a VPN (Virtual Private Network). By creating a virtual private network, you make a connection that can be almost impossible to intercept. Because it’s a technology that encrypts, it may be important for those who really can’t escape confidential data on the internet!

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